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I paced around my room anxiously, anticipating on how to tell her.

Will she let me?

Yeah! She is supposed to let me……I am nineteen you know!!!

I breathed in and out loudly, and walked to mum’s room.

I knocked softly.

“come in”,she replied.

I walked in, squeezing my palm, and clucking my fingers.

I always do that when am nervous.

“mum, uhmn..well…..I just wanted to know….muhmn…..well…

“will you speak already!”,she replied.

“yeah….uhmn….well……I just wanted to…..know if….if…..if I…..can go…..t….to the prom”,I replied nervously.

“no”,mum replied sternly.

“mum but why, am nineteen”,I replied.

“just because you are nineteen doesn’t make you mature and sensible”,mum replied and I groaned loudly.

“mum b it all my friends are coming, their parents let them”.

“well, you can be an exception”,she replied and I rolled my eyes.

“mum but….”.

“lisa brothel, this topic is over. Now, to your room”,she half yelled.

I ran to my room and threw myself on the bed.

Damn it! Why is mum like this??

My phone rang, goddamn its vera, she must be wondering why am not there yet…

I heaved and picked the call.

“yes vera”,I said.

“babe, why ain’t you at my house yet, for goodness sake, I waited so long, so I decoded to come to your house”,she replied.


“uhmn…vera….you see….my mum won’t let me”,I replied and she sighed.

“typical mum”,she groaned.

“am sorry”,I replied.

“na, you are coming, here us a plan”,she said and told me the plan.

Wow, she is so clever!

I didn’t even think of this!!!

I wore a library suited outfit, snucked out and handed vera my party dress.

I took my bag, and went to my mum’s room.

“mum, am going to the library”,I said and she looked at me suspiciously…….

She walked up to me and searched me….checked my bags.

“you can go”,she replied.

“thanks mum”,I said, trying to control my excitement.

I walked out, and we boarded a cab to Vera’s house where other girls were waiting. We were taking a limo.

They were all excited to see me…I changed up.

We entered and off to school.


We arrived at school and we all alighted.

I walked in elegantly with vera besides me….

The party had already started..

I sat down while vera went to her boyfriend..

Wow! He came!!!

My dream guy

Blake, so cute, the cutest guy in school…..

I sat there, drooling, I think he noticed, so I stopped.

I started sipping my drink…….looking at nothing particular…..

“hi”,an angelic masculine voice said.

Oh my gosh! Its blake.

“hi”,I replied, blushing……

“you look cut when you blush..”,he said, making me blush the more.

”thanks”,I replied, and he asked for a dance.

I can’t refuse, so we moved to the dance floor.

He slipped his hands round my waist while I wrapped my hands on his neck……

“you are beautiful”,he whispered softly….

Well, o hear that all the time cause am truly beautiful.

I don’t mean to brag but am the only one without make up, yet all eyes were on me….

He offered me a glass of wine.

I gulped down every bit, lost in his ever charming eyes.

We moved to his private classroom, I have never really entered, but gosh this place is nice.

Like a gentle man….he carried me in a bridal style and placed me on the soft sofa…..

In no time, we undressed each other, and then he brought out his thing and slid into me.

I felt a sharp pain, more like a cut……..he moved in and out gently……

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