Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Three months after the funeral of my mom the pain was still stuck deeply in my heart, many people came to our house to sympathize.

I would cry day and night each time i go to bed instead of expecting mom to sing a lulaby for me, cause am use to it but now she is no more.

As for my dad is a wealthy man he work with a oil & gas company so he hardly come home at least he would take a whole 3month before coming home.

After some weeks i had him make a phone call say “he had some thing to put in order befor coming to the state” . I wonder where my dad will be going to, leaving me in this big mansion so i pick up courage to ask him.

“dad where are you going” i asked in a worry voice

” meaning?,” he asked me

I answer him with a worried voice; “i had you on the phone that you need to put thing in order before coming to the state”, “what the meaning of state”, i ask further.

‘he held me on my shoulder as he explain to me;

” i have to travel by next week to the state to get some of my project done but first i would go to the village to get u someone that would be taking good care of you that would be tomorrow cause i would be leaving on sunday”

“so u are getting married?” – i ask as tears roll down my cheeck.

“don’t cry my dear i promise she would be good” – he brought out a face towel from his pocket to dry my tears and hug me thight.

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