Episode 1

Just got admission to study Mathematics in the better by far university of ilorin. As a lagos boy, I believed I had nothing to learn as the streets had taught me all I need to know, how wrong I was.

Landed in ilorin, and fortunately or unfortunately as the case could be I was stranded. My guys had not returned to school albeit they were in the polytechnic, so their school calender was different.

Lesson one, the streets don’t teach you about school calender.

Well, like the saying goes, every disappointment is a blessing in disguise, I decided to make a good use of my misfortune. I placed a call to my friend from lag, Bisola by name.

Let me tell you about Bisola a little, you know those girls always trying to form sophisticated, as in those gettho girls trying to form posh, exactly. Girls who speaks as if their throat had been super glued only leaving a little opening for speech to come out. That’s not all, you remember those girls that usually shoot their b0s0m forward when the walk around? And as a effect of that their butt0ckz shoot backwards to give their back one kind of C-shape? She was one of them, the only different is that while most of such girls have an African Star Apple kind of b0s0m we call it Agbalumo on the streets, Bisola has a semi cossy orjiakor type, she was gifted.

She was quiet tall for a lady, not too good looking but not bad. Like we say on the streets, she was just there
Okay enough about one person, let me go back to the main story.

Errrm where was I sef?

So I called Bisola with my Bird flip phone, that phone was tech and bad back then, I think it had a blue face and that moment when it rings and u flip it open before you pick, no better feeling that that, you feel like a boss.

Told Bisola that have just arrived and am kind of bored where I was and I won’t mind coming to chill at her place. She gave me the address and the description, it wasn’t really far from where I was, so I told her I will be there in thirty minutes.

Well I got to the address Bisola gave and then called her line to come get me, she came out, we hugged, did I mention that I love hugging her?

Well I do. She took me to where she stays and then I learnt lesson number two that the streets forgot to teach me.

Lesson two: a leopard can change its skin Bisola a lead choirister in church, so gentle and easy going was leaving in the midst of five boys as in 5 men. Hmmmm, wonders they say never ends. Well my church mind told me she was just staying there until she will finish her registeration and then move to the hostel, sincerely I believed my church mind.

After all the welcoming and greetings, we sat in front of the building, can you imagine she couldn’t even let me into the house, maybe its was her over forming that was falling her hand.

Bad as it may, her predicament was better than mine, at least she stays somewhere, here I am not knowing where I will lay my head, well that makes me a disciple of Jesus, you know the bible said ‘the son of man had no place to lay his head’. Did I tell you am a pastor’s son? Yeah you heard me right, my dad is a pastor. Forget all thoes streets have been talking about ooo, I am a pastor in the making and have been since over 20 years ago, I am one for the future.

I decided to let Bisola in on my situation, she told me there was no space left in their room, it was just a room and they are six in the room already.

In my mind I was like ‘half a dozen’ * iya n je boys* (boys are suffering). Well growing up there was a sandal called iya n je boys errm that’s a story for another day.

While we were discussing one of Bisola’s roomie joined us, he was introduced to me as Acme, he was the LandLord, or should I call him the Room Lord. Acme heard of my predicament, and he suggested I could stay with them. I was so elated and thanked him a lot. Acme offered me to join the guy in their already prepared meal, as a lagos boy now, I don’t slack with food, I didn’t even remember I was a stranger I just joined in eating the communion.

After eating I told I was formally introduced to the rest of the guys, luckily for me, we all came from the same area in Lagos except for Acme and TJ. TJ was an Alfa, he went to a school in Agege, I think it was Sheikh Adam’s school, he called it morikas(please I can’t seem to get the spelling) , he was there for eight good years learning arabic and the holy Quran. But after all the 8years here was he trying to write IJMB with old age.

Then there was Kzee, Abbey and Ismail. We all chatted a little before I decide to go and get my bag before nightfall. I was escorted out of the building and wen I got to about 10metres away from the building, I looked back and there it was, guess …………….. The name of the building written boldly as THE VILLA.

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