Episode 1

I can’t imagine even at this point in my life, things hasn’t even change for me. I’m a graduate of Kwara State University, today’s date marked it another year that i finished my B.SE from the school, but sincerely life has not really been fine with me, I can vividly tell you what it means to be poor, I knew that I have lots to do, not even for myself alone but to others. but life isn’t treating me fine, this is all that was running on my head, I remembered then when my father died in 1987 though it was a great loss to me and my family because he has been the bread winner of my family then, so the remaining members of the family are trusting on me been the first child to take proper responsibilities for my young once. But then when i got admission to Kwara State University, my mom was poor to send me to the University and i truly want to go to school, so i call her to explain things to her which we agreed, my sisters had to stop schools just for me to go to the University, now that I have graduated they’re expecting more from me, they want me to raise the family again but there I come, everything seems to be badluck for me, ever since my graduation I couldn’t go back home and the reasons was because i felt i could secure myself with a job here before going home so I won’t go empty handed, but now i seriously don’t have any choice than to go home, since i couldn’t secure a job here in the state so i planned to move back to Akwa ibom. The journey isn’t a short one but i need to go home and see my family and better still if I can get a job to do over there, so my sisters could go back to school again. I parked all my cloths, as i planned ahead for it, I get them arranged believing that i will be leaving earlier the next day, this is the third years after my graduation, I think it’s time to go home and plan for my life, I went to meet a friend at least to borrow me some money to go home which i promised to pay back after i get home. Thank goodness he gave me the money which made my preparation to be more fasten.

The following morning, i woke up earlier around 4 O’clock in the morning I took my bath as everything was fully ready. I got to the park around 5:30am. This time people were already seen around the market places, some are going to work while others are in hurry to get to their way. The bus left Kwara State around 8:45am in the morning, the money i got was for the transport fee, but thank goodness the money they charged was lower than my expectations which made me got an extra 500 Naira with me . The journey continues..

After about eight hours driving the driver make an announcement that we would soon be in Akwa ibom but then i have bought some snacks when we got to a bus stop where some passagers claim to ease their self, I bought myself a snack and a mineral this was what i ate till will get to akwa ibom , the bus stop at a junction where it seems everyone will be coming down. I groaned as i come down from the bus, the journey was stressful though but thank God we’re home, then i checked my pocket to notice that I only got three hundred and fifty naira with me, I sigh, does it even make sense for me to go home empty handed like this, I went to a bakery where they sell bread, give me one, I said to the seller which was sold for two hundred naira, at least , they will appreciate my coming because i never called to inform anyone about my coming not even our last born who called two days ago before now asking me for a recharge card, but I have been ignoring her call because i don’t have the money. I took a bike which took me home that evening. I got home around 6pm in the evening, I opened the gate to see one of my sister crying outside, she didn’t noticed that someone was inside the compound not until i called her name. Anita, she looked up to see me, I can’t believe she’s now a big girl now, despite the fact that her clothes was old but her figures were really sturning.

Broda Stanley she shouted as she rushed to huge me. Seriously i have missed my family so much, the joy she had couldn’t be compared to anything , we gist and talk for a while before we both went inside the house. My mom was seen doing some necessity when she saw me, oh my kind is here o, she said in igbo language. She was extremely happy to see me , that evening was a day of joy for us, I noticed Amara wasn’t home and i haven’t even seen her, it almost 30 minutes that i got back, where is she i asked Anita who was busy searching my bag for what i brought for them, Iye(mama) sent her on an errand she managed to answer, this time mama was already outside trying to get me something to eat, so i was left with Anita, bro Stanley what do you brought for me o, she asked, I bought something for all of you i sad then i brought out the bread from the other bag that i carried, she was extremely happy to see it, Iye bro brought bread for us o this was what i heard her said as she left the room to go meet mama who was busy cooking in the kitchen.

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