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(The Familiar Heir)????

Chloe’s POV

It was a weird evening ,,my sister sent me on an errand to deliver a dress she sewed for a Mistress in an real estate it was difficult to locate the home address though , thanks for my phone’s map tracker .

I walked briskly after to much of stress following the tracker .

Because there were many mansions in the estate ,I heard celebrities lives In the estate .

I wonder how my sister got a rich customer I’ll deliver the clothes too..

My sister Bella is a skilled fashion designer ,we lived together,our parents passed away ..

I don’t know what both my mom and dad looks like..

Because I forgot everything about my live at age 15 ,my sister told me I was sick for years so I hard an operation the operation prevented me from knowing the past ..

So I moved on with my live ,cause she’s done me greats alot ,she treats me well …

The little money she gains from her fashion designing , she has been saving it to send me to the most popular school in the country ..

I had no work ,just that I’m still looking for a job, to assist her financially…

I walked to the house’s gate , I knocked on the gate , soon the gate was opened ..

“How may I help you ?” Asked the gate keeper with a ‘who are you’ gesture.

“Actually ,I was asked to deliver this dress to the miss in this house sir ” I replied pollitely.

He went in and closed the gate on me ,after 10 mins of waiting outside .

He came out with money for the dress he gave me the money and collected the miss dress..

The miss probably gave the gate keeper the dress fee.

I stucked it into my straight gown’s pocket and I zipped up..

I was about to go home as I glanced at beautiful houses ,big ones I admired those house as I passes by ..

My eyes caught with the biggest mansion in the estate , the house was just like a president’s house , the house is will probably a billionaire’s …

Zayne’s POV????

I was in my large bedroom apartment ,lying down on a large massive bed that 5 hefty men could sleep enjoyably.

With all my room mordern materials big flat television , big glass table and 5 glass chairs,

My closet was a big one , which makes my room so big and classy,

I stood up and walked to my bathroom , I laid inside my tube and foamed water and soap .

I was a billionaire, heir of a very big and famous knowed group..

I was also a popular musician ,music has always been my passion…

I schooled in the most popular music school owned by my father…

Many girls in school crushed on me ,I was known as the cutest and classy demi – God

They’ve ever know..

My dad’s group in which I was the heir had many ,Industries,Company,High Schools , Hotels ,Hopitals , cement company and many more , that was owned by my father , Now I’m the heir of all those properties..

All this looks like trash to me ????, because I never lived an interesting life since my 15 years of age I’ve never smiled to talk of laughing .

Now I’m 22 , My life had been a miserable one , I’m more like a beast who devours human flesh…

I loathes girls with with intense passion , no girl dares comes near me , Because of my heartrobe ????Ivy????.

She was the only girl I’ve loved in my life she was just 13 years old when she was assassinated 7 years ago with her father, We loved each other, since we were kid she was innocent 13 years old girl from the louis family , one of the member of my dad group,her father was a billionaire cause all members of my dad’s group are billionaire and millionaires.

I loved her and about to officially sign her as the HEIRESS to my father’s properties and group,which makes two of us owns the properties and we’ll be officially married, that’s just the moment she was kidnapped with her father and they were killed and shared there photos online ,it was a great disaster to me that I almost killed myself, until a letter was delivered on our house mailed , an assassin delivered the message which says….

My beloved zayne, I’m wirtting 9 this letter with my very 23 last moment 1 on earth, thanks to one of the 19 assassin who gave me an 11 opportunity to write.. please move on and live without 9 me forget 12 about me,and 12 move on 5 with live, 4 I’ll forever love you ,let meet in 2 the next 24 world, please do not hurt 18 your self,and Grant my one 21 and only wish do 2 not hurt your self 24..

I love you so much.. Yours beloved Ivy????.

Ivy was a smart girl , if you read the letters well you would notice some numbers she wrote very tiny and smalls no one can notice this ,I got to discover those numbers because I read the letters everyday ..

She smartly decorded the 26 alphabetical letters in numbers – 9 ,23, 1, 19, 11, 9, 12, 12 , 2 ,24, 18 , 21 , 2, 24…

This number was decorded by her,. I W A S K I L L E D B Y R U B Y Which meant Ruby sent assassins to kill her and her dad.

I thought she’s dead how did she write a letter?,

I wonder if she’s really dead, maybe she hid somewhere,maybe she was saved ,maybe she excaped , I hope she comes back to me one day ????????..

the assassin read the letter to approve delivery , but he / she fell for her smartness,he / she didn’t see the numbers , and delivered the letter , it took me years before I could see those Numbers and the meaning , it was the love between us made me read the letter everyday and I noticed the numbers….

That day , 5 years ago I quickly rushed to the police station and reported the case ..

They investigated more but it wall all to avail ,that they couldn’t arrest Ruby after he bried them ,they came back to me and proved the letter wasn’t true that , someone might have wrote it that way, just to frame Ruby,moreover if it’s true the Mastermind was Ruby he won’t allow the assassins send the letter that will give firm evidence of Ruby behind the death of ivy and her father, I was sued for defamation of character I was bailed shortly after they ended the key proof which was the letter….

I became more toxic,heartless,and a beast I could kill any girl who tried to seduce me or come near me ,,all girls in my school don’t dare come near my class in school , I always expell all female students that comes near me , to an extent only males are in my class..

Ruby’s POV

I was in my car in the back seat reading a news paper while my driver was driving me home..

I’m was a very rich millionaire

“Ronald zayne” the heir to the group which I was a member that made me a millionaire where I am today was bailed 5 years ago, after he tried to frame me a murderer ,with a false evidence, the evidence is indeed true ,hahaha I laughed sarcastically , I Ruby the wisest of all time , yes I killed his lover a person who he could give his life to save ,,,,ivy the daughter of Louis , Louis has always been my opponent in the billionaires group ,Im gonna kill the C E O of the group that Ronald Dave , the father of Zayne , zayne is the heir to the position who owns the group and all the properties and wealth , I’ve wanted wealth for my daughter riele also , so i decided to make her the HEIRESS to Ronald family so she will gain 3times more than the wealth and properties I had that makes me a millionaire …

Through her I’ll become a billionaire ha ha ha I laughed sarcastically again..

So I killed people who are obstacles to my plan ..I killed Louis and her daughter….

My daughter is about to become the HEIRess !!!!!….

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