Episode 1

Klarissa’s POV

There was just something about the new girl that I liked. 1

She seemed drama-free, less obsessed with herself than a lot of the other girls at school, she was naturally gorgeous, and really nice.

It was just refreshing to have a quiet, nice girl in our year. There’s too many loud and obnoxiously rude people at this school.


The first interaction I’d had with her was way too early on a Wednesday morning.

I had turned up to school, appreciating the empty pathways on my way to the library.

I was always at school at least an hour before classes, for a few reasons.

I absolutely detest most of my “friends”. The only reason I still hang out with them is because I’ve known them forever. Plus; in a school like this, you don’t want to be sitting alone at recess and lunch.

Once upon a time, my “friends” used to be nice, actually friendly, and cared about me. But they’ve all turned into nasty little bitches. They definitely couldn’t care less about me, just like I couldn’t care less about them, but I know that if I ever left them, they would make a big deal about it. They love drama.

So it’s just refreshing to get to school before them, and appreciate not having them around for forty-five minutes. I fill in my time at the library, where I work on any assignments that I may need to do. I find it much better to do my work at school in the library than to do it at home, surrounded by my 6 loud siblings. I don’t even have my own bedroom.

Yes. There’s 7 of us. Mum and dad are crazy.

We also don’t have a computer at home; so I make use of the school technology.

I made a stop at the toilets before heading to the library. And that’s where I first met her.

She was standing in front of the mirrors, wearing a fresh school uniform. She had the shirt tucked neatly into a school skirt (which hardly anybody wears). Her dark brown hair was long and wavy, reaching to just below her boobs.

She was brushing her teeth, oddly enough.

I realised I was staring, and quickly looked away.

She spat, washed her mouth, and then looked up at me.

That’s when I noticed her eyes. They were bright blue, and my voice hitched in my throat. My heart started to beat really fast.

She was the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen, and I could tell that everything was natural about her. She had a few pimples on her face, signalling that she didn’t bother about make-up, and her hair looked natural. I didn’t think there were any extensions.

And I reminded myself that this is why I was a lesbian. Because girls are so fucking gorgeous. However; nobody knew that except for me. The world was too judgemental to know about that yet.


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