Episode 1

As she took her bath that morning, her mind was filled with the dream she had earlier that morning

She couldn’t stop thinking about the dream….

What does it mean???..

“Am I possessed or what?..

How come I became so vulnerable to his touch??..

And I have never seen that face before ”

She thought aloud and sighed miserably

Maybe it’s one of these natural dreams, nothing serious to worry about.

“or could be that I have spiritual husband…”

The mere thought of it sent goose bumps on her wet skin

“No way!.

God forbid bad thing”

She said and did the sign of the cross

She Hurriedly took her bath and left for school amidst pleas from her mother to have breakfast but she objected strongly with the excuse that she’s already late to school and Onyinye had waited so much .

As they trek through the narrow path that led to her new school, she was so restless that she felt that she has committed a grave sin

” is there something, you’re not telling me?”

Onyinye asked, trying to start a conversation with her, she has been quiet since they left her house and it’s obvious that something is bothering her.


It’s nothing ”

She said with a fake smile but onyinye is not the type to be deceived easily.

” chidinma…

Friends don’t tell lies..

What’s the problem?? ”

She queried

” onyinye I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I feel as if I have committed a mortal sin since I woke up this morning ”

She said miserably.

” tell me the dream that made you to be so miserable this morning ”

She persuaded her and she was able to grasp the reason for her quietness.

” it’s nothing to worry about,

Maybe you should go and see father Anthony..

And see what he will do about it..

For me, it’s nothing to worry about…

Since you guys didn’t do anything further apart from romance ”

She chuckled

“it’s not funny onyii…

I have never seen the face before…

That’s the main reason I feel so cheap and miserable right now ”

” don’t worry, we shall see father Anthony on our way home.

And you talk as if you haven’t kissed before ”

Onyinye added naughtily..

” I have not biko…

Stay there and be thinking about kiss, don’t go and do something useful.

Sinful child ”

She rebuked her and onyinye couldn’t stop laughing.

” oh…

Sorry, mother Mary…

Virgin most pure ”

She added jokingly and they laughed.

Just then, a lexus jeep stopped before them and onyinye wondered who could be the owner.

The glass was whined down and a very handsome guy poked his head out.

He’s so handsome that onyinye herself is already falling for him. He too was on uniform just like them and he’s a new student too.

He beckoned on them to come but because chidinma is not paying attention, all her thoughts was focused on that Sinful dream she had as she labeled it, she didn’t go and onyinye Hurriedly went to meet the Prince charming

She stood before him Smiling stupidly.

“Am not referring to you, I meant your pretty friend over there..

What’s her name? ”

He asked and onyinye was disappointed to the core

” chidinma.. ”

She said defeatedly

” chidinma… ”

He yelled and she turned immediately to know who’s calling her and what she saw shocked her to the marrow

The guy she saw in her dream

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