Episode 1

Franca was a l£sb!an and had been one for over seventeen (17) years. She became a l£sb!an when she was in JSS two in one of the unity schools in the southwest. Her becoming a l£sb!an was inevitable since her school was an all girl school, a boarding and with plenty of opportunity to enjoy the joys of K!ttyC@t.

?She had noticed a girl in form three being very attentive to her even when she was doing her ablutions either in the mornings or at night. The senior was very kind, accommodating and had a listening ear. She always protected Franca from the usual hashing experienced in boarding schools. Franca also noticed that the senior had many followers; some of the more beautiful girl followed her around and there was this air of leadership surrounding her. Other girls jumped to obey her every words whether spoken gently or harshly. In fact, there was more urgency to obey when her words were spoken softly. The senior’s name was Nike, a tall, gangly girl with masculine like behaviour, small b0s0m and narrow hips. But there was this aura of power surrounding her which was unmistakable to see.

?Franca was a figure of womanhood and even at twelve years had started showing signs of womanly curves. Her budding b0s0m were big for her age and frame, her waist tiny and her hips also a little too wide for her age. It would definitely get bigger. She was a virgin but not ignorant of what went on between men and women. In fact, she had touched and brought herself to an orgasm a number of times. She loved watching X-trated movies, especially where girls are eaten by other girls or by men. It was a fantasy of hers to be eaten, eaten really thoroughly. She had even touched herself a number of times but was too timid to break her hymen.

One fateful day in the second term of JSS two, Franca decided to have a shower after prep before the bell would go for dinner. While in one of the cubicles of the communal row of bathrooms, she heard voices and peeped out to see. She saw Nike come into the bathroom with about four girls in tow, all Unclad but with a towel slung across their shoulders. It wasnt a strange sight as that was how they all went about in their hostel, afterall it was a mainly female school. Franca withdrew her head into the bathroom and continued with her shower. She however
let out a shriek as she felt hands cupping her butt0ckz from behind. She began struggling to get loose from the hands but was over powered as others joined and dragged her to the bathroom corridor. She made to scream but a hand was clasped to her mouth and her head yanked backwards. The yanking brought tears of pain to her eyes and she was force to look up only to stare into the steely gave of Nike.
”hello beauty” Nike smiled at her motioning to the other girls holding her hands to let her go.
Franca was released and made to get up from the hard stone floor.

”Don’t” commanded Nike and Franca found herself involuntarily obeying the barked out command. Her heart was beating loudly but she couldnt say a word as it felt as if there was a force holding her captive.

”Don’t be scared. I have been watching and observing you since you came to this school and I find that I like what I see. I want you to be one of my girls and I know you will also like it. You do not have a choice as I have already chosen you and nobody can change my will or do anything about it, least of all you. You have a body to die for and I know you will grow up to become one beatiful woman. It would be my pleasure to watch you transform from a girl into a woman.” Nike said

Franca just sat there on the floor, knees bent, hairless K!ttyC@t wide open for all to see and body glistening with the water still on her body, helplessly.

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