Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 20

As I thought of my dream I decides to share it with you guys

Content of the Dream…

I dreamt that I was in my house one fateful day and my friends came to visit me and after their visitation, I decided to see them off. When we were on our way not up to 5mina I looked back and I could not recognize the area that we were but I was ignorant about it. On our way, I saw one beautiful damsel so I made to join her leaving my friends. one of my friends told me to leave the girl or else he would deal with me but instead I abused them that they are enemy of progress so the left in annoyance repeating their earlier threat but I cares less as the beauty of this damsel took over me.


I began to ask my self rhetorical questions.

‘This dream does not relate with what was happening’

‘Nobody threatened me to stay off anyone not even Timi’

as I was still in my thought I quickly remembered that it was Timi who asked me to run for my life.

‘Did she know they were haunting me’

‘How did she know they were coming for me’

‘she still has a lot to tell me’ I was still thinking when Aunty Funke cut me off my thinking state when she came into my to without knocking.

Its obvious that she had called my name before she made to tap me hard on my shoulder because I was lying on my back facing the ceiling

Aunty Funke: Enny!! what’s wrong with you, I’ve been standing her for close to 3mins and yet you didn’t notice my presence.

Me: nothing I’m just thinking of today.

Aunty Funke: So tell me the truth, because that rubbish u were telling daddy and mummy,I know there was no piece of truth in it..

Me: seriously Aunty Funke I was not lying all I said were true.

after so much pestering, she later agreed but she said something that made me confess.

Aunty Funke: OK I’ve heard you but I did not believe you. mind you if this matter back fire, I won’t be there to save you.

on hearing this I was very much frightened, it was as if she knew something will go wrong. So I called her back as she was already going out of my room.

Aunty Funke: what’s the matter again.

Me: please come and sit down let’s talk.

Aunty Funke:what are we talking about please lemme be.

After so much begging and pleading, she agreed to come back and hear me out.

I told her everything right from how I made up my mind to tell Timi to stop telling pple about our previous act, down to the time we were caught kissing and the time we met Agatha and how she felt and left and when the guys started coming, down to Timi’s advice. Aunty Funke could not figure out what was wrong because when she asked me who I suspected I replied that I don’t have any suspect in mind as at that time. But she later gave me an advice that I should keep to what Daddy told me earlier that I should come home straight after school to avoid attack. The big question here is that will I be able to keep to that Advice. After much contemplation, I thanked Aunty Funke holding her hand in appreciation I suddenly it felt as if our hands were gum together as I was finding it to difficult to leave her hand as I stared straight into her eyes and suddenly, our heads start to move closer and our lips met each other as we kisses deeply and I decided to take it to the next level when I started taking it to the next level by smooching her b—-t and she let out soft moans and before I knew what was going on, we were already naked on my bed then I slowly move my head down to kiss her tommy when my lips got glued to her kitty cat and I s—-d gently and I soon insert my 8 inch into her Kitty cat hole while I t—t in and out slowly as I gradually increased the speed, I never felt like stopping even when I could feel that I’m close to c—-x and all I did was to pour the whole seed deep inside her stomach then I fell beside her and her eyes were still close when she suddenly blurted out and said.

Aunty Funke: you are an expert in taking advantage of me. Anyways I love that. keep it up.

I just laughed and soon she left my room after she had dress up.

I was happy that night cos what happened made me forget every bit of what happened earlier that day.

Now the next day (Wednesday) is here and i was in school as early as usual i met Timi also and we both made to the VP’s office.


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