Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1



I smiled 2 d taxi driver as i gave him a huge tip

I was in a good mood dat i came home so early

I had good news 4 my husband

I opened d gate nd saw a strange car parked in d park

I frowned

It looked like celine’s car

I became suspicious nd i began 2 tip-toe towards d house

I opened d door slowly nd entered

I removed my shoes nd walked up-stairs quietly

As i walked towards our master bedroom,i began 2 hear deep throaty moans





F–k me..!

F–k me..!

My heart was pounding fast nd hard

It was celine’s voice

Deep down i was hearing dele’s moans too

I reached d doorknob nd opened it slowly without a noise

Lo nd behold

I saw my husband nd celine naked as d day they were born..

My dele pounding into my best friend


Celine was on her knees in a doggy stlye nd my husband was behind

His hands on her hair pulling her close 2 himself

I was so shocked

I couldn’t cry nor laugh

My handbag dropped nd dat drew their attention…

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