Episode 1


I was almost at my house when i saw her again. The first time i saw her was last year when she and her church members were sharing pamphlets on the street. I and my guys were playing a friendly game of ludo, i was losing seriously so i was in a sour mood. Their loud singing and joyous clapping as they declared the lord’ s second coming and his wonders got to us before we saw them. Ebuka, a burly man who was married with kids was my opponent. Since he lost his driving job, he took his pleasure in playing Ludo games and cursing out the government. I was an unemployed graduate of two years so i had little else to do. The other guys were usually street guys and kids who fancied adult talk.

” Double six!” Ebuka screamed, almost upsetting the ludo game which was placed on the bench we both sat on.

” Take am easy nah” i said surly, i watched with a clenched jaw as Ebuka threw another double six again.

” Double six kill this one” he said, flipping one of my seed back into its house. The others laughed and cheered.

” Six_five” i threw mine, wondering which one of the games to bring out of its home. Ebuka’ s seeds were camped outside my house, waiting for me to bring out a seed.

The singing and clapping got louder and they walked towards us, some of them walked right on, still singing and clapping but two of them walked to us.

” Good afternoon,” the fair slimmer one said, ” we are from the gospel church down the street. We are having a three_ day revival. You are invited to join us” She handed each of the guys a flyer.” God bless you as you come”

” Shebi na your papa get the church Nne?” Ebuka asked, ” me i dey find job o” the other guys laughed.

” The lord will meet you at the point of your need as you come.” the chubby lady with her said, ” I hope you will attend.”

” Yes o” he replied.

” Brother, take” the fair lady extended a flier towards me.

” Thank you. Who do we ask of when we come for the revival? ” i asked, hoping she would tell me her name.

” We have to catch up with the others. You will see us at the revival, we will look out for you all” the dark skinned lady said.

Ebuka and his family had attended the revival and he was employed later on as the driver of one of the deacons. As for me i couldn’t attend because i went for an interview outside Lagos. I was told at the end of it that they would get back to me but they hadn’t till date. I walked by the church often, hoping to catch a glimpse of her or run into her, i would often pester Ebuka about her but he always told me to get my mind off her as she was a pastor’s daughter and he wouldn’t even tell me her name.

” Hello!” I called, running to catch up with her. Luckily for me, i was sporting my only new pair of trouser, i had on my younger brother’s new Palm slippers and i just had my hair cut the previous day with the two hundred naira i stole from Mama. She stopped and looked back.

” Hello, ” She said with a smile.

” Hi. My name is Uchenna,” I said, flashing her my best smile.” We met sometime last year, you gave me your church flier”

” Oh. Nice to meet you again Uchenna, how come i didn’t see you in church? ” she asked jokingly.

” I was out of Lagos for a while. You are…..?”

” Dupe.” She said, ” Will i see you in church on Sunday? ”

” Lovely name, I only stopped to say hello to you.” I replied, not wanting to answer her question.

” That’s nice of you. Where do you worship? ”

” I am Catholic ”

” Alright.” She said, ” i have to be on my way.”

” Do you mind giving me your phone number?”

” No problem. It’s O80…..”

” 76?” i asked.

” Yes, it ends with 76.”

” I will give you a call later.”

” Alright” She said.

I almost jumped up in ecstasy as i watched her walk away. She was so slender, petite and beautiful. Her waist was tiny and i was sure her ass would barely fit into my palm but i was attracted to her all the same. Dupe. The name suits her i thought as i headed back home.

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