Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

..Jemimah rolled on her bed as her friends sprinkled water on her.” Wake up,sleepy head”

They mocked. “Oh my God,Just let me sleep ”She said drowsily. “Let you sleep?..It’s 7:45am.

Have you forgotten we’re having Math 121 test this morning” Christianah quizzed.“Jesus!!”She said and sprang up from the bed. “Aww…see your friend” Eniola laughed from the dressing mirror where she was making over.

Jemimah rushed to the bathroom and within 30 minutes she was done.

She knew she was late for the test already and would have to wait outside the lecture room.

Her previous day had been so stressful with lectures.

All thanks to her boyfriend,Jake who brought her home on his old inherited motorcycle.

As she thought of her lover,a sweet sensation passed through her Body.

Although Jake’s not rich,he at least gave her love,care,attention and most of it all Peace.

He had pointed it out straight to her that he wants no intimacy whatsoever until they are legally married.

A call startled her and she saw it was Eniola calling.“Hello”She said.“We’ve been to class,the students said that man is not coming.

He told the H.O.C that he would be attending a conference at Uyo”Eniola said.“Ohh,no problem then…

So where are you guys?”She asked. “On our way back home before going out” Eniola said. “To where…”

She asked but Eniola had disengaged the call.

She shrugged and laid back on the bed,closing her eyes.

Her phone mobile phone rang once more.

She hissed and reluctantly took it.It was Jake.

She brightened up.“Hello baby”She said sweetly.“Hi girl”Jake replied.“I’m good,where are you?”She asked.“Yeah,just left the Department now..

Heading to the main gate”Jake replied.“So hum…

Are we seeing today?”She asked rolling her eyes beautifully.“No,yòu can’t”Eniola chipped in as she came in with a Tall,Dark guy behind her.

Jemimah disengaged the call.She hissed bitterly.

She recognised the guy to be,David Ridd,the son of the multi billionaire,Chief MarkRidd who resides in switzerland and controls Nigeria’s oil from his caliphate.“Look who’s here,Jemmy”Christianah said.

Jemimah dilated her eyes and hissed.“Haha,guess jemimah is shy of me”David replied with his deep voice.

David Ridd is a final year student at the Department of Petrochemical Engineering.

Just like his father,he’s already making millions and has a lot of girls tripping for him but the girls disappear mysteriously after taking them home to his base in Lagos.“Maybe we should excuse,you lovers”Eniola said and she went out with christianah behind her.

Jemimah looked hostile and angry.

She hates this guy,she thought but he wouldn’t let her be.“Jemimah,i’m here once again to get the answer to my proposal”David said calmly.“David or whatsoever you’re called.

Don’t you get it,I have a lover and see(shows him her fingers). I’m engaged to him.

He’s my world and everything”Jemimah replied and adjusted herself.“Err,Well.

What’s the essence of eating a church rat when you have a fat chicken?”David said and folded his arms.“Excuse me?”Jemimah asked with frustration.“What good will that poor waif do you?.Think of it,baby.

Won’t he abandon you if he hits the iceberg?. You deserve nothing but the best,Jemimah.

Fine,you might hate me but i just hope you would learn the truth one day only i pray it wouldn’t take a long time.

I think i have to go now.

You have my number.

Call me if you need any help.”David said and stood up.”Girls,you can come in”He added.

Eniola and christianah entered smiling radiantly.“You’re leaving already?”Enny asked.“Yes,i am”David replied as he brought out bales of money.

He counted some,gave Eniola and christianah.“This is for you”He said pointing a fat roll of money to Jemimah.

Jemimah frowned.“Bring it,Uncle dave..She’s shy.

I will give it to her.”Eniola said.“Okay,you girls should have a nice day”David replied and went out of the room.“Hmm.

Jemimah i will advice you go for David.

Stop dating that Footroener”Christianah said. “Please i will take everything but not insults on my boo”Jemimah spatted.“Boo indeed…Hahaaahaha”The two girls laughed in mockery.

Jemimah looked away as the money was forced into her hand.

She knew she was fighting an emotional battle and she hoped she

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