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Today, I will be going to school for the last time to see my two best friends before moving to my new school, oh!!! I forgot to mention, in the last academic session I won a scholarship as the brightest student from jss1 to ss1 to continue my ss2 in another school in Abuja and coincidentally, my uncle, uncle mark lived there with his wife and son, he was my father’s younger brother, and so moving in with them was the best choice. I wasn’t willing to accept the scholarship, because I didn’t like changing schools, but because of my dad’s opinion I had no other choice but to buckle up for the change that was about to happen in my life. So, on this Friday morning I had done the normal daily routine of humans which was brushing, bathing, eating, dressing up and other things you could imagine, I left my grandma at home to collect my admission letter. I boarded a commercial bus to my school and when I got there the first people I met were Maxwell and Philip, people called us the three idiots, partners in crime, brother in arms, but what I love to call our circle of three was friends. Seeing them they didn’t have the cheerful look that they often had in their face every morning, I couldn’t help but feel bad because their sadness really affected me too, when I got to them, we just stood there motionlessly for about three minutes looking at each other, then Maxwell asked me, so when will you be leaving? Tomorrow, I already have my bags packed up came my reply, and he was like, so soon I thought you might stay for like four days before going travelling there.

My dad insisted that I must go as soon as possible in other to start the term since I have already lost one week session of the 1st term already I replied him sadly. Philip who hadn’t spoken since my arrival, then said, c’mon guys cheer up, it’s just two years from now, although it’s going to be hard not seeing you Josh we will still be in touch with each other, we must enter the same university together after all we are brothers for life. His words kind of relished us, so started talking while they escorted me to the principal’s office to get my new school’s admission letter, I haven’t even known the name of the school, sounds funny huh? Well am about to find out.

When we got to the principal’s office they stayed outside while I went in. In the office, sited on the chair was Mr Williams Shaw, a man in his late sixties, he was the principal of Graceland academy, he always had this stern look on his face that always act as a symbol of discipline but each moment he saw me his face tends to loosen up a little, and today was not an exception, Good afternoon sir, I greeted him while standing, not daring to sit on the empty sits in the office, how are you today Joshua, came his reply, am fine sir I said with a smile plastered on my face, he told me to sit down, so are you preparing to go to your new school, yes sir, I have already prepared to travel to Abuja, so I am kind off anxious to know the name of my new school I told him. He didn’t say anything but gave me an envelope, I opened the envelop curiously and saw a paper inside, this paper was an admission letter, in the paper the name of my new school, address and other things which I needed for entry into the school was written there. My new school by name was Greenfield College, school fees, text books and other learning materials were already covered by Graceland academy, also it contained the school anthem, dress code, rules and regulations.

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