Episode 1

Ada was a girl you would love from like 10 miles away except of course you are gay.. But don’t count on that, she was wow enough to make a gay niggar straight. A glance at her face will make you hunger for a ripe paw paw and a look at a ripe paw paw will throw you into a desperate need to see her face once more.

Description of people had always been a tough job for me talk more of a perfect angel that’s more likely to make her creator jealous of his work. She was the perfect height. Not too tall and not short. The type you can kiss comfortably without breaking your neck.
She was fair and spotless.

Ha shape was the hour glass thingy.
Boobs like an over inflated baloon
and bums like a royal throne, i swear you could sit on them and cross your legs confortably..

Summary of Ada was that she was too good that she had a player like me scared of even approaching her. I just stroked my emotions from afar each time i saw this angel walking among humans wondering whether her feets touched the ground.

I was in my 100 level in the University, electrical engineering my course. I had always love messing around with electronics and always thought it would be like that studying electrical engineering as a course. I soon came to realize that i will solve everything only on paper, how to start a car, u solve for x and y,.. So i would just have to solve my way out.

My department was an uninteresting one that year..

We were like 58 altogether, new names always popped up once in a while.
We were all boys except for a few that looked like Girls or rather they were girls but their demeanor, countenance and stuffs, men you could just count them in among the guys. I can’t say am a whizkid but i sure do know how to pass my exams excellently.

It was on a Wednesday, it just stopped raining and the weather was just too cool. Cold breeze flew by once in a while. I was headed for my department from the library for a 3 o’clock lecture. The time was 2:48 pm. I was walking leisurely to the tune of music coming out from my high bassed monster beats by dre headphones, the fake one though. All of a sudden something caught my sight. It was coming from the opposite direction.
For a while everything seemed to stand still. It was like the sun came out of the cloudy sky. My headphones went dumb, maybe it was looking at the object that caught my attention too. This girl, this out of the ordinary creature, the cause of my confusion, was on white jean trouser resting on a pair of black plain sneakers with white sole, over ha well shaped upper part rested a white shirt with unbottened fly over a black singlet.

For a While i was busy taking in all these details, i forgot if i was walking or I stood still, all i knew was that i ran into something or something ran into me. We collided. Our books fell, i shifted my gaze to this intruder, it was my course mate stella and by the look on her face, i decided maybe i was the one that ran into her but we all know about girls and their blame games. I murmured my apologies. Helped her pick ha books and picked mine too. She asked if i was going for the 3 o’clock lectures, i nodded like a zombie still stupefied by what i saw earlier on. She then said she was going too so we both walked towards our department. I looked back and didn’t see her again. I thought to myself, Maybe my guardian angel showed herself to me because she was too beautiful to be an earthly being. But if so, why was she displaying her boobs?

That days lecture was not for me. I was hoping to see my guardian angel again because as far as i was concerned, my class started and ended the moment i set my eyes on her.

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