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They are so committed that they had the entire basement converted into their own personal mirror lined dance studio with a small bedroom and ensuite at one end.

Mum and Dad always hosted the annual family get-together, mostly so that they could show off their fantastic dancing skills. I was especially looking forward to this year’s event as I was bringing my girlfriend along for the first time. Although we have been together for about 3 years (and living together for the past 8 months) Sharon has never been able to make it previously because she is a nurse and has had to work. Usually both sides of the family come over and it’s usually a great day with all the grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins catching up, overeating and getting pissed. Just before lunch my parents usually put on their latest dancing routine. They have been together for so many years now that they just melt into each other and instinctively know what the other is doing. I never tire of watching them and have often wished that I could dance they way they do. This year was another successful reunion and Sharon and I stayed behind to help with the cleanup after everyone had gone. When we had finished we all sat down for one last drink before Sharon and I headed for home. “I wish I could dance like you guys,” I said to both mum and dad “yeah!” echoed Sharon, “you are fantastic” “Well, why don’t you both go along to the club for some lessons” said Dad “you know your mum and I can help you at other times. It wont take long and you will be dancing just like us.” “Its not that easy Dad. We have discussed it before and Sharon cannot commit to anything because of her work. You know how she works odd hours and is on call. Its just not possible” “I feel awful,” said Sharon “because I know how much Tony would love to dance properly. I even suggested that he go by himself, but he won’t do that either.” “Well I have a solution” chipped in mum “how would you like to learn with your Aunt Jane?” Aunt Jane is my Dad’s youngest sister. She is about 7 years younger than Dad, which would make her 36, and is married to a great guy named Barry (Bazza for short) and have two children of their own, both girls, aged 9 and 7.

“Jane told me last week”, mum continued, “that she and Barry went to classes but it didn’t go very well. Apparently Bazza has two left feet and just couldn’t get the tempo, so they just gave up. I could ask her if she would be interested in teaming up with you Tony.” “That sounds like a great idea” said Sharon “that way you and your Aunt Jane both get to learn” “Hold on, hold on, guys. I’m not sure I want to go dancing with my aunt” I sneered, “What would other people think? And besides, AJ (when I got older I started to Aunt Jane just AJ) may not wish to be seen with her nephew either.” “Don’t be silly” said Sharon “its not like you are going to be out with your mates or anything. Its just dancing lessons” “Let me think about it” I replied, “I’m just unsure, OK?” Diplomatic Dad then thankfully changed the topic and after about another hour Sharon and I said our farewells and headed off to our own place. I thought nothing more about the conversation until three weeks later when Sharon picked up a telephone call in the kitchen.

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