Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Iris’s Pov:
I sat in front of the dressing mirror applying makeups on my face.

I glanced at the wall clock….
“Gosh! It’s 10pm alre-ady… I hope I get enough rich clients today” I thought as I quic-kly stood up and picked up my handbag from the stool.

I admired myself on the wall mirror and smiled excitedly.

Believe me when I say my b©dy is a killer…

Am very curvy and S-xy and beautiful…

And my bo-ob s were so firm, soft and every man will want to have a test. 😁
I was dressed in a h0t revea-ling short go-wn.

Showing off my wi-de h!ps which was almost bulging out of the dress.

I heaved a sigh as I turned to leave.

“Sister Iris….Are you leaving this night again?” Tina my younger sister asked.

“Uhmm… Tina I thought you are asleep?” I asked as I scratched my head in confusion and walked closer to the be-d and pe-cked her.

Tina is 13 years old while am 23 years old….

“Sister plea-se don’t leave me alone again this night…” She cried and I gulped nervously as I sat on the be-d and patted her head.

“Shh….Tina” I said blinking ha-rd as I placed my index f!nger in between myl-ips.

“I have to go to work Tina! You don’t want us to go hungry right? Or do you want to drop out of school?” I asked as she picked up her eyeglas-ses.

“Sister Iris.. What kind of work do you do? That you have to leave the house every night and everyday? plea-se sister am going to feel very lonely” Tina sobbe-d

“Am sorry Tina but am doing this for our own good, so that we can have a better life! Look! I work as a waiter in a h0tel and you know they always have night shift right?” I said and she sniffed.

“I miss you atee (sister)” Tina said as we hvgged each other ti-ghtly.

I cleaned my tears with a towel as I pe-cked her and wished her goodnight as I walked out.
“Am really sorry Tina… But this is for us to live a good life… I will do everything for you so that you won’t end up like me” I said in tears as I flagged down a cab.


I walked into the room tiredly and sat on the chair.

“Iris… Why are you late? Listen I won’t condone this stupid behavior of yours, I don’t want to lose my customers” Madam Sugar yelled at me.

“Am very sorry Sugar Ma! I was stuck in traffic!” I said weakly
“Whatever! Get to work alre-ady…” Madam sugar said
“Any client?” I asked
“Yeah! And he’s super rich and popular so I don’t ever wanna lose him” Madam Sugar said
“OK fine! Which room is that?” I asked

“Room 125…Don’t keep him waiting!” Madam Sugar said as she stormed out of the room.
“As long as I get my pay” I smiled
Well that’s Madam Sugar, she’s the owner of this God forsaken brothel.

I heaved a sigh of depression as I walked out.

Chris’s Pov:
“What? You are so stupid Donald! You mean you could not get me a bit-ch to spend the night with me?” I fumed in anger.

“Am really sorry boss! Just that I don’t think the ones I saw will make you happy cos they look too fat” Donald my as-sistant said

“You are an idiot… Give me my car keys animal!” I yelled at him as I snatched the key from him and stormed out of the room.

I fumed in anger as I walked to the garage and hopped into my car angrily and speeded out of the compound.

My cell phone rang aloud…
It is my friend Jerry….

📲Hello Jerry

📲 I said

📲What’s up man? Am at Sugar brothel… Wanna join me here? Am having fun with my bit-ch…

📲 He said as I shook my head.

📲Don’t worry… I will be there shortly

📲 I said and hung up.

This is all Donald’s fault…. I can’t believe am going to a fu-cking brothel.

Some minutes later 🕒
I walked into the furnished room…

Though it’s not furnished to my test.

“Get me the hear me?” I asked rudely.

“You don’t have to worry sir! The best you shall get and believe me she’s super h0t” the woman said
“I hope so” I snorted as she walked out.


I heard a knock on my door.
“She’s here!” I rolled my eyes as I opened the door.

My jaw dropped in awe….
“Beautiful” was all I could say.
“Good evening! Can I come in?” Her angelic voice said as I nodded.

Her curves were killing….

She was damn h0t and only a sight of her turned me on.
“Why are you starring at me like that? Step on it! Let’s get this done with..” She said about to take off her ex-posing dress.
I la-id on the be-d with my eyes focused on her as-s.
“Uhmm.. What’s your name?” I asked

“Huh? That’s not p@rt of the job so mind your business” she scoffed
“You’re being rude bit-ch…” I screamed at her.

“Whatever!” She said as she took off her go-wn ex-posing her b©dy.

She was wearing only her p@n-ties and bras-siere.
She’s dam h0t…

“Hey! You’re gonna svçkme first” I said and she flin-ched.
“That’s against my rules… We’re just gonna ban-g and I get the hell outta here..” She said taking off her shoes.

“Shut up! You’re nothing but a cheap slut… Who’re! so st©p acting like a queen.. You’re gonna do just whatever I tell you to do” I yelled at her.

She flared up angrily.

“How dare you call me a who-re?” She said with a teary voice and landed a dirty sl@p on my cheeks…

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