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(Who am I)

“Daisy, why can’t you just get this? You’ve been a ballerina for almost five years and yet you can’t stand on your toes properly? What the hell is wrong with you?!!!” Her teacher scolded her

Daisy is 22 years old, she wants to become a ballerina so much but she doesn’t even know how to stand on toes just like many ballerinas do

Her parents pas-sed away five years ago,her father died in a plane crash and her mother died of shock

Her parents used to be rich but when they pas-sed away, she ran into debt and started living in a rented room

She did many jobs to feed herself and pay for her ballerina clas-s

She’s a very determined lady

“I’m sorry” she said and her teacher scoffed

“That’s all you do say every time, aren’t you tired of being sorry, if you can’t get it just quit and st©p being a hindrance to other students here” her teacher yelled at her before leaving to other students

A student ran in screaming

“Hey, Dan is coming” she yelled and everyone started doing one thing or the other pretending to be busy

Dan is the only child of the CEO of Ultra Ballerina company

He is 24 years old, he is a spoilt br@t who doesn’t care about others

His quote is always ‘Die If you want to die, I won’t save you’

He is number one rude j£rk, since his parents are Rich, he thinks the world revolves around him

He enjoys life more than any other thing

He always have people who do things for him and when he is going out to catch fun, He has many b©dyguards following him

He is also the type who doesn’t expo-se his face,wherever he is going, he always cover his face with mask, so no one in the ballerina company knows how their young master looks like

Some people spre-ad rumours saying he doesn’t show his face because he is ugly but they were absolutely wrong

If you were given gold and silver for being handsome and cute, Dan will receive so many of it

Dan walked inside the company ,checking throu-gh every room but he was surprised to see everyone busy

He was actually looking for someone to kick out

He walked into the room where Daisy was and saw everyone busy

Well…everyone except a girl who was standing with tears gathered in her eyes and that was Daisy

“Hey,you” he pointed
“Me?” Daisy pointed at herself and turned around to see if he was talking to someone else

“Yes you,why aren’t you doing anything”he asked

Embarras-sed by the way everyone stared at her,she stared at the ground

” get out” Dan said and everyone g@sped


“Get out and don’t ever come back to this company” he said, the teacher moved to him and slightly bowed

“Dan, I’m sorry to say this but Daisy is just a trainee here,as you can see,this room is for trainees who are just getting add!çted to ballerina” the teacher said

“So? Is that why she isn’t doing anything? Kick her out or you will get fired instead” Dan said and the teacher sighed

“I’m sorry, I will kick her out of that is what you want”

In the twi-nkling of an eye, the teacher kicked Daisy out of the company and threw her bag at her

“Don’t ever return to this company!!” She yelled

Daisy stood up from the ground and carried her bag as she dusted her cloth

“Dan…that evil j£rk, who does he think he is to kick me out” She said as she sniffed back her tears and walked home

She was about to enter when she saw Mrs Luna ,her landlady who lives just downstairs her house sitting in from of her house like she had come to s£nt her packing or something

“Ma’am,what are you doing here?” She asked with all respect in her voice

Mrs Luna is just the second commandant of the devil

She owns a restaurant nearby and has a son who is a year younger than Daisy

She loves complaining and she looks more older than her age

“Daisy, I have so many onions to peel today, why don’t you help” she said and dump a basket of onion before Daisy who gro-an ed

“Why? You don’t wanna do it? Remember you haven’t paid last month rent, should……”

“No,i never said I wasn’t doing it” Daisy interrupted and started peeling the onions

Dan walked out of the company with his secretary beside him and his b©dyguards behind him

“Young master, I think your grandmother has something to say to you, she wishes to see you” Secretary Fred said

“My grandmother? Why does she wants to see me? I should go see her before she starts ma-king me uncomfortable again” he said and collected the car key from Secretary Fred

“I wish to go alone, you guys should go back home and inform mom and Dad” he said and entered the car

“But we can’t leave you young master” secretary Fred said and he glared at him

“Then do you wish to leave your job?” He threatened

“No, plea-se drive safely” Secretary Fred said and moved back

Dan started the engine and drove off, he had alre-ady gotten so far when he noticed that something was wrong with the car

Apparently, someone had tampered with the br@ke

He suddenly couldn’t control the car anymore

On a high speed,the door opened and threw Dan out of the car

He fell on the floor and hit his head ha-rd on a rock

Mrs Luna was coming back from her restaurant when she noticed a man lying in the bush

She moved closer and was shocked to see a young man lying in a pool of blood

“Excuse me, sir,are you okay?” She said and screamed for help


Dan was rushed to the hospital and the doctor c@m£ with more bad news

“I’m sorry to say this but I think the man you brou-ght has Amnesia” the doctor said and Daisy arched her brow

Mrs Luna had called Daisy and her son, Drex to meet her at the hospital

“Amnesia, you mean he lost his memory?” Drex asked and the doctor nod

“Then can we go see him now?” Daisy asked

“Of course”

They all walked to his ward and saw him slee-ping

“Oh my goodness, all my life,I’ve never seen anyone has handsome as this” Drex g@sped

“I know right? That was exactly why I saved him,if I make him work in my restaurant, his face will attra-ct more customers” Mrs Luna said and smiled

“Daisy, let him stay with you” She said and Daisy looked at her like she just heard something wrong

“What did you say?”

“I said you should let him live with you” Mrs Luna repeated

“Why should I?you were the one who saved him,you also have many empty rooms where he can stay so why should I let him live with me” Daisy said,raising her voice a little

“Are you raising your voice at him?” Mrs Luna yelled at her and the noise made Dan to open his eyes

“What’s up with the noise” he gro-an ed as he sat up

He looked up and saw some strange faces staring at him

“Who are this ugly people?” He asked and Daisy scoffed

“Did you just say ugly?” Drex asked ,upset

“What am I doing here?” Dan asked and held his head
“Are you okay? Does your head hurts?” Mrs Luna asked and wanted to t©uçh him but he shifted

“How dare you!” He said in an arrogant tone

“I just wanted to check if your b©dy was burning up” Mrs Luna said

“How dare you try to t©uçh me? Do you know who I am?” He yelled and they all stared at each other with shock

“What the heck!? I thought the doctor said he lost his memory, he looks okay to me” Daisy said

“Who are you?” Drex asked
“I am….” Dan said confidently as they moved all leaned forward to listen to what the Almighty Dan had to say

“I am….”
“Yes?you are?”

“I am….” He st©pped and looked around

“Wait a minute, who am I?” He asked

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