Episode 1


  1. Ibadan

“wake up jason” a thin femine voice echoed..i could feel blood spreading all over my white shirt as I was been wheeled to the ambulance..”wake up jason” the blurry female figure running after us shouted again…the figure was later stopped by some nurses as I tried harder not to close my eyes but yes suddenly..everything went blank…

I quickly jumped up from my large bed checking my body..chaii.. “It was a dream” I said breathing and sweating heavily even in the cold weather.. Oh d–n.. It’s morning already.. I have been shot and stabbed many times but it was nothing horrific as in my dream.. Chaii… I dived into a simple cloth and walked to my neatly decorated sitting room to gulp down some water… I used the chance to switch on the medium plasma TV placed on an average shelf in my medium sized sitting room and yes all news channels was talking about the newly elected president.

Being the youngest president in Nigeria’s history marvelled everybody… The 45years old man (Johnson Paul Wellington) picture was shown boldly on Fox News channel with his wife (Johnson Christine Amanda)..oh his wife…the youngest First Lady in Nigeria’s history at the age of 29,,being a famous Hollywood actress before made it more unbelievable..chaii.. For some moments..i imagined myself being in their shoes…i will embezzle money ehn!..why that face, you think am lying? .. I sat down and switched the channel to supersport.. Why is there no p–n channel sef… “olamide story for the gods” suddenly blared out of my hotnote speaker signalling a call..the caller ID was hidden..confusion plastered on my face trying to figure out who it might be

Me: hello..

Person: Agent J

The voice was a complete match with the NIS director as the cattle-like voice made it more obvious..

Me: Agent Jay 1202.. Yes director..

Director: I am so sorry,, unfortunately your vacation has been cancelled as you have a new mission..

Me: but sir….(interrupted)

Person: the new president’s wife was attacked yesterday night by unknown Criminals..we lost few agents.. A skilled agent is required to ensure the full protection of the First Lady.,report to aso rock ASAP… Your flight has been booked..you are moving in the next 10hrs..

Me: but s..(cut in)

Person: it’s an order..

Me: understood sir… hung up

Chaii..three days in vacation..i was called up for another mission again…hours later..i was prepared..my analog clock hung on the wall in sitting room shows it was 9 hrs 30mins after the call from the NIS director.. After preparing my essential stuff in my back pack,,I exited my rented apartment and headed airport..

Location: Abuja
Nnamdi azikwe airport. 5:32pm

After the short flight to abuja nnamdi azikiwe international airport.. A rugged man clad in Italian suit directed me to a Range Rover prepared to transport me.. Chaii.. Na so I dey feel boss… After few minutes on the road..we got to our destination..yea Aso rock.. The car slowly walked inside the overhead pillars and to the parking lot…i had to wait in the extremely spacious sitting room decorated with many da Vinci’s art as a result of the President having meeting in the conference room..bodyguards,agents and maids were everywhere..i don’t know why am required again..the extremely large plasma TV hung flatly on the wall was something else and indescribable..”this is paradise” I concluded..the President later walked in with the big bellied NIS director smiling behind and his wife..yes his wife was beside him in her white designed gown..the gown was Heavenly that it seemed Angel Gabriel was her tailor..and maybe it was Angel Michael..who knows!!

Me: welcome sir..standing and making a low bow

NIS director: you are here Jason..

Mr President: hello young man…have your seat..lets talk..

I sat beside the NIS director facing Mr President and his wife..a glance at the President wife made me want to glue my eyes.. She was perfect.. Her green kryptonite coloured eyes is enough to die for.. She was extremely beautiful that I won’t argue if it turns out she was an angel or a goddess.. Chinsos

Mr President: My wife was attacked by unknown criminals yesterday’s night.. Such thing could repeat itself again.. We need a maximum protection which I hope you can provide..

NIS director: This will be a full time protection means you will be living here in aso rock till we are sure everything is settled.. You follow her everywhere she goes..

President wife: even to the bathroom?

President and the NIS director bursted to laughter while I smiled and suddenly our eyes met.. I mean I and the President wife.. Why will I be looking at the ugly big bellied director and president…she was so beautiful that I had to stared for few seconds before gathering all my strength to look away.. Chaii.. Is that my heart beating?…

Mr President: I hope I can fully trust you..

Me: You won’t be dissapointed sir..

Mr President: please protect my wife without her am nothing he begged calmly

Me: with my life sir..

NIS director: this can’t be leaked out,, this is the reason you will be acting as the First Lady’s brother that just cameback from abroad..make sure you are not discovered as a special agent.. Once you are discovered,everything is over.. Good luck agent J..

I shook hands with the standing President and once again my eyes met with his gorgeous Medusa wife who was smiling as we took a short stares at each other

Mr President: I have a meeting with the commissionershe pecked his wife and walked out with the director

The whole room was silent as I was still standing doing everything I could to avoid her eyes as she was seated watching the TV…”Jason right? ” she suddenly said..

Me: yes madam..

Her: i hope it isn’t my permission you are waiting for to sit-down is it?

I smiled still maintaining my balance…even though I don’t really know why I was standing..aiish

Her: it seems it was.. Okay sit down…smiling

Me: thank you madam..sat down

My phone suddenly started ringing.. The caller’s number was unsaved..who is this one again..”excuse me ma”..i said even though she failed to reply and I quickly swipe to the green telephone symbol on my phone screen..”that’s my number” a familiar,clearer and louder voice said from the my phone speaker and outside the call..then I realise it was the President wife calling..

Her: I pranked you..anyway that’s my number,, I may call you anytime smiling
Is that your own prank?… Chaii….”you need brain surgery bikonu” I said in my mind na,i won’t want to die young…”sir” a feminine voice brought me out of my thoughts..i turned to the direction of the very tall dark girl clipped in suit…”follow me, let me show you your room sir” she said bowing like in Korean movies..chaii.. Na so I start to dey feel myself.. Chaii.. I stood without hesitation and followed the girl..

President wife: Rest well.. See you tomorrow..jason..stressing the j.a.s.on

Did she just call my name again?.i stopped then looked back surprisingly.. Chinsos.. She smiled while I pulled together all my physical,mental and my other strengths to smile back then followed the tall girl.. We climbed up the stairs and later got to a room she called mine…i made my way inside still thinking about the President wife.. Oh my God.. This is completely a death wish thought..

Episode 2

Location: Aso rock, Nigeria.

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

Soft knocks landed on my door waking me from my sweet sleep.. “why is morning so fast this days” I cursed in my mind..the very large room and the gargantuan soft bed will make someone sleep and wake up in heaven..the room was painted white with large-medium LG plasma on the wall,, you know what I mean now… I sluggishly stood up and walked to the door half naked…i opened it popping my head out to see same tall dark girl..you no dey sleep nii..

Girl: Morning sir,, sorry to wake you sir but the first lady is waiting for you downstairs….

Me: right now?.. Oh.. Okay ma’am.. I’ll be there right away…

Girl: You can call me Agatha sir..

Me: oh no problem…

She walked away with a smile while I closed the door and quickly ran inside the bathroom in which I spent not less than 10minutes…i stepped into my room and quickly clad in my finest Italian suit.. I smiled to the big mirror I was facing revealing my handsome 26years old face together with my killer dimples(i swear na) and the lipstick-like pinklip.. D–n.. I then rushed downstairs..yes,, the first lady was sitting on the golden couch watching the news that was based on her and the President while she was smiling alongside…

Me: morning ma…

President’s wife: oh Jay,,morning..how was your night?

Me: awesome ma and yours?

President’s wife: not really great

Me: shocked something happened?

President’s wife: hmm.. Personal..

Me: oh, alright ma..

President’s wife: let’s eat something we are going somewhere..

Me: e..at?

President’s wife: I won’t take no for an answer.. Remember..you are my brother..stood up and patted my shoulder

I was speechless as I stood transfixed on the same spot.. Thats how I got to have a clear view of her angelic dress.. She was dressed in a pink gown designed with flowers while her hair was neatly packed backward nailing the combo..

Chaii… “Jay” she called as she was heading the dinning jolting me off my death wished thoughts..i followed her with my heart beating different drums(especially reggae and jazz) .. Oh my gosh…food was already placed on the table with agatha standing by it.. I sat opposite the first lady evading her beautiful eye.. We later started eating after agatha have tasted the food preventing poison..

President’s wife: wife? Children?

Me: wh…at…no..ne ma i stammered

President’s wife: really?..great..

“Great?.. Why is that great?” I asked in my mind and it was as if she read my mind as she replied immediately…

President’s wife: I mean for a young guy like you,, it won’t be cool having a wife and children at your age she quickly corrected herself

Me: o…kay ma..

President’s wife: how’s the food?

Me: delicious ma smiling

President’s wife: let’s hurry up.. We are going to be late..

We exited the biggest and largest building found at the center of the extremely enormous compound consisting of different buildings..the building was where the President and his wife stays and now with me.. We later made it to the car,, a Honda jeep 2014 edition to be precise with agatha and a male guard as she already said she didn’t want to alert the criminals by moving in convoy.. We entered the car and exited the compound with me sitting beside her at the backseat and agatha at the front seat while the other guard was doing the driving part…

After some hours of visiting orphanage homes, some government schools and some government hospitals while I was doing the job of stylishly shielding the First Lady from the mob and acting as her brother alongside,we then later headed aso rock.. Silence occupied the car till we got to aso rock.. Agatha opened the door for her while I exited through the second door and we made it inside the central biggest building in the compound.. A woman in her early fifties that I recognised as the vice president’s wife and a girl of about 25 seems to be her daughter was seated in the sitting room watching the TV…they stood when they sighted us and the woman greeted the first lady shaking hands with her while the girl bowed…

President’s wife: we should sit-down.. What’s your name again referring to the girl

Girl: it’s Mirabel ma but Mira is okay..

“sit down” she whispered to me as I was still standing..i quickly sat down with her resuming the acting..

Mira: it’s nice to meet you in person ma..

President’s wife: it seems Mr vice president is here,,am I right?

V. President wife: yes, he is in the meeting room with the President..

President’s wife: I thought so.. I knew you couldn’t just visit..

I caught mirabel countless time stealing glances at me.. Mirabel is a little light skin girl with enormous boobs and a beautiful face not as beautiful as the President wife’s..”but why is she glancing” I asked myself stupidly…”we will visit some other times” Mirabel replied…

V. President wife: by the way,, who is this young handsome man,, I have never seen his face before…

President’s wife: oh Jason? ..he is my brother..he just came to visit from Sweden… Jason meet our country vice president’s wife and her daughter…

Me: nice to meet you i bowed

She later rounded off the conversations by giving the president’s wife her first son wedding invitation letter coming in a week time with the excuse that the date has been fixed far long before the President was elected.. After the meeting between the President and his vice, they all left with the President and with the excuse of having another meeting not after Mirabel winked at me and walked away shaking her biggest backyard confusing me more and it was like the President’s wife noticed as she won’t stop looking at me somehow..chaii…

Night came so fast to my advantage while I was sitting beside the President’s wife watching her boring fashion show.. I was very uncomfortable even though she insisted and commanded me to sit with her,,yes,,Agatha was surprised as I can see “what’s going” look obviously shown on her face… Yes,, I also don’t know what’s going on so stop looking at me like that…

The President later walked inside accompanied by a tall dark heavily built man known to be president personal guard holding a traveling bag and yes a lady that I immediately recognized as one the most famous Hollywood actress even famous than Amanda and was probably in her early twenties(22-23).. She was smiling holding the President’s right hand and clad in a bum short-like short, a top revealing her abdomen part and an high heel shoe,,totally an American style…chaii..why is she here?

Episode 3

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

We stood up as they walked towards our direction…on getting to where we were standing..even though I was standing like street light with all my attention directed to the girl..chaii…”Hi” the girl said and followed the male guard upstairs while I was wondering why she just acted like a goddess..did she possibly not see the first lady?…

President: I am sorry honey..

President’s wife: it’s okay,, she needs resting,, I didn’t see that coming though..

President: she just called to tell me she is at the airport… I am really sorry honey he pecked her forehead..i have an important meeting early tomorrow,, I’ll go-to bed first…
He kissed her right hand then climbed up the stairs… We later sat continuing the boring fashion show while I was filled with curiosity… “what’s up jay” she asked as she noticed..

Me: may I ask you a questi..on ma?? i stammered

President’s wife: go onstaring at me while smiling

Me: who is that girl?

President’s wife: sighed My step daughter..

Me: w…hat? i stammered

President’s wife: I heard she was born in London and spent few years in Nigeria,she then went back to London with her mother after her parent divorced.. Yea she hate me, she accused me of stealing his mother’s position.. What a kid… anyways… You should sleep… smiling

Agatha gave her a cup filled with water and she drank it,stood up then left for her room while agatha followed her.. I was totally confused…chaii.. I later retired to my room with my mind filled with thoughts… Well,its not my concern…i jumped on my bed without bothering to undress as I was very tired and slowly drifted to wonderland..

Few days later..
Blood gushes out of my mouth as I tried to talk to the blurred female figure running after me as I was been wheeled by nurses to the ambulance and the female figure in a little short blue designed gown was stopped by the nurses while I was covered in blood,, I was successful wheeled inside the ambulance and the door was shut close,, gbrrrrm… My alarm woke me as I rushed up from my bed.. This is the second time am having this weird dream..
I would have called mum and and told her about the scary dream but I decided against it as it would seem I caused more problem for myself as she won’t let me rest again…i muttered some prayers then ran into the bathroom checking the time and realising the first lady would give speech early the morning.. I later dashed downstairs after dressing and yes the angel was waiting for me sitting on her usual part of the large couch watching the news.. She smiled immediately she saw me while I returned the smile..

President’s wife: you are always late..

Me: Man’s stuff,,, am sorry ma..
She released her Heavenly smile yet again making my head hot like a coal-iron.. “are you ready?” said the President as he walked inside the sitting room probably coming from the early morning meeting,,I hope meetings don’t kill him… “yes we are” the first lady replied standing up…

“Allison?” the president asked referring to Agatha… “in her room sir” Agatha replied while he sighed… My eye suddenly met with the president wife whom I don’t know have been staring at me, she quickly faced another direction shyly….

we all later exited the building…we got separated after the long lasting speech,,the President went to another meeting with the commissioner for police while we headed aso rock,, I sat by the First Lady at the backseat as usual even though everywhere was more than silent..

President’s wife: have you eaten? broke the silence

Me: n…o i stammered

“there is something on your face” she rubbed my cheek with her right hand making me uncomfortable more and more as I sat hotter than fire.. “don’t mind me, I was just kidding” she added removing her hand and ofcourse I can see agatha suspicious and confused look through the mirror..”how do you feel being popular” she continued…yes,, I was finally revealed to the world as her brother..in no time,,my followers on instagram were uncountable with different messages…”g..reat” I replied stammering…i can see “what are you two up to” look on agatha’s face through the mirror as she was stylishly monitoring us even though the rest of the journey to aso rock was boring…
Later in the night, I was lying on my bed playing games on my phone and I was heavily enjoying the game when a call landed on my phone and yes.. it was the first lady.. Why late in the night.. I quickly picked it…

President’s wife: hi Jay.. Something is up with my laptop,,can you come and check it out for me?..

Me: oh I’ll be there right away ma…
I quickly dropped my phone and dashed out of my room in my brown knicker-bocker and a black underwear singlet…i was called in her room after knocking for almost eternity…she was in a blue towel covering her body with water dripping down her hair showing she was just out of the bathroom..chaii.. Chineke.. Her fresh body almost killed the junior Jason underneath.. “stop staring will you” she said and showed where the laptop was….yea it was on her bed,, she disagreed me taking out her laptop to my room to diagnose it while I was lost and confused…”don’t worry,the wall is soundproof” she assured me..

To my surprise,,she removed the towel and started creaming her body,,I can’t just believe what I was seeing,, she was stark naked, her fresh body was something to kill for, something to die for and even even go-to hell without second thought..she told me not to mind her and face my business but how,, my steel rod have successfully tear my boxers and was training underneath with Mike Tyson…i thought I was concentrated on the laptop I was to repair till I found out I haven’t even switched it on,,I guess I wasn’t concentrating.. I switched on the laptop trying to face my business and fortunately she later clad in her nightie calming my soul down but junior Jason won’t stop vexing as it was hard as han steel sword..

She sat beside me on the large bed probably looking at what I was doing.. I was still trying to repair the laptop when a hand found it way to my lap shocking me like a transformer that the laptop nearly fell..i tilted my head to her direction to meet her seductive smile as she was still rubbing my lap to the cave/dungeon area..”w…h..” I was still trying to say.. “shhh” she said placing her two fingers on my lip… Chaiii..am dead

Episode 4

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode..

I was shivering as she started running her palm through my chest,, part of me wanted to grab her boobs that was revealed in the slightly opened nightie and the other was afraid to die young….. Oh my gosh.. Stop driving me crazy will you….

Me: but th..is isn’t rig..ht i stammered

President’s wife: first of all, call me Amanda when we are alone, it’s an order.. And yes I know it isn’t right but you won’t stop driving me crazy Jason,, I can’t help it
“it’s not my fault, I am just too handsome” I said in my mind na… She placed the laptop on the floor taking my left hand and landed it on her extremely fresh lap while I was just gently rubbing it ignoring the part that was afraid to die young..our lip was about colliding when soft knocks suddenly landed on her door and we quickly disengaged..

Amanda: Hide behind the ward-drobeshe whispered

I quickly ran and hide behind the big ward-drobe even maintaining my breath..she later opened the door and someone entered…the voice was a match with the President’s then I know am finished,,chaii…

President: I want to sleep here today,,I have lesser work tonight and I know we have no time for each other since I became the President..

Amanda: ooh.. But I want to be alone tonight..am sorry..

President: oh,,as you wish hon, it’s okay,, Goodnight hon…

The sound of his steps showed he has turned back and was leaving but suddenly i can’t hear the sound anymore means he stopped…

President: but why did you place the laptop on the floor?…

Amanda: I guess I was very angry, it wont work..

President: still you should be careful,,you might stepped on it unknownly and get hurt…

I can hear the pecking sound before the door was opened “goodnight” he said again and closed the door… Amanda ran to where I was hiding.. “are you okay?”…”I think so” I replied…

Me: I have to leave now,, I’ll take the laptop with me..

I can see sadness clearly visible on her face as I unplugged the laptop and exited her room,, I started blaming myself as I kept reminiscing the obvious sadness shown on her face..did I just make an angel sad,,angel Gabriel is coming for my soul… I dashed into my room,fixed the laptop then drifted to deep slumber…

I woke up the next day standing from my bed and stretching my body, I headed downstairs to gulp down water..you don’t believe me,, that’s the truth now,, okay it was to see Amanda face as I can’t stop thinking about her,, yes the day was a free day,, I was surprised to see the sitting room empty and TV turned on with the fashion show going on means she was there before… I was confused,, no agatha, no Amanda.. .chaii
I quickly asked a maid and she said she was urgently called.. D–n!!..but why didn’t she call me,,, I am doomed,,what if something happens to her… I was still in my misery when she walked in,,yeah in her angelic and dazzling dress while agatha was behind.. She later got to where I was standing with my heart beating tons of drums..at this rate, am going to have an heart attack..

Me: but ma, you didnt….(she cut in)

Amanda: shh.. I don’t have to

Me: ma?..

Amanda: you were sleeping and I don’t wanna disturb you,,you seemed tired..

Me: but my job is to…. (she interrupted again)

Amanda: shhh, life comes first..

“forget about yesterday night, I am sorry” she whispered to my ear getting closer to me enough then climbed up the stairs while I was standing transfixed on thesame spot… Agatha had her usual suspicious look as she followed her…the more I look at Amanda,, the more my heart beats..aish,, am going crazy… I later got myself a cup of water even though a maid volunteered to help me but I rejected the offer forming gentleman…

I later sat on the couch watching supersport and really I was enjoying the Man United Vs Chelsea match as a fan of Man United.. The channel was suddenly changed to zeeworld,,that was when I realise I and Allison were sitting on the same couch with few distance between us,, she was wearing a simple cloth revealing her most Fwesh body..you know “Fwesh” is fresher than “fresh”,,if you know you know…

She allowed her hair to fall freely enhancing her beauty,chaii.. I found myself sheepishly staring at her as she concentrated on the film been shown on the crazy channel while I sat calmly stylishly glancing at sister Aphrodite(goddess of beauty) sitting almost beside me… Silence occupied the whole sitting room and only loud sound was coming from the home theatres…i really hate that goddamned channel…

Allison: you can leave when you are done staring at me, are you househelps allowed to do anything here?

I was confused and at the same time irritated,,,househelp my foot..

Me: not one…

Allison: so who the hell are you mister? facing me

I cant reveal my identity to her… Chai…

Me: I came visiting my sister, the First Lady..

Allison: oh… I see…. she hissed

Me: A..llison right? i stammered
She suddenly diverted her attention to me staring at me surprisingly while my brain went numb.. Chaii.. She was most worthy President’s wife competitor in terms of beauty..

Allison: yea but how did you know my name? full of curiosity

Me: my sister told me about you,anyway I am Jason smiled

Allison: okay Jason.. Can you leave now?

Part of me was angry and ready to punch her but the other was afraid to die young.. “okay” I replied then buzzed off..

Later in the night, I was in my room playing games on my phone when it suddenly vibrated of incoming message.. I swiped to the notification bar and clicked on the message.. “can you do me a favour of returning my laptop and don’t keep me waiting” from the First Lady (Amanda)..Chaii.. I quickly carried her laptop realising I haven’t return it then rush to her room.. She opened the door after few seconds of knocking and she ushered me in even though she can just collect the laptop and I can be on my f—–g way..she motioned to me to sit on her bed while I stared at her confusingly…

Amanda: I have to be sure there is nothing wrong with it anymore smiling

I sat with her on her bed and I was still operating the laptop when her hand found it way to my chest region rubbing it like there is no tomorrow as she slightly revealed her upper boobs part making me go crazy than ever.. .the small Jason underneath was fighting for freedom while I tried to ignore her even though it was impossible.. I placed the laptop on the bed after successfully test running…

Me: I sh..ould lea..ve now i stammered standing up

I bowed then turned back and headed door direction trying to cover my standing ovation as much as I could.. “Jason” she called while I paused.. “don’t you dare walk out on me” she added…

I was left with no choice than to turned back to see the surprise of my life… Chaiii.. This is the end of me…


Episode 5

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode….

I turned back to surprisingly saw Amanda stark naked as she pulled off her nightie before me.. Her extremely fresh body and big boobs standing like Nepa pole was doing some terrible works on my body as the junior Jason already made it pass the boxers and vividly visible in the short I was wearing and no doubt Amanda noticed as she smiled and started walking towards me while I faced down and apologized…

Me: am,,am,, am sorr..y ma,, I didn’t m…

Amanda: shhh… placing her finger on my lip

My heart was beating loudly while I prayed to God silently to save me,, am dead if I am caught… Chaii…

Amanda: am crazily in love with you and I’ll go extra length, I mean I’ll do anything to have you Jason.. You didn’t have to fight it or hide it, I can see it in your eyes, I know you feel sameway, truly I have been loving you since the day I set my eyes on you and I kept loving you more and more.. I can’t help it and can’t hide it anymore…

I stared at her with my chest beating every now and then.. Tears slowly trickled down her face while I held her passionately and erased the tears and she stared at me gladly and slowly smiling…

Me: I think I love you too but……

Amanda: sshh,, I need you inside me now she whispered

Our lip met as she suddenly grabbed my stiff J0yst!ck through the short while I placed my hand on her Heavenly boobs gently rubbing it till we landed on her gargantuan large bed while my clothes were nowhere to be found.. I don’t even know who stripped it off.. “I want you now jason” she m0aned placing my extremely hard rocky-cocky at the entrance of her Kat giving me a go ahead and ofcourse I entered fully without second mind while she let out soft m0ans in return gingering me to attack her buffon with my Ronaldo.. I pounced on her like hungry lion while she m0ans and sometimes screams making me scared of getting caught…

After few rounds with few styles, we collapsed beside each other on the bed while I was breathing heavily supporting my head with her pillow.. I wrapped her in my arm while my heart was beating danger danger… She was holding me tight not ready to let go… “I love you so much Jason” she said with a low tone and kissed me while I was caressing her hair… Oh my God I think I have fallen for this girl and am sure am playing with fire… D–n… I later dressed up and went to my room even though she wasn’t happy about me leaving.. I entered my room and exhaustedly crossed the border to wonderland…

The nextday was very stressful as the vice president and Amanda gave speech on the alliance president went to Russia to form,, we went many other places together… I was in my room very late in the night when soft knocks landed on my door,,”who could that be” I thought to myself.. I sluggishly opened the door to see Agatha standing holding sets of shopping bags that she handed to me with a bow claiming it was from Amanda and walked off… I sat on my bed checking the sets of the expensive suites in the bags.. Chaii.. Amanda call later came in and I picked it immediately…

Amanda: Hi honey? Have you received the package?

Me: oh, yes and thanks ma

Amanda: did you like it?

Me: oh, I love it…

We talked about few things before she hung up… I sighed ready to enter taxi that was heading to wonderland when knocks suddenly landed on my door again… “who is it this time, I hate seeing that agatha ugly face” I said in my mind and walked to the door that I later opened… Yes, I was more than surprised to see Allison standing in a sleeveless top and bum short…

Me: oh Allie, whatsup…

Allison: the bulb in the bathroom isn’t working and you seems to be only one available at this time..

Me: oh, okay..

I followed her her extremely sense making room,, I wasn’t given enough time to survey the room but I can see her pictures on the pink wall… I fixed the bulb to own surprise… Chaii, something I cannot do in normal day… “thank you” she said calmly while I smiled,exited her room, entered mine then jumped on the bed immediately..

I was woken up next day after my epic dream with Allison, chaii..”which kind dream be this” I murmured as I sat on my bed pondering on the stupid dream, I later took my bath then clad in a simple cloth, thank God the day is free… I headed downstairs very hungry but found something else, Allison was seated crosses legs on the couch watching her yea, zeeworld, you this actresses of nowadays sef… “can I….” I said pointing to the couch referring to her… She stared at me for few seconds, she then released her Heavenly smile pounding my chest very hard…

Allison: yes,,,,, and th…anks for yesterday night she stammered

I smiled then sat beside her both watching the channel that I later get tired of… Yes, I was stylishly stealing glances at her while at times my eyes meets with her blue eyes.. I was getting more uncomfortable…

Allison: so… Where are you from? she broke the silence

Me: Sweden i quickly replied

Allison: wow,,I’ll be shooting my next film in Sweden and that will be my first time in Sweden..

Me: oh, cool,,, am also a great actor, if you can get me a role that will be great..
She busted to laughter while I was smiling,,she stopped laughing staring me at me with her light blue eye making me feel like I did something wrong..

Allison: you might be wondering why nobody knows am a president’s daughter… Yes, my dad career ends once people finds out and eerm, I only came home because I missed home and I missed him..

Me: oh, am sorry

Allison: you don’t have to, am only telling you because you helped me yesterday night…

“you dey mad” I said in my mind na while I smiled in real life even though I noticed her phone kept ringing as were talking and she ignored the calls… Yes, our eyes kept meeting constantly and something tells me I have already fell in love with her..what? Chaii… Amanda text later entered my phone “come to my room now” was the content of the message… I bade Allison farewell while she smiled and waved at me… Chaii see smile..

I quickly rushed to her room which she opened immediately I knocked her door and yes she was staring at me worriedly…

Me: sounded urgent…

“I think am just kind of missing you” she said then busted to laughter… “go get dressed I want to show you somewhere” she added holding my hand…i smiled,disengaged and was headed to the door.. “hey mr man” she called while I turned to see her standing akimbo… “and you haven’t kissed me this morning” she added pretending to be angry while I smiled once again.. . Our lips got more closer and was finally locked.. We were still enjoying the kiss when yes,,the door was suddenly opened and we quickly disengaged even though we were already caught.. This is not good….d–n

Episode 6

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I was transfixed on the same spot with all my body shaking staring agape at the confused Agatha, yes she was most murderously staring at me.. “so you don’t have to knock again” Amanda said calmly with anger tone as she held my hand to my surprise…

Amanda: you are the only one who knows about Jason am I right?, I think you should be more careful how you do around here, get out of my sight before I lose my temper she lashed out in a cool angry tone

Agatha apologized then walked away even though I was still scared and my conscience won’t let me be…

Me: I told you it wasn’t a good idea, Amanda look we have to stop this right now,we don’t even know if Agatha will expose us..

She stared at me for few seconds before tears trickled down her face, before I could say any more word, she landed me a hot slap while I staggered backward…

Amanda: I staked everything just for our love and you are here blabbering about ending everything, Jason we are in this together, we are lovers like it or not, as for Agatha leave her to me. You just spoiled my mood, now leave…

I walked out of her room rubbing my red cheek..chaii…that slap ehn!… Yes, I sat on my bed thinking about my doomed life… Of course I was very confused, obviously I have stayed indoor more than an hour and I was still thinking about this when knocks landed on my door… “come in” I said with a low tone… Allison then walked inside and closed the door… I was not so surprised until she sat beside me on my bed…mighty Allison?…”bro” she called jokingly while I let out a smile…

Allison: something wrong?

Me: n…othing i stammered
Yeah not as expected.. My heart started beating excruciatingly that I feared I’ll be dead if it continues to beat like that….

Allison: I was wondering if you eerm could go out with me, I don’t really know anywhere in Nigeria…

Me: su…re i stammered again

“thank you” she said with great happiness filled her eyes to the extent she pecked my cheek before she exited my room…something tells me I was more happy as I ran to my wardrobe… We went to different places or let me say I took her to different places…i got to know know many things about her especially the relationship part and yes I fed her lies in return and she seems to believe it…
Later in the night,,I was on my bed reminiscing my account with Allison and smiling to myself,,I was still in the state of my madness when an unsaved foreign number called me and I picked it at the third ring…

Person: agent jay

Recognising the voice as Mr President’s,,I quickly sat well composed…

Me: yes Mr President

President: I hope there is no problem..

Me: none sir

President: keep home safe, I’ll be back soon

Me: with my life sir..

He hung up while I tossed my phone aside trying to continue my sweet imagination..soft knocks suddenly landed on my door… I quickly jumped up and opened the door thinking it was Allison but I was surprised to see Amanda in her nightie…she entered without even asking for permission,,oh she is the First Lady, my bad.. I quickly closed the door with the fear of being caught together again…

Me: what are you doing here?

Amanda: am I not welcome here? Jason are you pushing me away? After all we’ve done together

Me: no Amanda, that’s not what I mean?

Amanda: so what did you mean? standing akimbo

Me: you might be seen entering my room.. You know,,it’s not safe for us

Amanda: don’t be like this Jason, okay I was wrong and am sorry,, I love you Jay, how can I let you go?

She held my hand staring in my eyes pitifully…oh don’t show me that face…

Me: but you are… she cut in

Amanda: shh, I know am this country president’s wife….but Jason our love matters most,, you are the only one in my heart, I can’t help it, I can’t stop loving you…

Me: let’s ju…st stop this i stammered
She looked into my eyes for few seconds “you are scared aren’t you” she asked while I failed to answer even though it was obvious that was the case…

President: it’s late, rest well,, I’ll need your energy soon.. See you tomorrow…

She dropped my hand then headed to door but suddenly stopped “and be careful of Allison she is very smart” she said with jealousy mixed with anger tone then walked out leaving me speechless.. I sat down on my bed then breathed heavily…chaii.. I picked up my phone and decided to surf the internet just to clear my head but I can’t believe what I saw… My pictures with Allison was all over the internet with the rumour of the First Lady’s brother dating an Hollywood star… What?….”did you see that” came in Allison message on whatsapp, yes we’ve already exchanged contacts…”yes I do” I replied her…

“oh I wish it was possible” she replied shocking me like emp… “I mean we could become good friends” she quickly replied her own message and doesn’t wait for me to reply before she wished me goodnight then went offline while I smiled and later unknowingly slept off…

The next day which was Friday for me was the most stressful day in my life… I and Amanda went to different places to perform the role of a First Lady..i was also interviewed in my occasions regarding my relationship with Allison and of course I denied the rumour and can see “that’s how you do it baby” smile on Amanda face,, Agatha on the other hand kept muted even though I caught her many times stealing glances at me which made me wonder if she was planning to murder me….

Night came as always as I was lying on my bed playing games when suddenly a message entered my phone..i quit the game immediately to check the message… “come to my room now….and be prepared” yes, the sender was Amanda… I sighed then dropped my phone… I opened my door successful to see what I wasn’t planning to see… Allison in sleeveless underwear-like cloth and a short skirt about knocking… I stared extremely surprised while she released her killer smile pushing my brow up… “are you expecting someone” she asked with her usual smile while I was still staring surprisingly……Chaii…what to do now?

Episode 7

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I fake-smiled ignoring her question then ushered her inside, I can smell the most sweetest and rare fragnance oozing from her body as she walked inside and sat on my bed… “Yes I have to create a stupid excuse just to go meet Amanda asap” I thought to myself standing still.. I don’t want Amanda trouble..you don’t believe me?, that’s it na…Okay junior Jason has be woken up by her message that’s why I have to get to her before it angriness reach peak so stop looking at me like that… “you are not sitting?” Allison asked worriedly while I let out another fake smile then sat with her..”Weytin be your problem sef” I said in my mind..

Me: so I wasn’t expecting an angel and obviously rapture isn’t coming today…
She bursted to laugh and slight slapping my left hand…that was cool though..

Allison: so I wanted to………(interrupted by phone ringtone)

I checked the caller and it was Amanda,,I quickly silenced it making sure Allison doesn’t see it…. “continue” I said with a smile…

Allison: Eerrm, I wanted……(interrupted by ringtone again)

I silenced the call once more and totally activated silent mode on my phone…

Allison: why are you ignoring the call, you don’t want me to know your girlfriend is that it?

Me: smiled it’s not a she, it’s a he, he’s a friend and probably wanted to remind me of his wedding and talk trash….and unfortunately there is no girlfriend i lied

Amanda: so that’s it, but you not having a girlfriend I don’t believe that she smiled
thats your problem in my mind

Me: I didn’t tell you so you could believe me

Allison: smiled so am here to thank you for taking me out and showing me nice places in Nigeria, I don’t know Nigeria is this beautiful…

“let me take you to Ibadan you will know Nigeria is lame” I said in my mind…

Allison: and eerm……..
“eerm kill you there” I said in my mind getting bored of the conversation and can’t wait to free the junior Jason out of the bondage…

Allison: can we do that some other time?

Me: oh, sure, am always here…
I wanted to check time on my phone when I realised I have got an unread message,,I quickly click on the message icon and the message was…” I know you deliberately ignored my calls Jay, anyway be expecting me in your room” from Amanda… What?…i stared agape at my phonescreen.. “what’s wrong” Allison asked and before I could reply my door was suddenly opened and Amanda stormed in but stopped when she saw Allison…”here comes your sister” Allison whispered… I could see fire burning in Amanda’s eyes as she was staring at us..chaii…”oh Allie I don’t know you are here” she suddenly said then smiled,obviously a fake one…

Allison: I have to go now

Amanda: no you don’t have to, I was just checking on him ,,,,I don’t know you guys have gotten closer…cool… I should excuse you…

She shot me a bullet of a complete murderous look then walked out… Yes everything wasn’t right for me again as it seems my body has stopped working… “it seems your sister is not happy about us becoming friends” Allison said with a mocking tone and smile while I also smiled in return…”you must be tired you have to sleep” Allison added, she pecked me again to my surprise then walked out….

I messaged Amanda several times which she ignored, I called her numerous times to the extent I went to knock at her door and she failed to open up.. Chaii… I collapsed on my bed Immediately I entered my room..”this is the worsest day ever” I murmured to myself…”this is bad for me” I added then later fell asleep not to my will
I woke up next day stretching my neck painfully… Yes I had a rough sleep.. Few minutes later, I was inside the car with Amanda…agatha at the front seat and beside her is the driver..yes the First Lady must give speech about the kidnapped girls… We were still in the car when my phone beeped means I have a message… I unlocked the phone and went straight to my inbox to see “I’ll never forgive you” yes from Amanda who was sitting beside me… “just give me a chance to explain myself” I replied her… “I’ll think about it” she replied then I saw as she slipped her phone in her purse without looking at my direction, what an actress…
Later in the night, yes Amanda called me up to her room to explain myself and I wasted no time and quickly rushed there… She was sitting on her bed resting her back to the wall raising her right leg in inverted V-shape and was concentrated on the phone she was pressing…”so what do you have to say” she said still engrossed in whatever she was doing on her phone…

Me: it isn’t what you are thinking…

Amanda: what am I thinking? she raised her brow not looking at me

Me: just look at me, to Allison am still your brother

Amanda: that explains why she was in your room?

Me: she said she wanted to thank me for taking her out…

Amanda: and she can’t text you or call you? still not looking at me

Me: sighed it’s okay if you don’t believe me, I’ll be leaving now..

I turned back to leave..”I think I already told you not to dare walk out on me” she said while I turned back.. She left her bed to where I was standing like a statue… “you know I love you and you are using that against me” she said calmly…”I don’t dare do that christine” I replied calling her second name while she smiled..”okay I forgive you” she said while I hugged her…”one more thing” she whispered to my hear with a finger in her mouth..”oh am not in mood” I said.. “then that means you are lieing” she replied standing akimbo…
Yes, I was left with no choice than to give her what she wanted.. After the hot session,, I exited her room and was headed mine “Mr Jason” a familiar voice called… I turned back to see agatha smiling like she won a lottery…”what’s wrong with this one” I asked in my mind…..”Hi” I replied…”follow me” she said surprising me…

Me: where?

Agatha: to my room

Me: and why will I do that?

Agatha: cos I have what might ended your life with me
What?…whats up with this evil one…”okay” I replied then followed her to her room….she closed the door immediately we entered… Yes, I was surprised when she undressed before me sparing only her pant..she started walking to where I was standing seductively making me confused…”what a…re you doing” I asked…”you will find out eventually” she replied…she ran her hand all over my chest with her seductive smile and was heading to the shameless junior jason that was dancing to her tune.. “stop it” I said angrily then took off her hand…but to my surprise she bursted to laughter then picked her phone that was on the bed..”I have something great for you” she said with her evil smile… I was dumb-founded not believing my eyes when she played my sex session with Amanda recorded on her phone….what?..how?..

Episode 8

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode….

Yes,,I watched the video with surprise and fear written all over face..she paused the video and looked at me with her evil smile…

Agatha: you must be wondering how I have the video,, simple… Don’t try to think of a way to get rid of it cos I think I have the videos of your previous sex escapades with the First Lady so I think you should get on with it now…

Me: what? No Agatha I can’t do this… I can’t…

Agatha: you can do it with the First Lady but not me,, I have all she have for Christ sake.. I have been giving you signal even though you barely look at me,, this is my chance… Let’s see what the First Lady is trying hard to protect laughs

She cartwalked to where I was standing and started rubbing my chest continuing from where she stopped… But no I wasn’t comfortable, junior Jason wasn’t even responding… “stop it agatha” I said removing her hand…

Agatha: oh I see, you are a difficult fellow, anyway I’ll leave you to rest tonight, you know where you must come when I call you and you clearly know the consequences if you fail to come…

I quickly exited her room even though I could hear something like “sweetheart” before my exit… “sweetheart kill you there” I murmured then went to my room… I sat on my bed thinking about the issue… What if she release the video, Amanda and I will be done for and I’ll fail my mission….do I have to tell Amanda?,no she will spoil everything..what to do… I was still on this when I drifted to wonderland…

Yes, next day came so fast.. We set out a bit early just to visit few girls saved from Harams in the hospital… Yes, we moved in convoy, I was in the car with other three people in our usual formation, Amanda,agatha and the driver… Amanda was stylishly playing with my left hand and Agatha was winking at me through the car mirror making me more uncomfortable than ever..d–n… After few pictures with the saved girls we then went back to aso rock… Not more than 10minutes later while I was lying on my bed,, a call from Allison struck my phone at exactly 11:23am and I quickly picked it…..

Allison: hey bro

Me: Morning Allie…

Allison: are you free?

Me: yes why?

Allison: ho…w about going out with me? she stammered a little bit

Me: oh… Sure…

Allison: see you in 10minutes hung up
Just few seconds later my phone beeped of a new message… “I’ll be waiting for you in my room tonight, don’t come late, love you” that was the content of the message from Agatha… I hissed then heaved a sigh.. I was still choosing what to wear when my phone started ringing..”who is it again” I murmured angrily but smiled to see it was Allison..oh am in love with this girl…following conversations ensued:

Allison: hi,, ple…ase can you come to my room? she stammered greatly

Me: now? Why?

Allison: I don’t know what to wear…

Me: smiled so how may I help?

Allison: I’ll wear what you choose…

Me: on my way… hung up

But is this kind of a trap?… why will I choose for her?… Only one way to find out…. I exited my room and headed hers… She opened the door few seconds after knocking…yes she tied a white towel designed with Rose flowers revealing her fresh body which was giving junior Jason a great signal.. “calm down” I said in my mind referring to junior Jason as if the idiot will hear me…

She smiled, held my hand to my surprise and took me to her enormous wardrobe…yes too many clothes that I myself can’t pick anyone…a glance to the left side took me to a silver gown designed with many golden dot-like stuff… “this is cool” I said referring to the cloth while she picked it out,thank me and once again pecked me to my surprise… I later exited her room with my heart beating different drums.. Chaii…

We went to many places and everything was great,, yes the reporters asked us if the rumour about us dating is true and I was surprised when Allison said the rumour is true…what?..I can’t keep wondering why she did that… It will be a disaster if people were to find out she is the president’s daughter… Our pictures surfaced online with the tag “the cutest couple”…in no time my followers on instagram increased greatly thanks to Allison….

I was smiling to myself sitting on the bed in my room late in the night as I was reminiscing the past events… Agatha call then came in spoiling my mood,,, I ignored it at first but picked it at the third ring… “it’s time” she said and hung up… I hissed then headed her room thinking of a way to deal with her.. Yes, she opened the door immediately I knocked while I enter… She was already naked and her black curvy body was just irritating me… She pushed me on her bed and started rubbing my stomach to the junior Jason side… “wow I see why Amanda is doing enough to shield you” she said as she grab hold of junior Jason that have already wake up from it sleep….

Yes, I angrily pounced on her and we both la!d on her bed exhausted…”I’ll be leaving now” I said, dressed up then exited her room with different thoughts on how to deal with the witch… I entered my room to surprisingly saw Allison sitting on my bed…. She smiled as she saw me and my heart beat returned with increase in volume…

Me: w..hat are you doing here? I stammered

Allison: of course I came to see you,, where have you been?

Me: I w…as downstairs watching TV i lied

Allison: am sorry for what I said to the reporters…

Me: oh it’s okay…

Allison: smiled shall we have a drink?

Me: sure… Let me get us a wine
I rushed downstairs… I retrieved two glass cups from the kitchen and a red non-acoholic wine from the fridge… I entered my room to see Allison eye glued to my phone…something isn’t right.. her attention was suddenly diverted to smiling me,,no she wasn’t smiling back,,she was staring at me confusingly and angrily… What’s wrong with her…. “who are you” she asked still staring at me waiting for me to answer…”who are you and why are you here?” she asked again with a cold stare and a calm angry tone I have never seen and heard before… Chaii.. It’s over….

Episode 9

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode….

I stared at angry Allison who now stood before me expecting an answer… Chaii…”what d..id you mean” I stammered feigning ignorance….she angrily picked up my phone…”okay explain this” she said and gave me the phone…. “I told you to be more careful of Allison, she must not know who you are” yes the message was sent by Amanda and Allison happened to view it…how did she know my password sef… Seems I didn’t lock the phone before leaving the room,,

Allison: you are not her brother are you?

Me: Allison y….(she interrupted)

Allison: just answer me…

I was left with no choice…. I explained everything to her as she stared at me angrily…

Allison: I can’t believe I was fooled by you.. I can’t forgive you….

She angrily stormed outside after she have borrowed me a clean slap even though I tried to stop her but all my effort was in vain… I collapsed on my bed with the bottle of wine and the glass cups… “yes I really need this right now” I murmured to myself…. I began to drink the wine thinking about any available solution till I dozed off…

My phone ringtone woke me up the next day and the caller was….nis director?… I picked it instantly

Me: morning sir

Director: I saw the news about you and Allison, I know this is part of your plan but don’t get too close no one really knows what she’s capable of doing..

Me: understood sir…

He hung up while I sighed and what happened the previous night kept replaying in my head, no doubt I have already failed the mission… Amanda later sent her schedule update…yes, it was another tight day…..few days passed and I was doing a great job in avoiding both Agatha and Amanda…while Allison won’t talk to me even though she failed to reveal my identity while I was of course wondering what was keeping her…

I was lying on my bed staring at Allison’s angelic picture.. Yes that made it obvious I am in love with her… I was still doing this when Amanda call came in and I picked it… “help” she shouted then hung up…i exited my room with superman speed then enter hers wondering why she wasn’t locking her door.. Is she under attack or something?….”in the bathroom” she shouted after my successful entry…. I rushed inside the bathroom to surprisingly saw Amanda stark naked smiling as she watched me with my heavy breath….

Of course my brain travelled to zambisa forest immediately,,obviously it was a prank or trap or whatever you call it…”wh….” I was still still trying to say when she placed her two fingers on my lip shutting me up… “I have missed you so much” she said with her seductive smile and the show began… I don’t know how and when we landed on her bed from the bathroom…. Yes the session was hot and we later collapsed on the bed exhausted….

Amanda: why have you been avoiding me my love, is it because of agatha…

Me: I was busy i lied

Amanda: really? Your definitely avoiding me, you know I can’t do without you my love…

Me: bu…(cut in)

Amanda: I’ll find a way to deal with her, you shouldn’t worry…

I nodded okay, left the bed then dressed up.. “can’t you stay with me tonight” she said shocking me with the question….”it’s so dangerous Amanda” I replied while she stared with sadness visible on her face… Yes I cared not as I exited her room and went to mine… Agatha on the other hand sent her nude pictures which I ignored before I drifted to wonderland with only the thought of Allison…

The next day was the vice president son wedding day after several postponement… The wedding venue as I heard is the most beautiful and expensive in the country located in portharcourt..,yes what are you expecting,,we began the journey on land surely in a convoy after the plane dropped us in the airport…. After the boring wedding,, I was about entering the car with Amanda when a voice called me back,, Lo and behold it was Mirabel…

Mirabel: Hi, am sorry for disturbing…

Me: it’s okay

Mirabel: I see you are in a hurry, can I have your number instead?

Me: oh, no problem i gave my number
“thanks” she said then winked once more before she walked away and I entered the car immediately..Minutes later,, we arrived at nnamdi azikiwe airport and went straight to aso rock even though Amanda doesn’t talk to me the whole time… I was playing games on my phone later in the night when Allison thought suddenly popped in my head..chaii…whats really wrong with me… I quit the game and was about dialing her number when Amanda call came in asking me to come to her room… I went there without hesitation and there was Amanda sitting on her bed probably waiting for me as I made my way inside then sat beside her…

Amanda: has Mirabel been added to your list?

Me: wh..at li..st? i stammered

Amanda: what the b—h even want with you?

Me: how will I kn….. (she cut in)

Amanda: I have an idea Jason, how about we leave this Godforsaken place, go far where no one can find us and live our life together, I can’t bear to see you with another girl…please Jason she held my hand

Me: that makes no sense Amanda, you are the First Lady have you forgotten?

Amanda: I do not wish to be one, I only want to spend the rest of my life with you, Jason am so in love with you… she tightened her hand with mine

Me: sighed Amanda i think we are not meant to be.. You are the president’s wife and am just your bodyguard so let’s just stop this right now,,please i begged
She was just staring at me with all the world sadness on her face, d–n…”I’ll leave now” I said then rubbed her hand and turned back to leave…”I don’t think we are stopping anything, remember,, it’s either me or nobody” she said as I was still facing the door direction with my back still turned on her…i swallowed my spit, said nothing then left her room to mine.. This is serious,what have I gotten myself into… I unlocked my phone to see five missed calls.. Chaii…3 from unsaved number and 2 from Agatha… I was about dialing the unsaved number ignoring Agatha’s when soft knocks landed on my bed… “who might be knocking” I asked myself stupidly…. I later opened the door to see what is referred to as unbelievable..Allison?..is she here for the round 2….

Episode 10

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

Yes I stared agape at the calm looking Allison as she stood before me with our eyes both sending signals to each other, yes my signal was weak or I should say there is no network as I cleared my eyes off her staring at the floor, even the floor was beautiful as at that time…”Wh..at are yo….” I was still stammering when she cut in “can I enter?” she asked calmly…”oh sure” I replied making way for her to enter… I closed the door but was still standing behind it not believing my eyes still staring at Allison that was also standing facing me and both looking at each other with a little gap between us..
Me: so….?
Allison: so…..

We both let out a big grin painting the scenario a great colour… The atmosphere was intense as silence occupied my whole room…”I am ..eerm…so…rry for everything” I finally broke the silence…”that was actually what I came here to say” she replied playing with her finger facing the floor yet shocking me with her reply…”Jason” she called my name with a calm angelic tone now facing me…but somehow it sounded different.. “is not like she swallowed autotune before coming to my room” I thought to myself…

Allison: I am so sorry for how I acted,It wasn’t your fault, you are just doing your job..
Me: it’s okay Allie… I hope you keep this between us
Allison: I promise she smiled
“thank you” I said then held her hand gladly… We went another round of stares “you must be tired you have to rest don’t you?” she asked me jokingly but to my surprise my mind was shouting “no”…”yeah thank you” I replied going against the idiotic mind… She pushed herself in my direction with the aim of pecking my cheek but I was fast to kiss her lip….yes, I can see how surprised she was as she was still smiling trying to hide her red cheek…
Allison: I’ll leave now…see you tomorrow
Me: Tomorrow
She stood by the door for few seconds and finally turned back for another few seconds smiling before she opened the door and went out…chaii… My heart was still beating to my surprise,, yes why did I kiss her.. Did I just kissed her?….d–n… Yes no doubt,, am in love with Allison… I sat on my bed still thinking about what just happened few minutes ago… I unlocked my phone to find out I have missed 5 calls from Agatha… “I have to finish this girl off” I said to myself…quickly I have thought of something,,,I quickly dialed her number and yes she immediately picked it…
Agatha: I see you care not for your life for ignoring my calls…
What? I was vexed…but no I have to keep calm to follow my plan to remove the witch forever from my life…
Me: Am so sorry love, I was in the bathroom…
Agatha: hmm, I forgive you…
It’s obvious she was blushing…”fool, wait till I get you out of my life” I said in my mind…
Me: how about meeting tonight?
Agatha: yea for sure love, I can’t wait to feel you inside me Jay…just come already…
Me: on my way love i smirked
I quickly exited my room and went to hers… She opened the door immediately I knocked and as usual she was almost naked… “I missed you so much” she said then drew me closer after closing the door… She started caressing my body… Yes she found the junior Jason she has been looking for and the show started…yes, the battle was a tight one… After the tough battle, I was lying on the bed with Agatha placing her head on my chest comfortably..
Me: now that we are like this, can’t you delete the video, someone may see it on your phone…
Agatha: are you trying to trick me to delete the video?
Me: that’s not true love, I just realised how much am in love with you.. Amanda is just forcing herself on me you are the one I love…
Agatha: blushed really? What about Allison?
Me: she thought am Amanda’s brother, nothing is going between us…
Agatha: if that is the case, I’ll think about it… Promise me you won’t leave me
Me: you have my word love….
She later went to bathroom to clean up… I picked up her iPhone but unfortunately she was wise to use password…”d–n” I said in my mind.. I returned the phone to where I picked it… I later exited her room not after telling her… Chaii….i just wasted my energy…stupid plan failed,, I angrily entered my room then fell on my bed… Suddenly Allison face made it way to my head again.. Oh why can’t I stop thinking about this girl… Slowly and gradually,, I later drifted to wonderland…
Amanda called me the next day to tell me we are going to meet the US ambassador that just arrived in Nigeria…yes I clad in my best suit, checked myself in the mirror and wowed at my cool look.. Chaii… To my surprise Allison call came in… Oh cool… Following conversations ensued:
Allison: hi are you free?
Me: Going somewhere with Amanda..
Allison: so you have to follow her everywhere she goes?
Me: am her bodyguard Allie…
Allison: it’s okay, we can go out another time, bye….hung up.

I later entered the car with Amanda, the driver on his seat this time without Agatha. We left aso rock in convoy…. Amanda was stylishly holding my hand smiling alongside… Yes the car we are in was the second and there are 10 total number of cars all moving in translational motion…. The sudden bullet sound causes commotion,,,some cars were seen headed the bush as a result of the driver been hit… In no time… Some cars painted in black crossed us and some gunmen alighted with heavy guns…amanda was shaking holding my hand tightly…Chaii… Is this the end of me…

Episode 11

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

The heavily built men rolled the bullets towards our bullet proof car,, the sound of the bullet seems to drove the driver crazy as he went off road and finally hit a tree few metres to the road… The driver died on spot hitting his head with the steering.. Yes, I felt blood gushing out of my head, I hit my head with the window… It was obvious Amanda was there target as they all headed towards our car with their crazy guns… “are you okay” I asked Amanda that seems okay even without a scratch to my surprise.. It was obvious she was extremely scared..”but you….” she pointed at my blood covered head…”we have to get out of here” I replied trying to open the d–n door…

Yes, the doors are locked automatically and I had to break the door window,yes I stabbed a screw through it then broke it with my leg.. I passed Amanda out then followed her… The shooters started another heavy shooting round and I was able to return some bullets with my personal golden pistol, luckily one of them was hit and we have no choice than to enter the forest in front of us… “Bring back the First Lady alive” one of them shouted.. We would have been shot if they meant to kill Amanda so they have no choice than to run after us… “stop” one who has already caught up with us shouted, yes Amanda was human snail,

Person: surrender if you love yourself…
He pointed his gun at me as I can see others from afar headed where we were.. I lowered the gun then stylishly took my personal silver-grey knife hidden under my socks.. But yes he was very fast to shoot my chest, oh thankfully the bullet hit my phone that was inside the shirt pocket and I was able to quickly annihilate him skillfully by quickly flying backward throwing the knife aiming his head and yes I never missed…. I quickly jumped to my feet using Rey mysterio move then held Amanda’s hand and we continue running… I quickly took out my phone, removed the SIM cards and I threw the phone to One Direction then we went the opposite…
Finally we lost them, we sat beside each other behind a very big tree breathing heavily…”that was close” I murmured to myself… I removed my suite then cleaned the blood on my head with it and threw it away afterward.. “thanks” Amanda muttered with a sad face holding my right hand…
Me: thank me after we get out of this forest..
Amanda: I think they have already retreated, let’s go back and get you treated..
Me: no, what if they are waiting for us, we have to find another way to leave this forest.. Let’s keep moving….
I collected her phone to try and call for help but it showed no signal.. Chaii.. Another thing was my picture she made her wallpaper..”whatsup with that” I said pointing at my picture..”so it’s wrong to use my love picture as my wallpaper?” she replied fake-frowning..oga no be hia o.. “no it’s not” I replied smiling then helped her up and we continue our journey,,yes It will be hard to track us down, I remember sacrificing my Italian shoe to confuse the chaser,, Amanda already threw away her heel also to improve her speed and I have to sacrifice my socks again giving her to wear so she won’t hurt her Heavenly leg in the weird looking big forest…

unfortunately we found no exit and the day has almost turned night… We walked and walked till we were both tired…
me: I think we should stay here tonight and continue tomorrow
Amanda: stay here? We don’t even know what’s inside this forest…
Me: but we are left with no choice..
Yes, night came as expected, some eerie sounds were coming from the deeper side of the forest.. Amanda cuddled beside me holding all my body but the truth is.. I was most scared but I had to act like everything is okay…”are we going to survive the night” Amanda asked silently…. I smiled,rubbed her hair and pushed her head to my hard beating chest… Some hours later Amanda have already fallen asleep and I hard to keep watch.. I knew lighting a fire or a torch might called something unwanted so I keep calm and watch the darkness…

Luckily and fortunately, we made it through the night… I woke Amanda up the next morning and we continue our journey…
Amanda: thank you, I would have been killed if you are not here..
Me: I was just doing my job and it seems they wanted to kidnap you..
We were still talking “wait” she suddenly shouted while I quickly prepared my gun.. “I mean can you hear that?” she added… I listen carefully and I can hear sound of car engine from afar… “I think we did it” she shouted and jumped on me… “yes we did it” I murmured gladly and we quickly headed the sound direction.. I collected her phone and was more glad and surprised the signal have returned… I quickly dialed agatha’s number who stayed behind claiming she has malaria…fortunately she picked up immediately and I informed her to track down our location, Agatha appeared at the scene immediately we stepped on the road accompanied by many security guards, soldiers, police and others,, we entered the car Agatha was in and we all zoomed off with siren sound radiating everywhere..

Agatha: how about we go to the hospital?
Amanda: Jason need to be treated right away, take us there..
Me: no am okay, let’s keep going..
Amanda: but… i cut in
Me: just a small scratch and nothing more.. Let’s just keep going..
We later got to aso rock that has been overcrowded with reporters, we alighted from the car and was shielded by the guards till we enter the main building where the president, the nis director and the vice president was waiting for us.. The president hugged his wife passionately while his vice was just smiling like he won a lottery.. The nis director had his “good job” look plastered on his face and I later left them to my room even though I can’t find Allison….

I removed my shirt immediately I was in my room and threw the blood covered shirt on the floor, I brought out my first aid box after a quick bath…my door was suddenly opened as I was still trying to open the box, yes as expected it was Allison…she had this sad mixed with happy look… I stood up and spread my arm and yes she ran and jumped on me… “thank you for being alive” she said as she held me tight… We later disengaged then sat on my bed… She helped with my head injury, she cleaned and plastered it and yes she was perfect seems I have forgotten she studied nursing in Ukraine..

Allison: how are you now?
Me: am very much okay, miss me?
Allison: smiled I think I do..
The president called me after she left, he thanked me for protecting his wife and that he’s on his way back to Russia…”please protect my wife till am back” he begged,, “with my life sir” I replied….Yes night came as expected as I was lying on my bed reminiscing the past events.. I would have died back then thanks to my phone am still alive..Chaii… I was still thinking about this when knocks landed on my door…that must be Amanda….i later opened the door and to my surprise I found Allison in her bum short and a sleeveless white top holding a wine and two glass cups… Chaii.. I love this girl…

We sat on my bed talking and drinking the wine alongside… “you have to go-to your room” I said calmly…”no I want to sleep here” she answered shocking me with her reply…but the wine is non-alcoholic…before I could utter any more word,, her lip was locked with mine…chaii

Episode 12

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode….

Yes, I was extremely shock that it seems I touched a working transformer, she withdrew her lip facing down probably shy while I was still lost in the garden of Eden.. “a.mm so..rry” she stammered and made to leave when I pulled her back and went another round of passionate kiss.. “I am also sorry” I said after disengaging smiling alongside… She busted to laughter slightly punching my chest… We were still holding hands when knocks landed on my bed, we quickly disengaged and the knocker opened the door, yes it was Amanda… She entered and closed the door smiling even though I can see some traces of anger on her face..

Amanda: oh, I see you have a visitor, anyways I just wanted to give you this..

She gave me a white nylon she was holding, pecked my cheek then left the room, I can see confusion mixed with jealousy on Allison face as she stared at me somehow…

Allison: why did she…. (I cut in)
Me: smiled that was just an act, nothing more.

“oh I see” she muttered as it obvious she doesn’t seems to believe me…”rest well, see you tomorrow” she finally said after minutes of exchanging sweet stares…”y…eah goodnight” I stammered…she then stood up and was about to leave when I called her and pointed to my cheek…she smiled, turned and kissed me instead before she left my room…

I placed my back on my bed only thinking about my moments with Allison that I forgot about the white nylon beside me… I later opened the nylon to see a great surprise…a brand new iPhone 5 softly packed inside…chaii..God bless Amanda… I quickly plugged the phone after inserting the simcards and later drifted to sleep..

A call from the nis director who commended my effort and wished me good luck in my suicide mission woke me up the nextday… I was called up by a maid few minutes later that I have a visitor waiting for me downstairs… I quickly brushed my teeth, I can’t afford to go with that gutter-like odour so I had to engage in a quick bath before dashing downstairs… I was a bit surprised to see Mirabel sitting on the couch comfortably watching the TV… “Hi” I said sitting beside her, she clad in a pink sleeveless gown, d–n I can see those fresh big twins winking at me sending the signal to my brain while my brain notify the junior Jason…

Mirabel: Hi, I heard about what happened to you and the First lady, so how are you doing?
Me: am now fine..

Mirabel: is something wrong with your phone? I’ve been calling your number but it’s not available
Me: Yes I lost it am sorry..

Mirabel: oh it’s okay, I can’t sleep because I thought something bad has happened you, thank God you came back to me…
She touched my forehead gauging the temperature level, “are you really okay?” she asked once again….”perfectly” I replied removing her hand… “It’s not like I have malaria” I said in my mind…she smiled…..”aren’t you planning to marry very soon?” she asked with a smile…..”ja….” Allison voice came from the back but she probably stopped when she saw Mirabel with me… Mirabel stood up staring at Allison surprisingly,disgustingly and somehow angrily

Mirabel: don’t tell me the rumours about you two are all true if not what’s she doing here…

“she came to buy land na” I said in my mind and hissed alongside, all in my mind though…

Allison: and as you can see, they are all true..
Mirabel: I don’t believe you..

Allison came to where I was standing then planted a kiss on my lip.. Mirabel whose angriness was at peak took her handbag and angrily walked out… I turned to Allison who busted to laughter immediately…”come on I’ve been looking for you” she said then grabbed my hand heading upstairs, we later made our way inside my room and a strange aroma nearly busted my nose, chaii everywhere stew… I can see a pot of food placed on a tray accompanied with my favourite lemon drink all on a small stool beside my bed… Choi.. I don’t know when I kissed Allison then quickly sat on my bed and opened the plate cover, d–n, the fried rice and the chicken laps won’t stop staring at me…this combination is my number one, how did she know?…..”how di…….” I was still stammering when she cut in.. “secret” she replied winking…

After she cleared the plate, I la!d on my bed with a full stomach while she was sitting beside me… “how was the food?” she asked…”it was cooked in heaven no doubt” I replied smiling… She slightly slapped my arm laughing…we talked about many things before she left… “How I wish I can eat that food again” I said clearing the food particles in my mouth with the tip of my tongue…

Later in the night.. I was still lying on my bed tirelessly when the thought of my new phone suddenly broke my mind firewall.. I quickly took out my new iPhone and unlocked it to see I have new messages…i quickly checked my inbox, the messages are from mtn except one.. Oh the one was sent by an hidden number and the content was “We know who you are and we are watching you”…what?…i have to see Amanda… I quickly jumped down from my bed and my door was suddenly opened, Amanda walked inside in her nightie..

Me: oh I was coming to see you
Amanda: whatsup?
i explained

Amanda: does that mean the message is from the criminals that attacked us
Me: 100%

Amanda: what are we now going to do?
Me: I am not sure.. We have to find them before they attack again… I’ll let the nis director know tomorrow

Amanda: yes let’s do that, but we can just leave this country and live in peace, only I and you Jason she held my hand
Me: that’s not possible Amanda removed my hand

Amanda: you have changed Jason. Did you not love me anymore? You now have someone else in your heart don’t you? she asked calmly with a sad tone
Me: Amanda let’s just stop this…

Amanda: that’s a yes, is it Allison?
The question shocked my whole body and I was just staring at her stupidly…”I gave you my all but is this my reward?” she asked with tears trickling down her eyes..”am so sorry Amanda” I tried to touch her but she slapped my hand away.. She was about to leave when I pulled her back and she landed on my arm in loads of tears… “I am so….” I was still saying when she stopped me with a kiss,, my door was suddenly opened and looking at direction was Allison standing speechless and amazed… I quickly tossed Amanda away to face the already in tears Allison…she angrily left the scene and I know nothing good will come out of following her…

Episode 13

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode….

I sluggishly lifted my back from my bed as the rays of light managed to pierce through the glass window indicating a new day, chaii it was obvious I had a rough sleep, what happened the previous night came back to my head and was playing episode by episode.. How Allison caught I and Amanda and how Amanda slapped me even though I didn’t know the reason behind her evil slap.. My life was greatly complicated as I sat on my bed clouded with many thoughts..chaii… I later informed the nis director about the strange text I received.. He told me to be more careful and wished me well.. A very soft knocks suddenly landed on my door, I quickly put on my black tank top… “come in” I said…

A girl, extremely fair in complexion probably in her mid twenties later entered clad in a maid dress, yes the girl was so beautiful to be referred to as a maid.. She was holding a small tray containing a coffee cup that I guessed it was for me…

Maid: good morning sir, am the new maid assigned to the duty of taking care of you, I am jummy

Me: so how may I help you pretending not to see the coffee tray

Jummy: I brought this hot coffee for you..
Me: oh thanks

I took the coffee cup off the tray expecting her leave as she still stood a step away from me staring at me with a smile… “you are not lea..ving?” I asked stammering out of curiosity…”you have to return the cup sir” she replied… I quickly gulped down the coffee and returned the cup thanking her.. “you can call me if you need anything sir” she added while I nodded okay and she left the room.. “I can’t just wait to finish this mission” I murmured to myself…
I later entered the bathroom and successfully stepped back in my room room after a long bath.. Amanda and I later left the aso rock without Agatha again, it seems the girl no longer exist.. Amanda doesn’t talk about it either as a result of our now sour relationship… We were interviewed about the previous incident by the press and I was surprised when Amanda began to shower praises on me and she gave me all the credit..few minutes after I was tagged the hero that saved the First Lady and my popularity has rose very well… Chaii, that was how I started feeling myself… Yes, my fans has immediately tagged Allison as the luckiest girl in the world.. “lord I don’t wish to finish this mission” I said to myself as we headed back to aso rock..
“thank you” I texted Amanda while in the car and I watched her smile reading my message…”let’s meet in my room” she replied while I also smiled… I went to her room immediately we got to aso rock and yes, she was already waiting for me sitting on the bed crossing her leg in a kite shape facing her phone… “whatsup” she said looking up while I smiled and sat next to her…
Amanda: am sorry for what happened yesterday night, I overreacted, am so sorry Jay she begged calmly holding my hand
Me: it’s okay…
Amanda: those hours without us conversing were torturing moments for me, but why does it have to be Allison?

The question came out so suddenly that it left me speechless as I was staring at her with a pitiful eye…

Amanda: okay I understand but I can’t let go of you, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that Jay..

Me: but… she interrupted
Amanda: am married? You don’t love me?, yes nice excuses, I’ll do everything in my power to make you mine even if that’s divorcing the president, am sorry it has gotten to this…

I was speechless, she rubbed my little hairy hand, pecked my cheek and wished me goodnight…i exited her room and headed mine, I later opened my door to see jummy just about exiting my room, she was in a grey nightie wearing her usual smile..

Me: what are yo…she cut in

Jummy: I brought you a hot tea but you were not in your room and it wasn’t lock so I thought I should drop the tea…

Me: oh,, okay…

“she looks suspicious” I thought to myself…
Jummy: should I wait for the cup?
Me: no, it’s late you should go-to bed…
Jummy: but I…. i interrupted
Me: see you tomorrow fake-smiling
Jummy: okay sir she left

I entered my room, sighted the tea tray just on a small stool beside my bed…chaii… I love this girl.. I quickly drank the tea..it was like she learned in heaven how to make tea… I later fell asleep quickly after drinking the heavenly tea… This continues for few more days that jummy can now enter my room even without knocking and I’m cool with it.. Stop looking at me like that, it’s not what you thinking… I tried texting Allison several times but she failed to reply so I gave up..

One faithful night, I was lying on my bed staring at my previous conversations with Allison on whatsapp, even though she was online, unfortunately I can’t message her knowing she won’t reply.. Jummy knocks later came to my hearing and I called her in… She gave me her usual tea and I returned the cup immediately after drinking it…

Jummy: you are looking very tired…

Me: yes, you can say that..

Jummy: but sir I can be of help cartwalking towards me

Me: wha…..

Jummy: shh she placed her finger on my lip
That was when my senses vanished into thin air, she clad in a brown knicker and an underwear like top, she wasted no time in removing the top and placing my hand on her heavy boobs..”I know you like what you see” she whispered to my ear rubbing my hand on her HB, if you know you know.. My brain signal was out of reach and I can’t seems to resist or it seems I have been wanting to do this with her since day one..

I took control of the heavenly HB while she pushed her long hair backward allowing me to work on it.. Before I knew it she was already taking care of junior Jason in the dark dungeon and the idiot was smiling… We were still on this when a call struck my phone and it started ringing restoring my lost senses… I pushed her away with God knows strength and she fell on the bed…

Me: what’s all this? i asked angrily
Jummy: sir, am so sorry sir she knelt begging me

Me: get out… Don’t ever come here again…i shouted

She ran outside and I quickly picked up my phone to answer the call but it ended eventually..chaii,, I almost fell in her trap… Oh the caller was Amanda and her call landed on my phone again while I picked it immediately…

Amanda: Jason, Agatha is dead terrified tone
What?… Chaii…

Episode 14

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I can’t just believe my ears…agatha..dead?…
Me: what do you mean dead?

Amanda: she said she was going to visit her sick mother in her hometown three days ago but I was told her body was found beside the river today

Me: what?
Amanda: that doesn’t look like just an ordinary death..

Me: yes, someone did this to her.. I think whoever we are dealing with is very powerful.. You should rest we will talk tomorrow…i hung up

I sat on my bed dawn with different thoughts… And yes the internet already filled with different news, First Lady personal guard committed suicide, First Lady personal guard was involved in an accident and more were the news about Agatha… Did she really committed suicide?…no why will she… But I still can’t believe part of me was happy about her death.. Surely I wanted to be free from her threat but I clearly don’t want her dead.. I was till on this till I fell asleep unwillingly…

We did a very great funeral for Agatha after two days and it came to our hearing her mother,probably her last blood gave up the ghost after the funeral.. It was very sad that I can’t stop tears from trickling down my eyes… It was two days later and to my surprise nobody is talking about the incident anymore as it was masked a suicide… Chaii…

Amanda gave me a sudden call one faithful night and I quickly headed her room.. I later entered her already unlocked room and she was pacing around her room confusing me more… She quickly hugged me wrapping her whole self around my body.. I tried to disengage many times but she won’t let me… Finally she disengaged staring at me with a dim texture…

Me: what’s up with the call
Amanda: Jason I can’t sleep, I kept seeing Agatha in my dream.. Am so scared…

Me: it’s okay placing my hand on her shoulder

Amanda: please stay with me till tomorrow..
Me: what? You know that’s not possible..
Amanda: staying with me means nothing Jay, you are doing your job, it means you are protecting me…

“Protecting from dreams?” I thought to myself…

Me: I’ll be here till you are off and I’ll take my leave..

Amanda: but you won’t be there if the dream wake me again… Please Jay, you are the only one to protect me from anything…
D–n… I had no choice, I have to accept… I sat on the black sofa few steps to her bed having my eyes on Amanda that has already slept off…i began dozing gradually till I drifted to wonderland not to my will… I woke up in the morning to surprisingly saw myself on the bed with Amanda under same blanket.. WTF.. My nakedness made it obvious something has already happened between us.. I dive out of the blanket and located my boxers and knicker with my blank tank top unjustly pasted on the floor… Chaii… I quickly wore them angrily and headed the door to leave her room to avoid story that touch.. “you will just leave like that?” Amanda voice came into my hearing… I decided not to turn back and I quicky opened her door, Lo and behold I couldn’t hold back my surprise look as Mr President stood right before me staring at me somehow confused…

Mr President: ja..y why are you coming from this room this early..

Me: s…ir? i stammered
“I need to move some heavy luggages so I called him” Amanda’s voice came from my back and entered my ears…

Mr President: so that’s it, thank you for being there for my wife everytime, am grateful

He stated that he arrived the previous night but doesn’t want to disturb Amanda..he later patted my shoulder and entered, Amanda winked at me before she finally closed the door and I quickly dashed into my room…chaii…”thank God” I thought to myself… We all later left the aso rock as the president must say something about the alliance he went to Russia to form, yes unfortunately it fell through, Russia doesn’t want to have anything to do with us..

The people weren’t happy about this as they were busy slamming the president on all social medias…I was in my room watching film on my phone later in the night when the nis director call struck my phone… I quickly picked it…

Director: Jay,
Me: sir
Director: we think there is a spy, an intruder inside the aso rock
Me: what?..in detail sir..

Director: we found a maid cor…..(jummy suddenly entered interrupting the call)
Me: Third ear (meaning someone else is here)
He quickly hung up as I faced jummy with extreme angriness clearly visible on my face.. “and what the hell are you doing here again, I thought I told you not to come back” I asked angrily.. She closed my door then knelt down and to my surprise holding a tea tray…”am sorry sir, I don’t know what came over me, please forgive me sir” she pleaded crying… Chaii… I pitied her, it’s not fully her fault, I made the choice and it seemed it was what I was thinking of doing with her anyway…”okay, I forgive you, you can leave” I replied clearing my angry look…

Jummy: no sir, not until you drink this she pointed to the tea cup
Me: seriously?

I just wanted her to get the f–k out of my room so I angrily stood up, pulled her up the took the tea cup, I drank it in few seconds, return the cup and sat on my bed telling her not to comeback with any tea again… To my surprise she was still there staring at me…”you are no leaving already?” I asked angrily…

Jummy: not until I watch you sleep and accomplish my mission she smiled
Me: what mission?

Jummy: you will get to know very soon..

What is she saying?.. I angrily stood up to push her outside but I fell back on my bed, what?… My eyes began rotating and I was feeling dizzy..my eyes were busy force closing not to my will, I tried to keep them open but all my effort to do so was in vain… Yes, she drugged me happily… The spy the director was talking about… Jummy?… I faced up in my misery staring at jummy who has now being splitted into 6 due to the drug’s effect…i fell in her trap..chaii…

Episode 15

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I struggled and fought with the drug using all my possible strength but no my fate has already been stamped.. “as I’ve heard, you are a difficult one” jummy voice entered my ear for the last time and everything went blank.. My eyes suddenly opened facing the white ceiling, the rays of light from the window connected to ceilings and was somehow directed to my eyes forced me to close my eyes as I tried to stand up but instead rolled from my bed to the floor.. “aargh” I groaned forcing myself up, I staggered to my room door and opened it, I popped my head out like I was looking if jummy was still around but it was a stupid idea, she would have been long gone…chaii…

I closed my door,turned back and staggered yet again to my bed as a result of the drug powerful effect.. I was still thinking about how to locate jummy when I sighted a small paper on the small stool few steps to where I was under a remote control.. I quickly lifted up the remote and remove the paper which stated..”we are giving you two options, leave aso rock and ruin your career,you have 24 hours to decide”..what?… My career?.. I angrily sq££zed the paper and threw it my mouth,, I chew the paper in extreme anger,,”how dare they threaten me” I said out louder sweating out of anger.. It’s just the beginning,,”I’ll find every last one of them and show them what am made of” I muttered to myself spitting the already grind paper out of my mouth… Nis director call then landed on my phone..

Me: sir
Director: what’s wrong with your voice 1202?
Me: nothing sir, I found the intruder but she escaped, am sorry..
Director: don’t be, am sure we will have our chances soon, be more careful now.. hung up

I rested on my bed and have another round of cool sleep…. I got the names of the aso maids with Amanda’s help and the name of the missing maid known as Clara.. It was obvious she was murdered by jummy as her Corps was later found in her room… Yes, no one knows what happened between I and jummy,, few days later, the president flew to UK to solve his health problems… I was in my room at night trying to figure out what the villains wanted by attacking me.. No doubt it was Amanda they wanted, but why?.. Was it to hurt the president?… I quickly texted Amanda I’ll be in her room in few seconds… I wore a Tom n Jerry sleeveless top then headed her room.. I entered her room knowing its unlocked, she was sitting before a large mirror in her room packing her hair in a ponytail… She later joined me on her bed I was sitting on..

Amanda: so whatsup love..
Me: I think you are the target..
Amanda: what target?
Me: the attackers, they want you.. They attacked us last time we were going to meet the ambassador and there was a spy who disguised as a maid few days ago, who knows if the spy wanted to kill you i added some lies

Amanda: but you are here are you not? You are going to protect me aren’t you? she held my hand

Me: look Amanda, I cannot be everywhere everytime, you have to learn how to protect yourself..

Amanda: I actually have a black belt in karate and am very good in judo, besides I learned shooting while filming an action so I don’t think I need to learn anything again…
Me: but…….

Amanda: placed her finger on my lip shhh, come on Jay I think we have something very urgent to do, I am kind of h—y she whispered the h—y rubbing my chest
Me: no, am not in mood, see you tomorrow
I stood up and left her room then went to mine… But I was more than surprised to see Allison in my room.. She was sitting on my bed in her nightie.. I closed my door and she stood up staring at me and I can’t help myself but stared back…”all…i…sson?” I stammered….”what are yo..u do…ing here?” I added stammering again…

Allison: I came here to say goodbye
Me: goodbye?

Allison: am going back to America tomorrow, I don’t really know why I came here instead of texting you but I guess I just wanted to see you for the last time, goodbye Jay..

I can see a drop of tears on her cheek which she quickly wiped out and made to leave when I held her back while she turned back with her eyes now full of tears…chaii…”before you leave I’ll like to tell you I’ve been wanting to tell you” I said with our eyes monitoring each other… “Allison, am in love with you” I added and I can feel the shock that entered her body cos am still holding her hand…

Me: I love you Allie, it’s alright, I am just a bodyguard and your class is much more higher than mine, I understand but….

I can’t measure how surprised I was when Allison lip collided with mine and we engaged in a very passionate kiss that I wished it last forever… She later pull back staring in my eyes…

Allison: I love you too Jay, I tried to get rid of the feelings, I tried harder to tell myself the feelings is not true but I was wrong, I can’t stop loving you.. Not talking to you feels like hell.. Jay promise me you won’t leave me…

Me: I promise…with my life…

We engaged in another passionate kiss, yes it led to something else, we landed on my bed still kissing using our hands to do various kind of works on each others body… In a blink of an eye, our clothes are gone.. “are you sure about this?” I asked but she responded with another kiss… We went on and on and on till we were exhausted.. Allison placed her head on my chest as we both fell asleep..did I just say fell asleep, yea we both slept off in my room… D–n… I woke up nextday but Allison is gone…. I yawned countless times and reminisced on what happened the previous night smiling…chaii.. My phone suddenly beeped of new text message,, I yawned again, unlocked it and clicked the message in the notification bar to fully read it.. The content was “hello Jay, am now on my way to America, Love you” from Allison…what?

I dashed out of room and headed hers knocking from time to time… But she said she was on her way to America, why will she be in her room, “I am definitely crazy” I said in my mind before I headed to my room heart shattered… I entered my room to surprisingly saw Allison smiling sitting on my bed and a cup of coffee was on a small stool before her.. I ran and hugged her…

Me: what was that about?

Allison: a prank
Me: you nearly gave heart attack..I pecked her

Allison: I shifted my flight till tomorrow, I want to spend today with you, don’t tell me you are going anywhere with that witch..

Me: smiled no, today is free…

I later have my bath and dressed in a nice suit, I checked my mirror and yes I began feeling myself,,chaii see fine boy, I mean guy,, fine guy doesn’t make sense so it should be fine boy.. Allison was already waiting for me in her soft roof Benz parked inside aso rock,,she was wearing a gorgeous pink designed gown killing and nailing it with expensive jewelries… We left aso rock and was chatting, I was actually doing the driving and she was sitting beside me in the two doors car.. We were still engrossed in our romantic chats in the romantic moments when I suddenly noticed a brown SUV following us.. I increased the speed and SUV speed was increased, oh I was wrong, it was two SUV’s.. A red and a brown.. I told Allison about this and I told her to use her seatbelt…

I was in a very great speed and was concentrated on the mirror checking out the progress of our chasers when I hit another car,, yes,, our car started making a rotational speedy movement until the tire busted,, immediately, the gun men in the SUV’s alighted and started firing at us, we managed to hid behind the car and I dialed Amanda’s number for reinforcement.. Allison shouted and pointed at my chest and blood soaked white shirt,, what?… Oh d–n, I was hit, the gun I was holding fell, I wanted to say something but nothing came out of my mouth as blood gushed out of my mouth, I fell on the floor still fighting for my life,, Two of the gunmen later arrived at the scene and they both smirked, one wanted to shoot me but the other went against it claiming I’ll die anyway, in my helpless state, they took Allison and vanished even though I tried to crawl after them..
I later gave up facing up the sky awaiting my death when the ambulance siren came to my hearing, I can see many figures of military trained men scouting the area and one shouted “a survivor” when he saw me, I was placed on a wheel by some nurses “jason, wake up” Amanda voice came to my hearing as she ran after us and was later stopped by the nurses,,the scene seemed so familiar, boom.. everything went blank

Episode 16

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I can hear an anonymous machine beeping from afar, I slowly and gradually began opening my eyes till it was finally opened, the ceilings decorated with Rose flowers painting was different from the one in aso rock “oh sir, you are awake” said a nice feminine voice that happens to be the nurse who wanted or have already injected my arm.. Oh I was in the hospital..”arrgg” I groaned as I tried to sit-down and with the help of the nurse I was able to sit resting my back on the yellow wall breathing heavily with tons of plasters covering almost my left arm and shoulder…

Nurse: I am Alicia sir, you shouldn’t stress yourself, it’s already a miracle you wake up..
Me: am out for how long?
Nurse: this is the fourth day sir..

Chaii.. I was out for four days?.. “he’s awake ma”said the Alicia who was making a call.. And it was obvious she was talking to Amanda… “I’ll be back sir” the nurse said with a smile, switched on the TV then left the room… The room was a medium-sized all painted yellow with a big plasma TV hung on the wall just a bit at my left handside making it obvious I was in the VIP ward… Surprisingly the news channel was talking about me as they showed mob of people at the front of the hospital with different banners, “you must live”..”get well soon” and etc….i let out a smile that was killed off as Allison crossed my mind.. D–n she was kidnapped… The door was suddenly opened and Amanda walked in followed by the nis director…she tried to hold back the tears circling around her eyes as she held my right hand sitting beside me…

Amanda: Are you okay?
Me: I think so
Director: I told you just few bullets can’t kill him he smiled referring to Amanda
Amanda: but he’s human after all..
Director: welcome back 1202..
Me: they have Allison…

Director: the elite team are still searching for her whereabouts.. She will be found soon..
“that won’t do” I murmured trying to remove the small pin attached to my hand supplying me the water hung at the top of my bed while I was forcing my left leg off the bed with the aim of finding Allison at all cost… “no you are going nowhere, you are not fit yet” Amanda said holding me back.. “you are still not okay agent Jay, let the elite team do their job, it’s an order” the director ordered…

Director: I think we are dealing with a very powerful organization
Amanda: yea, seemed so..

Amanda gave me my phone and she later left with the nis director to do the duty of the First Lady..i unlocked my phone checking Allison’s picture with an extreme anger… “am going to kill you all” I murmured.. Alicia, the very beautiful nurse later entered carrying a tray of foods all covered.. D–n, I was having no appetite..”I brought your food sir” she said with a smile closing the door.. She fed me the food till I can’t take it anymore, she then injected me and I immediately fell asleep..

I suddenly woke up sweating even under the AC.. D–n, and I just died in my dream.. My vision suddenly became blurry as the result of the injection effect.. The door was later opened and a Alicia figure-like walked in and to my surprise, she headed to where I was lying with a great speed….She took out a syringe filled with strange yellow blurred stuff and raised her hand to purposely stab my chest when my blurred vision became very clear and Lo and behold it was jummy in Alicia’s uniform..i quickly held her hand with my right hand as we are both struggling with the syringe engaging in a physical strength competition..

Me: jummy?

Jummy: surprise?…you ignored the two options and chose the invisible third, and that’s losing your life.. she let out a struggling voice seems to be losing the fight
What?…she suddenly removed a pin from her hair then stabbed my right hand while I pushed her away with my right leg and she fell slightly hitting her head to the floor, yeah, my right hand was already bleeding…i quickly removed the pin connecting my body to the sachet water above me from my hand and rolled to my right side landing on the floor, I quicly managed to stand staggering and trying to maintain my balance .. She threw the pin which I evaded in a unique style and she jumped up drawing out a knife from her heel shoe..

Me: you shouldn’t have come here i said with an extreme anger

Jummy: why? I came to take your life with me..she said breathing up and down
Me: then go for it..

She attacked rolling the extremely sharp knife that surely marked my upper abdomen… She came attacking again and was hit by my super round house kick.. She fell on the floor and I landed my elbow on her neck.. I stood up staring angrily at her helpless body lying on the floor as she was vomiting blood, she tried to stand up but ended up lying back…
Me: who sent you?

Jummy: it’s better you don’t know she busted to laughter

I was so angry…”who sent you?” I shouted pinning her neck to the floor but suddenly she gasped for breath as loads of blood exited her mouth like a waterfall.. I let go of my grip to realise she bit her own tongue to death… D–n.. The door was suddenly opened and two bodyguards ran inside with few nurses.. D–n, I lost so much blood, yes adrenaline is the craziest reaction..

Three days later, I was in my room only thinking how to save Allison, it’s been 7days already and all our efforts to find her are completely useless… We tried to track her phone but it was dropped at the kidnapping scene.. The president has already returned to Nigeria as the rumour of Allison being his daughter already circulated the country and most of the people believed it..

They lebelled aso rock the presidential house a “joke” as a result of my relationship with Allison..”so the president’s daughter is dating her step mother’s brother”, “am still waiting for the big head president to legalize incest marriage” were the comments of people on the matter.. Chaii.. This is getting worse… I can’t believe I was called a hero yesterday and now a dumb a-s.. Surprisingly,i have already lost many followers on instagram..

I was viewing Allison pictures on instagram extremely missing her when I suddenly sighted the golden wrist watch I bought her beautifully fitted to her hand… Fortunately, GPS tracker was installed on the wrist watch connected to my phone… I quickly dialed Amanda’s number and she picked up immediately..

Amanda: Hi jay
Me: I think I found Allison
I didn’t wait for her to reply as I hung up immediately.. I quickly brought out my backpack from the wardrobe filled with all kind of tools and my special agent costume… “am coming for you” I murmured holding my small bio aim M16 rifle gun specially made in Russia..

Episode 17

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode

I quickly informed the nis director about the shocking update and I can feel how surprised and happy he was. “I’ll like to go alone sir” I said to him on the phone. “it’s dangerous even for you Jay” he replied…”I can do it sir” I said again getting more impatient. “I know your special skill is surprise attack but we don’t know what may happen, you can’t risk your life on this because of your personal feelings, you have your own assignment Jay and that’s protecting the firstlady” he replied shocking me.

Me: but sir…. he cut in
Director: send us the location and we will take care of it, stay away from this Jay, it’s an order.

Me: unde…rsto..od sir i stammered and he hung up

I angrily threw my phone on the bed and punched the wall in extreme anger, what to do now, Allison life may be endangered by moving in forces. “no I have to go” I thought to myself and quickly loaded my gun then brought out my special costume consisting of an hi top black shoe, a bulletproof black camo consisting of many holes for special knives and special equipments and lastly a bulletproof black jacket made specially by a murdered genius engineer in china.

I quickly placed my both foot in the very light soldier like boot after wearing the black camo, I was still shirtless when my door was suddenly opened and Amanda stormed inside.
Me: I found Allison i said putting on my black gloves

Amanda: and so you are going nowhere Jay
Me: I have to go Amanda, I’ll forever blame myself if something happens to her
Amanda: that doesn’t mean you should endanger your life
Me: my life is longer important since the day I woke up and made up my mind to protect my love ones
Amanda: you are doing this to prevent what happened to Ann aren’t you?, oh , yes I knew about her

I surprisingly stared at her, I wasn’t expecting her to mention that name, yes, Ann was my ex girlfriend, my first love… I still remembered vividly how those terrorists murdered her in cold blood.. I was given a mission to disguise as a real bodyguard and spy on Ann’s father that happens to be one of the most richest in Africa and whole world, his wealth cannot be counted but the nis heard of him dealing illegal drugs and so they wanted prove, Ann and I fell for each other not later than three months of my disguise but unfortunately the man mansion was raided without a notice by the terrorist he was dealing drugs with and he was killed with his whole family and everyone one in the mansion including Ann leaving me barely breathing… And yes, I have a chance to protect Allison which I wasn’t ready to let go from my grasp.

Me: how did y..ou know ab..out her?
Amanda: I told you I know everything about you but you cant act like this just because you wanted to protect her, you may die Jay..
Me: I’ll rather die Amanda.

Amanda: what about me? Have you ever even considered my feelings? You know I can’t live a day without you. I can’t let you go Jay, so am ordering you as my personal bodyguard.

Me: I’m sorry but I have to go, you can sack me when I return but if I don’t, I’m sorry
I put on the jacket and zipped up, I slipped the knives in the holes and strapped the gun by my right side.. Amanda angrily left in tears. I have to get to the location before the offensive team does.. I quickly exited the aso rock riding Honda CBR1100XX a super power bike with great speed and headed to the location which fortunately was still within the territory of Abuja city.

After spending a lot of kms on the road, finally I made my way into a very quiet and houseless area, yes, the GPS directed me inside an unbelievable jungle which I later found a mansion inside surprising me more, I entered the jungle on legs parking the bike by the road to avoid awareness creation due to the incredible loud engine sound of the bike.. The mansion which is the only hidden house in the jungle was fully loaded with Lights, the light shone brightly that everything can be clearly sighted… I stopped few metres to the house and quickly surveyed the front of the mansion with a microscope and I wasn’t surprise to see a very huge black guy with a rifle gun..

I quickly snuck behind the very tall fence, yes it was unclimbable with tons of big bulbs on it. I peeped at the front with my left eye and fortunately the huge man was backing me as the cigarette smoke blew away from the direction of his mouth, I stealthily snuck behind him and dug my knife in his neck and his blood surely splattered on my face making me dim my eyes and later wiped it away, I took the keys off him then opened the big black gate and I made my way inside the enormous compound holding my silenced pistol, the only house in the compound was designed surrounded with flowers and great cars can be sighted at the garage..

“stop right there” I heard a deep voice from my back…”put the gun down or I’ll blow your head off” the voice came to my hearing again..d–n,, I sluggishly put the gun down thinking on any available solution before its too late, “now hands up and slowly turn around” he said again, I quickly shot a knife right in his forehead turning with a great speed but he was fast to pull the trigger as the bullet hit my jacket, “I am wearing a bulletproof jacket fool” I said in my mind as he fell like the Goliath in the bible with blood covering his head.. I was trying to clear up his body when I was surrounded by five gun men all pointing their deadly gun towards me. “you looking for this” one of them said showing me the wristwatch..

Gunman: so you are alive..and you think we wouldn’t have found out about the wristwatch, we have been waiting for you to walk in the trap, would have been great if we are on thesame side, I love your attacking style but unfortunately you will die here today..
I was forced to kneel as the other four surrounded me with guns pointed at my head and the fifth one, yes, he was the one that stopped one of the gunman from killing me claiming I’ll die anyway at Allison’s kidnapping scene.. He left the circle watching from few steps away.. “Get me his attire when he’s dead” he shouted from where he was standing laughing like a madman.

They were about to pull the trigger but weren’t fast enough as I dropped a flash grenade and they surprisingly shot themselves out of blindness while I successfully escaped the danger and I get hold of the fifth guy amidst the smoky air… I attacked his vital point and he fell to the floor, he was surprised to see me standing before him as the air became clearer.

Me: where is Allison? Tell me or I’ll kill you right now

He suddenly busted to laughter taking my anger to a New level..

Gunman: she’s not the one he wanted and so she’s of no use, she might have even been killed, he won’t rest until he get what he wanted…

He started laughing but suddenly started gasping for breath as blood streamed out of his mouth making it obvious he bit his own tongue to death… I later left the dark jungle and headed aso rock,, I made my way inside aso rock and quietly and quickly entered my room, the nis director call came in few minutes later.

Director: I gave you an order to stay still but you dare to ignore my order?
Me: it was a trap, they have been waiting for us sir,

Director: sighed I won’t forgive you for this rude action. hung up
I wiped my face in frustration still in my special costume as I was sitting on my bed.. I was trying to look for God knows on internet when a topic caught my attention “the truth behind the president’s wife brother”…chaii,, but before I could click on it to read the full details, a new message struck my phone and the content was “WELLDONE” from an hidden number..what?…

Episode 18

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I was more than surprised to find out my identity has been revealed and yes, the news was now all over the internet while people immediately started reacting, chaii.

Even though I can’t really fully understand the message sent to me from the hidden number but I was sure it has a deep scary meaning.. I later fell asleep unknowingly and was woken up by a call from the nis director in the morning.. I quickly picked it..

Me: sir
Director: your cover has been blown. You have to lay low and maintain a ghost profile for now, hence rescuing Allison is not your mission so I’ll advice you to stick with your mission to avoid a great punishment, as for the punishment of your rude behaviour, we’ll settle that after this mission, be careful they are dangerous hung up
I collapsed on my bed still in my special costume, d–n.. I later removed the costume and put it back in it place, I then entered the bathroom and have my bath, I later stepped inside my room and clad in a simple clothes, I unlocked my phone to realise I have missed three calls from an unsaved number, I calmed my breath then dial the number and the person picked it at the third ring.. “Hi jay” the voice was a complete match with the president’s..

Me: sir?
President: I know am not in charge of you and I didn’t possess the authority to order you around but I have a favour to ask
Me: what’s that sir?

President: please find Allison and save her.
Me: but I was ordered out of the mission sir
President: that’s why I called it a favour Jay
Me: at your service sir.. I’ll save her, with my life sir.. hung up

I really pitied the poor president, he have to travelled to China to strengthen our alliance to prove the rumour about Allison being his daughter wrong and keep his position as the president ,yes it worked as many started believing him but few were still calling him a stupid dad ignoring his daughter… My door was suddenly opened and Amanda walked inside with a bumshort and a white Louis Vuitton underwear like top.. I then calmly stood up “good morning ma” I bowed. She frowned her face standing behind my door but she later suddenly revealed her beautiful smile, walked to where I was standing like a fixed street light then hugged me. “thank God you are alive” she said still hugging me. We later disengaged then sat on my bed sitting closing all gaps between us.

Amanda: why don’t you just leave the rescue mission to the rescue team.
Me: I have been ordered out, now Allison’s fate lies in the hands of the rescue team i lied

Amanda: it’s a relief you won’t be endangering your life anymore, I heard you were trapped and was almost killed yesterday. Please don’t take rash action like that anymore and just stay with me and me only holding my hand
Me: as you wish ma i pretended
Amanda: now that your identity has been revealed, I guess we won’t be going out together very often anymore. I’ll miss you Jay, see you in my room tonight she pecked me then walked out looking back repeatedly
I later went back to the mansion in the forest alone without anybody knowing to find any clue regarding where they are holding Allison captive, I was extremely surprised to find out the whole building has already been demolished, d–n. I was too late.

I was in my room at night thinking on any possible solution to save Allison. I was still thinking about this when Amanda call came in.. Yes, I understand why she was calling..winks.. I later picked the call.. “Jay we have a problem” she said on the phone scaring me with the tone,, “what do you mean” I replied.. “I am… Come to my room now Jay please” she said.. I quickly wore my black tank top then dashed to her room, I entered her room then immediately closed the door, yes she was sitting on her bed staring at the paper she was holding… “she fooled me again?” I curiously asked in my mind…chaii..”whatsup” I said sitting beside her while she handed me the paper without replying.. It was the result of a pregnancy test that happens to be positive.. Why is she showing me this..

Me: wh..at’s t..his i stammered
Amanda: can’t you see?
Me: yeah, I see it’s the result of a pregnancy test but I can’t understand why you are showing me

Amanda: I am six weeks pregnant jay
Me: you’re what? Pregnant?. Wow congratulations, but you should be showing this to the father, I think Mr President will be very happy to hearthis.
Amanda: the father is right here holding the test result paper
Me: what do y..ou mean?
Amanda: you know in your mind that’s the truth, you’re the only one I did it with since I was hitched with him. My doctor said I may not live if I try abortion.
Me: so what are we going to do?
Amanda: I think we are left with only a choice, we have to leave this country..
Me: how can I run away with a whole president wife, I’m not crazy Amanda, they’ll find us and once they do we die.
Amanda: we have no time Jay, we have to do something very fast
Me: it’s okay, I’ll think of something.
She placed her head on my chest and I wrapped my hand around her with my chest beating “danger danger”.. I later went to my room then worriedly collapsed on my bed. “It was saving Allison only before, now my life has become more complicated” I thought to myself. D–n…. I was still on this when a call struck my phone, it was an hidden number, I quickly started my call recorder then answered the call..”Agent Jay” a 60% deep voice said on the phone..”who are you?” I replied…”I’m the one you’ve been looking for” he replied laughing…
Person: you are a very tough one, I give you that

Me: cut the crap, where the hell is Allison?
Person: oh, your eenie-meenie lover, here she is

“Jay” Allison said on the phone, “Allie?” I replied standing up from my bed.. “Jay no matter what happens to me you shouldn’t come to save me, they’ll kill you……aargh” she shouted as I heard the 60% deep voice owner calling her a b—h.. “what are you doing to her” I shouted angrily.. “calm down Mr lover, it was just a slap” he replied laughing..

Me: I’ll make you regret this. i vowed angrily

Person: really?, you think I just called you so you can speak with your lovey dovey lover, I called to negotiate agent, you have what I want, I have what you want..
Me: what do you mean?

Person: Amanda, give me Amanda I’ll give you back your lover, I’ll call you back in the next five days. Remember, if I smell anything fishy, she dies. hung up

I stopped the recording, I knew immediately that sending the recording to the nis headquarter will put Allison in a great danger so I was left with no choice than to delete the recording. “Allison I promise I’ll save you even if I have to die” I said to myself frowning at my innocent phone..

Episode 19


Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I kept the call a secret and secretly finding some solutions on saving Allison also dealing with the pregnant Amanda. The president came back to Nigeria three days later and almost all citizens welcomed him joyfully, yes he regained the trust of civilians by moderating our curve alliance with China, Japan and France just within a month, this made him the best out of the other presidents who are more or less fraudsters,, the president called me the day he arrived and asked me about the update and yes I told him about the call excluding Amanda part to let him know Allison was still alive..

I was in my room at night thinking about so many ways to save Allison, I was ordered to protect Amanda not to get her killed, “no, I just can’t hand over Amanda, it’s not possible” I thought to myself sitting on my bed with tons of thought streaming in my head, Amanda call suddenly landed on my phone and I picked it immediately..

Amanda: Jay we have to see, come to my room

Me: can we do that another time, I’m kind of busy

Amanda: this is what you are saying since last three days, Jason are you perhaps avoiding me?, no I think you are definitely avoiding me and you have been doing this since I broke the news, you can’t do this to me Jason crying

D–n, why won’t she just leave me alone, “I really made a huge mistake” I said to myself biting my left middle finger,,,,

Me: okay calm down, I’ll be there right away hung up

I sluggishly get up, sighed then went to her room, I entered then closed the door as she was sitting on the bed as usual playing with her nails.. “so why do you call me” I asked not sitting down. She stared at me for few seconds before standing up and held my hand. “I miss you Jason” she replied….”but the president is around, I shouldn’t be staying any longer Amanda” I replied trying to let her understand..”it’s not wrong to be missing and wanting to see the father of my child is It Jason?” she asked running her hand around my chest, I knew something unexpected was about to unfold…”it’s right but the situation is different amanda” I replied trying to get her hands off my chest…

I was still in the process of getting her hands off me when she locked her lip with mine and my hard bone became soft as I embrace the kiss caressing her neck, “what” we heard the president’s voice from the direction of the door, we quickly disengaged and looking at the direction was the president staring in awe as he was staring at us agape, d–n when did he even open the door.. Chaii..

President: so the pregnancy that the doctor was referring to belong to this animal in human body referring to me
He suddenly held his chest then slowly and gradually fell on the floor, yes he was suffering from heart problem and it seemed the situation worsen his condition as he collapsed on the floor making it obvious he had an heart attack..

Amanda: go Jason, get out now she shouted holding the still in shock me
Me: wh..at ab…she cut in

Amanda: I’ll take care of this just get out before someone sees you she shouted again

She pushed me out and I quickly and stylishly dashed to my room hearing her from afar shouting for help, d–n, it’s so over for me. I was pacing around my room with my finger in my mouth wondering what will happen to the president and to me when he wakes up. Chaii, am so dead… It was later revealed his condition has so much worsen elevating him to coma.. 80% of me was happy and the other 20% was battled with conscience
I brought out a USB flash from my special bag, yes the flash was containing many documents and it was given to me by Ann’s dad a day before he died, it contains all original documents of his companies around the world, yes I could become a billionaire in a second, for a while I thought of running away with Amanda and use the content in the USB flash, I could become CEO of many companies previously held by greedy and fake people but I have to save Allison first…i was sitting on my bed at the night on the fourth day after we all visited the president full of thoughts when nis director call landed on my phone and I quickly picked it..

Me: sir
Director: Jay, I have a good news and a bad news
Me: go on sir
Director: we captured some of the terrorists and we investigated them, the bad news is, they bit their tongue to death, that’s not really funny,, I hope we find Allison soon, protect the First Lady at all cost hung up
Did he just called me for this rubbish?, d–n..Amanda suddenly entered my room and rushed to where I was finally sitting,, “Jason what do we do?” she asked shaking my body.. “we are dead once he’s awake, we have to leave Jay” she pleaded…

Me: we can’t do that Amanda and I have to save Allison.

Amanda: there is no time Jay, we only have two options, we kill him or we leave.

Me: how can you think of killing the president and we can’t run away, he will hunt us down Amanda, we are not safe
Amanda: you don’t understand Jason, you are not safe, nobody is safe
Me: what do you mean?

Amanda: I think it’s time I tell you the truth about myself

My phone suddenly started ringing and it was nis director again, why is this man calling like this, he must be gay or he’s mad.. I picked it
Nis director: the president is dead jay
Me: what? i shouted

Nis director: he was murdered, poison was found in his system, this time you have to protect the First Lady with all your might, be careful, no one knows yet, keep this a secret hung up

“what happened jay?” Amanda asked worriedly and full of curiosity…”the president is dead Amanda, he was murdered” I replied.. A message suddenly struck my phone, I checked the inbox and it says “we are just getting started, you have few hours to go”…what?

Episode 20

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode.

The president’s death was kept a secret as they were rigorously searching for the culprit and I kept the message I received a secret from Amanda even it was so obvious she was suspecting me but I still kept the act on,, I was in my room the next day at night thinking about what the terrorists will do to Allie after killing her father, I later made up my mind to go find them alone, I don’t want to put Amanda in danger.. I sat in my room waiting for his(kidnapper) call when Amanda stormed into my room and quickly closed the door breathing heavily..

Me: what’s happening?
Amanda: I think it’s high time I told you the truth

Me: what do you mean? standing up
Amanda: Jason, I think I killed the president
Me: what? i shouted

Amanda: I did it for us Jay, the guy I sent has been caught and it’s a matter of time before he reveals my name

Me: you shouldn’t have done that Amanda, I think you should surrender, your sentence may be minimized

Amanda: Jason I can’t go-to prison, we are in this together, I goto prison you follow me..
Me: are you threatening me?

Amanda: no I’m not sweetheart, Just think about it, I have your baby kicking in my stomach,,please do something, I’m begging you she held my hand crying profusely
Yes, Amanda in trouble? I’m also in trouble, I had no choice, the fact that she’s carrying my baby still stands, Chaii..”okay grab your stuffs, let’s leave here” I said calmly.. “are you sure about this” she asked..”now if you don’t want us in prison” I replied and she rushed outside in tears while I packed my tools and important clothes in my back pack…Amanda killed the president, and this blocked me from understanding his(kidnapper) last text,,…my phone suddenly started ringing and I quickly picked the call from an unsaved number..
“please are you Mrs Collin son?” the thin feminine voice asked on the phone…”yes I am” I replied with a shaken voice.. “I’m calling from Baptist hospital in akure” she added.. “ok..ay” I stammered..”she was rushed here yesterday night and we managed to remove the bullets in her body but I’m sorry she gave up the ghost” she continued…what?…phone slipped from my hand then fell on the floor as tears trickled down my eyes,,,so that was what he meant by the text, d–n..Amanda who just entered picked up my phone..

Amanda: something wrong?
Me: they killed my mother
She placed her palm over her mouth staring at me with pity, “I’ll kill them all” I said angrily then I took my back pack and headed out while Amanda held me back then hugged me.. “I’m so sorry Jason, but you can’t go without any plan, you’ll get yourself killed” she said still hugging me.. I can’t stop the tears from flowing for some minutes, she’s too precious to me I can’t lose her but d–n I have already did, “I’ll give them hell” I concluded in my mind.. We disengaged then quickly exited the building, we evacuated aso rock in Amanda’s bmw car with me driving.. We are still on the road when the director call came in.
Me: sir?

Director: I know you are with the First Lady, please bring her ASAP for interrogation or we assume you are in this together
Me: do what you want old man
Director: did I heard you say something?
Me: and shut the f–k up i hung up
“I’m so sorry, it’s my fault” Amanda who was sitting beside me said with pain all over her eyes.. “no it’s not, it’s mine for not taking you away when you first said” I patted her shoulder trying to keep her calm but the truth is she’s not really at fault, only if I did not do what I did with her,, yeah, it’s over for me and my career already..

Amanda: what do you think we do? Go-to to airport? I have already have our flight booked
Me: that’s so smart of you but the airports would have been alerted and we will be caught once we make an attempt to leave the country and besides I’ll save Allison, I’m going nowhere without her..

Amanda: what do we do now?
Me: sleep in the car till morning.. Amanda the truth is they want you, the terrorist, they want you in exchange for Allison..

Amanda: so are you planning to exchange me for her?

Me: I was assigned to protect you not to exchange you for someone else or get you killed..and besides you are carrying my baby, I don’t want a kid without mother…

Amanda who was already in emotional tears hugged me tightly as I have already parked the car at the left side of a very big bridge,,I quickly rushed out of the car after we disengaged then removed the plate numbers and threw them in the river.. I quickly made my way inside the car then drove off,, a call on my phone woke me up the nextday in the drivers seat while Amanda was sleeping at the backseat in the car parked beside a very large forest in a quiet area,, the ringtone woke us both.. It’s was an hidden number calling, I smirked knowing who it was

Me: where are we meeting?

Person: I see you’ve been waiting for my call, I heard you guys killed the president, you are full of surprises laughs
Me: shut the hell up and text me the address i hung up

He immediately texted me the address and included to meet him at 11am, “just wait for 3hours Allie” I thought to myself…. “jason” Amanda called my name giving me her phone,, yes it was the news about us killing the president and ran away showing vividly on her phone screen, our pictures was every where on internet.. D–n,, “I think saving Allison is the only choice we have, saving Allison means alot and she may help us” I said and Amanda agreed…” you don’t need to tag along Amanda” I added.. “we go together, you die, we die together” she replied rubbing my shoulder from the back seat…three hours seemed like a year and we had to leave the place to avoid been caught…11am am clocked as anticipated and we headed to the location found in Abuja surprisingly… The address took us to an uncompleted building in a new rural, houseless and a very quiet area..
We parked outside and cautiously entered the uncompleted already roofed big hall building,,, yes, tons of gunmen were inside with only a differently dressed guy of about 37 with a dark shade sitting on a wood chair with the gun men beside him , I immediately recognized the guy as Chris,,the brutal terrorist that was disturbing Nigeria, but he’s already dead, how come?..”so you brought her” he said.. “yes I did” I replied.. He busted to laughter and ordered me to drop my gun and yes I did.. We were forced on our knees.. Chris walked to where we were kneeling with two gunmen standing right beside us and super-punched my mouth, I felt blood gushing out of my mouth and yes I smiled instead..
Chris: you remember me don’t you?

I was the agent assigned to finish him up once upon a time and yes I succeeded then,, I remembered shooting him and he fell inside the river,, I just don’t understand how he is alive

Chris: you are so stupid to come here knowing you will die
“am I?” I asked raising my eye brow as I quickly dug the knife in the foot of the gunman standing beside me and Amanda finished the one beside her while I smiled in my mind then gave Chris a sweep kick pointing my golden pistol which I have taken back on the floor to his head.. I raised him with my gun stuck to his head while he was laughing telling his men not to shoot.. “you are smart, I’ll give you that” he said.. “shut up, now where is Allie?” I asked shouting.. He busted to laughter, the sound of a fired gun and Amanda screams made me look back, yes Amanda was shot in the leg, and the shooter, Allison?..what? Chris gave me a stomach rumbling kick which sent me flying back as I was lost in confusion..i quickly managed to stand up and rushed to where Amanda was shouting in pain.. Allison, clad in a black attire then walked to where I was helping Amanda with the pain..
Me: Allison what are you doing?
Allison: Hey jay
Me: we came to save you, why are you doing this?

Allison: no, you walked in my trap Jay, about your mother, Chris did that, he said you two have unfinished business,, I planned all these Jay, Just to get this b—h but it was so hard to get her cuz you are by her side so I thought about this plan.. I’m sorry Jay, I never loved you, Chris is my fiance. But Jay, I’ll like to give you a chance to leave..

Me: I’m not leaving without her..
Amanda: then I guess both of you will die here,, you destroyed my family, your name on all my father’s properties and yet you killed him, I’m not gonna forgive you b—h referring to Amanda

She aimed at Amanda and immediately pulled the trigger but I was fast to block the bullet from reaching her with my body, I groaned in pain and quickly turned back to fight when Chris fired another bullet at me, I knelt facing Allison and Chris with tears dripping down my eyes and I can see traces of tears in Allison’s eyes while Amanda was shouting my name, Chris became angrier seeing tears on Allison face and her hand shaking as she pointed the gun at me.. I straightened up my mid finger folding the others, a f–k you symbol, this got Chris more infuriated and he released another bullet yet again while I fell on the floor as everything gradually went blank…

That was not the end?
was it?, that was the beginning of the end..



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