Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Christine’s Pov:

I rolled from one side of the bed to another as I rubbed my eyes tiredly.

I quickly made for the alarm clock and switched it off.

I yanked the duvet off my body and sprang up from the bed.

My eyes went straight to the wall clock beside my huge bed.

“5:30Am…..” ?

I walked into the bathroom….

I have to be out of here in the next one hour.

I washed my face thoroughly.

I applied some toothpaste on my toothbrush.

Standing in front of the standing mirror, I brushed my teeth.

As soon as I finished brushing, I walked into the bathtub ?.

I took a warm shower…. It was 6:00am already.

I walked back into my room with a towel tied around my chest with a towel tied on my head.

I gradually massaged my body with the body cream.

My clothes were already hanged on the wardrobe.

I took the dress out of the wardrobe as I put them on in front of the dressing mirror.

?6:15am ?

I was done dressing…

I applied some perfume and put on my bracelet and wrist watch.

Just then, my eyes caught with a picture on the dressing table.

Tears welled down my cheeks.

I sniffed as I wiped off my tears.

I picked up the picture and burst into tears again.

“I hate you James! I hate you so much James” I wailed bitterly as I threw the picture on the ground.

The glass broke into pieces.

That man on that picture was my worst mistake on earth.

That wedding gown I wore in that freaking picture was the worst dress I ever wore.

I curse you James….

I curse the day I met you……

I curse our wedding day!

I picked up my handkerchief and mopped my eyes with it.

“Susan! Susan!!” I called as the young girl rushed into my room

“Good morning ma’am!” She greeted quickly and I nodded.

“Please clear this up!” I pointed at the shattered mirror and she nodded

I quickly picked up my handbag and walked out of the room.

I walked downstairs still sniffing.

“Good morning ma’am! Breakfast is served” That was the chef’s voice.

I turned around and forced a smile at her.

“Sorry I won’t be having breakfast… Am on diet” I lied.

“But ma’am you’ve been on diet since last week…. It’s bad to starve yourself” She complained

I blinked hard to stop myself from crying.

Thoughts of James and his betrayal filled my mind.

“I’ll get something to eat at the office besides am running late dear” I said calmly as she nodded with a frown.

I walked out of the duplex.

“You are fine now Christine! You’re OK” I said to myself as I walked to the garage.

I hopped into my Range Rover and started the engine.

? 6:30am ?

The security man quickly fling the gate open and I speeded off the compound.

I kept trying hard to get my mind off the whole thing but I couldn’t.

It has been two years already but the wound remained so fresh.

Sorry I forgot to introduce myself….

My name is Christine Cruz Dantes…..

Oh d–n! Please just remove the Dante’s from my name.

We already annulled our marriage.

That cheat broke my tender heart into pieces ?

Though I still have our wedding ring close to my pillow.

I loved him so much…..

I trusted and believe him….

But….. infact this will be story for another day.

Well am the only daughter of a billionaire.

I guess that’s why men only came to me for my money.

Since am the only heiress.

Oops! Am right here already….

I pulled over in front of the skyscraper and got down.

I walked straight into my office.

And every other greetings was responded with a nod.

I slammed the door behind and sat heavily on my chair.

There it is again…. I spotted the picture again on my office table.

I screamed crazily as I pushed the picture.

There was a loud crashing sound everywhere as I wailed bitterly.

Dani my best friend rushed into my office.

“Best are you OK?” Dani asked anxiously

“Daniella?” I cried as I hugged her tightly……




To be continued….

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