Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

The Return of Acho, Episode One

“You can’t marry him.” Acho said to the female

soldier. Acho had come to Leke’s house in what

was a surprised visit. Both Leke and the female

soldier were not expecting him. In fact, they

never expected to see him again and they had

consciously avoided his house and everywhere

they knew they would see him since they agreed

to get married. But somehow, Acho carried

himself to Leke’s house because he heard from

the gossips that they were preparing for their


“Why can’t marry him? And who gave you the right or audacity to choose a partner for me? Are you my parents? The last time I checked, you dumped me and I think it is high time you moved on. Stop stalking me and my fiancée because we have a wedding to organize. I might be forced to do something drastic if set my eyes on you again.” The female soldier said. They were at the gate where Acho had requested to have a private conversation with her. Leke, on the other hand was in his room watching a football match between Nigeria and Cameroon.

“Look, you can’t marry my best friend. Even if you and I are not going to reconcile our differences, I prefer you look for another person to marry. Let it be someone I don’t know and let it happen without my knowledge. I find it difficult to accept the fact that you would end up in Leke’s bedroom. Common, that’s mental torture for me and you would certainly not want me to be going through that the rest of my life. Please, don’t marry Leke, I beg you.” Acho pleaded with the female soldier but all his pleas fell on deaf ears. She remained adamant and insisted that it was no longer in Acho’s place to decide what she does with her life.

“You no longer have the right to decide for me. You lost that right the day you asked me to leave your house. I left knowing that would never come back to you. You broke my heart with reckless impunity, despite all that I went through to rescue you from the kidnappers’ den, you still refused to accept me as your wife. This was even after I ran around to find your friend who went to pay the bride price on your behalf. Well, since you have refused to take me as your wife, it won’t be a bad idea if I follow Leke who actually went to pay the bride price. Technically, I’m now his wife.” The female soldier said with a touch of ‘shakara’ in her voice.

“You are married to me. It is me that you people know and the bride price was paid in my name. But that is not even my business. My main concern is that you cannot dump me and follow my best friend. I cannot bear the thought of you and Leke ending up in the bedroom. Please, call off the engagement before that happens.” Acho said with a voice of lamentation.

“We have already visited the bedroom and he

already ate from my honey pot if that is what

you want to hear. No need to be afraid because

the deed has been done and I can tell you, I

thoroughly enjoyed it and he is better than you

in that aspect.” The female soldier was now

deliberately taunting Acho who was by then

covering his face with his pam. He was

ashamed and at the same time angry, but he

can’t beat the female soldier when it comes to

physical fight. Since they started dating, he has

always been careful not to engage her in a fight

because she is a trained military person and she

could injure him with military tactics. He wanted

to slap her, but he advised himself.

“Can you listen to yourself? Are you not ashamed? How can you allow Leke to eat from your honey pot? Have you forgotten that he is my best friend?” Acho asked.

“He was your best friend but he is now my husband technically speaking because he went to my village, met with my people and paid my bride price, so I belong to him. And stop saying dumped you because you were the one who dumped me but I was lucky someone else picked me and cleaned me up.” The female soldier was turning around to show off her shape as she talked to Acho.

“Well, I’m actually capable of stopping the marriage between you and Leke from happening.” Acho said threateningly.

“You can’t do anything my friend. Go to your house and lick your wound. You failed as a man. You should have accepted me as your wife when you had the chance. Now, the door of grace has been closed and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. If you try anything, I will make sure I lock you up and throw the key to your cell into the Atlantic Ocean.

“No dear, you won’t be able to do that. I will be the first to lock you up and this will happen faster than you think.” Acho said.

“How exactly do you intend to lock me up? What powers do you have and what evidence do you have or what case do you have against me? Wake up from your dream my dear. Go home and mourn.” The female soldier said to Acho. Acho reached for his phone, tapped it gently and played a voice recording for the female soldier to hear. It was the female soldier’s voice and in it, she was telling the General’s side chick how to pull the trigger and eliminate the General. She did not know that the side chick recorded their conversation. She also wondered how Acho got it from the side chick.

“How did you get this voice notes? Who gave them to you?” The female soldier asked with concern. She was so worried because what Acho has in his phone is a serious evidence to prove that she conspired to kill the General.

“That’s none of your business. How got this

does not concern you. All I know is that you

instructed the side chick to kill the General. Now,

I actually have more information which I can

use to nail you. For instance, I have the gun she

used to kill him and I know that the gun belongs

to you. You gave her the gun she used to kill a

high ranking military official. Don’t you think

you will be in trouble by the time I pay the police

a visit with these information? Better think twice

before proceeding with your plans to marry Leke. I give you two weeks to call off the wedding plans and come back to me or else, I will give this information to the police.” Acho said as he started going.

“Acho how did you get all those information? Please, come back here and talk to me.” The female soldier shouted but Acho had already gone far.

From that moment, the female soldier knew she was in hot okra soup.

Watch out for episode 2.

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