Episode 1

Enobong had recently finished from the Eket community secondary school. Her WEAC result was excellent. It broke her mother’s heart that her eldest child would have to sacrifice her dream of university education. Life had been difficult for the Bassey’s after their father Elder Ubong Bassey had died in a fatal car accident while coming back with passengers from Uyo . His family turned their backs on their family, because his family never wanted Mrs Ekamma for their son . So Enobong had to help her mother were she sold Okazi , waterleaf, and Ugwu leaves, she had seven younger siblings, who she and her mum had to feed and send to school.

Auntie Emabong who was living in the east visited home , she brought so many gifts for Mrs Ekamma and her children, clothes for her children, a carton of indomie, packs of spaghetti, aunt Emabong had never been the supportive kind of sister ,She left home while she was very young and stayed in the east for twenty years, before she started coming back home, she didn’t call or visit even when their parents had died Mrs Ekamma was happy , though she didn’t feel comfortable with her sister’s generosity. She was suspicious of her intentions .

“Aunt Ekamma, you know since when our inlaw died , you’ve been the only one taking care of the children.” She was smiling exposing her open teeth .

“It’s not me taking care of them, it’s the Lord and lovely daughter Enobong, without her I don’t know what I’ll do ! She’ll hawk with my vegetables in the market , without shame ,even when her mates mock her.”

Aunt Emabong smiled and patted her sister’s laps.

“Enobong has just finished secondary school, I had of an job opportunity in Aba, a wealthy business woman wants a nanny to take care of her two children, while travels to around Nigeria for business, she asked me to help her get a girl that she can trust, she would be paying her sixty thousand naira a month, sister imagine how that money will help you and your children, I immediately thought of Enobong, I don’t want another person to take this opportunity. the woman is very generous, if I tell her Eno is my neice and how intelligent she is , she’ll send her to a university.”

Enobong sat quietly watching her mum and aunt discuss into the night , she was afraid of the idea of leaving her siblings Behind while goes far away, she had never travelled out of Eket .

The Offer was good and convincing, Mrs Ekamma felt something was wrong somewhere, her spirit was telling her not to release her daughter. But Enobong begged her mum, telling her, how far sixty thousand will help their meagre earnings from the sells of vegetables.

The next day Enobong was ready to travel with aunt Emabong, she packed her little clothes into a Ghana must to bag, and put in aunt Emabong’s Toyota Camry pencil light. Her mother Mrs Ekamma , prayed for her, it was an emotional time, her siblings held her crying, telling her not to go , Emabong embraced each of them, and promised to be back, once she saved enough money, for their mother to start foodstuffs business in the market . Mrs Ekamma advised her daughter to be obedient to her knew Boss and not bring shame to her family abd her aunt .they left Eket in around nine A.M in the morning and arrived Aba around three PM, Aunt Emabong drove into a bush path, she kept driving deeper into the forest with bad untared road , the journey was unending. Mrs Ekamma was calling her daughter constantly asking how their journey was going.

” Aunt is your house inside this village? Aunt Emabong smiled at Eno.

” Eno be patient we’ll soon be there, you’ll meet other girls your age, you’ll like them.”

Those words of assurance contorted Enobong.

” Do you have a boyfriend?

She asked Eno why dodging a pothole.

” No aunt! Am a Christian Jesus is enough for me .”

Aunt Emabong laughed hysterically at Eno.

” You mean you’re still a virgin? ”

Eno nodded, and aunt Emabong laughed louder .

” When I was your age, I had already had five abortions.”

Enobong was shocked.

” Aunt I’m keeping my virginity until the day of my wedding.”

Aunt Emabong laughed yet again.

“All the girls where we are going would laugh at you, if they hear , that you’re still a virgin.”

Enobong did not care. She was never ashamed if her virginity. Even when her classmates were sleeping with each other, she had refused to join them, even though they mocked her .

“Aunt Emabong are we there?”

Aunt Emabong ignored her , she kept driving for over an hour , passing through one village to another , until they finally arrived at a big fenced compound in the middle of no where , the gateman opened the gate, aunt Emabong drove in, the place was like a school hostel, and also like an abandoned hospital.

” Aunt what’s this place.” Enobong asked her aunt who had been discussing jovially and talking nicely to her since they left Akwa Ibom , suddenly turned harsh.

” Shut up your mouth! you talk too much! You think you know all?” She hissed at Enobong. Which left Eno shocked , scared and speechless, she had just seen the second side of her strange aunt.

” Madam sharp sharp you done bring another girl come ?”

One of the nurses said to Aunt Emabong. She smiled and packed her car. Enobong became scared she sensed danger, she tried to call her mother , with the small Nokia torchlight phone she had been communicating with her . Aunt Emabong snatched the phone .

” Benji!! Come and take this girl to her room.” She said blatantly ignoring her terrified neice . Enobong saw up to twenty girls in the dormitory, most of them were her age mates others a bit older, over twenty of them where pregnant. Benji dragged her from the car , she was thrown into one of the dorm rooms, where Benjamin locked the jam lock from outside and went away with the key .

Eno began to cry to God to come and save her. Aunt Emabong waited for her friend Ukamaka who owned the home until she came by four pm. The both if them came to check on Enobong I her room , aunt Emabong would order her to turn this way and turn that way for madam Gold to check her up .

Outside the room Eno could hear aunt Emabong discussing with madam Gold.

” We agreed on five hundred thousand naira! This girl is a virgin and she would be very fertile , her mother kept giving birth to ten children, two died , she’s an investment for you, she doesn’t know anywhere here, I can’t take three hundred thousand naira, you have to complete the money !”

She argued.

” Madam sharp sharp we’ve been doing this business for five years, this girl is inexperienced, I’ll give you four hundred thousand last , if you won’t take, go away with your girl and we end our business, you’re behaving as if I’ve been cheating you, we’ve done this business more than fifteen times.”

Aunt Emabong collected the money, and began to drive away . Enobong was screaming from the window of her room.

” Auntie Emabong!! Please don’t leave me here.” She screamed and cried until she lost her voice , she was hearing the girls outside talking cheerfully and laughing. She was locked in her room until eight PM when a strange tall and huge man who was one of the men paid to sleep with the girls came to Madam Gold’s office, he was let into her room , Enobong Shocked by his urgency and desperate desire to ravish her, she ran to the furthest part of the room , he ran after her grabbed her , and wrestled her down, Eno bit him on his arms, he hit her head on the wooden bed, as she kept resisting and fighting, he knocked her out, and He Ravaged her , like a lion tears it prey, deflowered her while she was unconscious.

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