Episode 1

“Y…You promise you will not let anyone know?”
“Why would I want to tell anyone? I won’t.”
“I…I really…people here gossip alot, especially that woman downstairs.” She spat the words out. “She’s always spreading rumors about me. She’s got me into trouble before and she’s seen me come in here once.

I don’t want management to find out.”
“Forget about that yeye woman. She’s jobless and everyone knows her as a trouble maker. She’s just jealous she’s not the hot beauty you are.”
“You sure? You men always talk about these things after promising not to mention it.”
He placed his right hand over her heart. He could feel it beating rapidly.
“Trust me. I won’t tell anybody. The day you hear about it from anyone else would be the day I drop dead.”
She turned around and moved to the other side of the room, her back towards him.

“What if someone finds out? They might tell my boss and I may be fired.” She still sounded unconvinced.

He could see she was really thinking hard. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s not such a good idea. Maybe I should just leave.”
“Look Sheila, I’ve told you no one will know.

I promise to make it worth your while. Please don’t think I’m toying with you or taking advantage of you. You are not a loose girl. I just need your help. You are the only one I could think of after…you know…I mean I don’t want to force you and will understand if you don’t want to, but please do this for me.”
She thought for a few more moments and sighed. ”Okay. I trust you. But nobody must know.”
Kunle nodded slowly, pleased with himself.

Sheila slowly turned around and moved towards where he stood. Reaching him, he quickly pulled her into his arms before she had second thoughts…

Two months earlier
“Ki ni gbogbo trash yi gaan na?” she screamed at him. “Igba ti o mo pe o le ba obinrin sun, why do you disturb me for s*x?”
He was on his knees náked, begging and pleading with her.
“Lara jo. Ma binu. I don’t know why it’s always happening like this.”
Lara stood up and grabbed her clothes from where they had tossed them.
“I don’t think I want to be with a man who cannot perform. This is the fourth time and I’ve had it. Just look at yourself. I brought myself down to your level just to please you and everyone, but look at what I got myself into. I’m engaged to an impotent buffoon. Well, not anymore.”
She yanked off the ring from her finger and flung it at him. The insult stung him to his very core. She dressed up and grabbed his clothes, flinging them at him.

“Ma ko oshi e lo jare. Iwo okobo oloriburuku yi. Get the Bleep out of my house!!!!!”
She pushed him out of the door, not even giving him the chance to dress up properly.

“Lara jo ma shey bayi si mi now”
“Abi eleyi ya were ni? I said get out of here!!!!

Aminu!!!!!!!!” she shouted at the gateman. “Come carry this useless fool out of here. And I must not see him in this house again, or else you are fired!!!!”
Kunle dejectedly dressed up and left. On his way home, he pondered. How dare she do this to him? After all they’ve been through together? Well, he thought, it’s his own fault for going after a girl like that. They had met during their NYSC and fortunately for her, she was retained by her bank. He had struggled to find a job and after a year or two he had managed to get one at a food processing company as a Quality Assurance Manager. By then Lara had been promoted to assistant branch manager with an official car and residence to match. He had been hearing some rumors about her as people just don’t get promoted like that within a year of working in a bank on a full-time basis, but refused to acknowledge them. Lara will never do that to him, he had fooled himself.

He could still remember vividly when he learned he had problems with weak érections and premature éjaculation. Lara had come over to his place and he had planned to take her to bed. They had gotten nakéd and she was already all hot, sloppy wet and ready for action, only for him to insert his dìck into her, pump a few times, and éjaculate. He was really surprised and Lara could not believe it either.

She had first sympathized with him, maybe it being their first time together, but after it happened a couple of times more, he knew he had a problem. To make matters worse, Lara had not taken it easy on him and told him if it happened one more time, it was over between them. He had been to the doctor and he had told him to eat less sugar and exercise more, but all to no avail. This time around she rained curses and abuses on him, calling him impotent, an “okobo”. She could have insulted him all she wanted, but calling him impotent hit him hard where it hurt the most.

He really had to do something about his condition.

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