Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Long time ago (about 3 months now). I met a girl. her name is Agatha, I met her where I went to re-register my Waec because the one I had earlier, a very important subject was seized that’s not the issue. The issue is about this beautiful babe I met there. I only wanted to join the school lesson session until my father later convince me to join the school as a new intake. I felt remorse at first thinking of how I’ll cope with these students whom their classmates in my former school are always afraid of me because I don’t take nonsense from any junior student although I was not given a post but many students are afraid of me even than the head boy then. So many thought came across my mind when I later decided that since nobody knows me I would just pretend as if I never wrote the exam before so as to achieve my goal. I was among the best student with the best results in my former school as I had 5 b’s and 3 c’s while the last subject was seized,so I have no choice than to reseat.

I later agreed to join the school as a fulltime student and will also wear their uniforms. I spent up to 3 weeks before I was able to interact freely with the student so I had some close friends who I was able to confide in. With the things were I also appeared to b one of the best in this new school as some people will tell me things like.

‘Enny how I wish you were in this school last term this our head girl that is forming best in maths won’t be forming bcos definitely you are better than her’

while some started suspecting and would ask me if I have written WAEC before now which I denied that this will be my first time. This went on and some of the teachers who were not involved in the registration will also ask sane questions but I can’t lie to the teachers so as to avoid bad name. I like this new school after I’ve spent up to 7 weeks there. Agatha was my initial seatmate but I’m not too free with girls so I have to relocate to the sit directly before Agatha’s sit(i.e in her front). Life went on. I don’t talk to any girl except if it had anything to do with helping in some difficult areas of study. I was surprised at the rate of my fame within the short period and some girls will start making advances I understood it so I just keep them arms length away so as to avoid any intimate relationship between us as I was just 17 then till now I’m still 17.

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