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( He is a girl ???)

“Ivy, I’m leaving ” Rose, ivy’s best friend and housemate called waking her up

“Are you leaving now? ” she asked as she walk out of her room Rose nod

Rose is a makeup artist, she do makeup for the band (Skyes ) when they want to release a music video or when they want to perform on stage

“Good for you, you can see Skyes members everyday because you are their makeup artist, I haven’t even seen them before ” Ivy said pushing out her lower lips

“I want Chris autograph especially ” she said and Rose scoffed

“What is so special about Chris to you? I prefer kai to him ” Rose said and Ivy banged her hand on the table

“Stop comparing my chris with Kai, He looks like a girl unlike Chris who is more manly and fitted ” She said and Rose shook her head

“Whatever, I’m going, I don’t want to be late ” Rose said and turned to leave but ivy stopped her

“Rose, do you think i should also become a member of the group so that I can see Chris everyday ” She said and Rose sighed with frustration

“Skyes is a boy group, I believe you know that ”

“I know, I can just disguise like a guy ” She said and Rose hit her on the head

“Have you gone crazy ” Rose said and walked out of the house


Chris, Kai, Audrey and Hayden all sat in the dressing room chatting as Rose applied their makeup

“Hey, the director told me he wants a new member in the group ” Audrey said and Hayden scoffed

“That’s nonsense ”

“He said four members are not enough, he wants us to be five ” Chris added

“I don’t like it, What do you think Kai? ” Hayden asked Kai who was busy playing games on his phone

“I don’t like it too ” he replied, his gazed fixed on the game

“Why do you bother asking him? He hates any step our director takes ” Chris grinned and they all laughed except kai

Rose phone started ringing and she opened her bag to check but a picture of Ivy Fell down.

“Wow, who is this pretty lady? ” Audrey asked as he picked up the picture

“She’s a friend of mine, she’s also a fan of your group, but she specially likes Chris ” Rose said and Chris smiled

“Really? She should get my autograph then ” he said and did his signature inside a sheet and handed it to Rose

“Please deliver this to her ”

“Alright, thanks ” Rose said as she walked out of the dressing room with her makeup kit

Kai sighed and laid his back on his chair

“Hey kai, I haven’t been seeing Lucy, your girlfriend around this days, did you guys break up ” Audrey said and they all laughed

“She’s not my girlfriend, I’m getting tired of this world because of her ” Kai said and they all laughed at him again

Ivy cut her hair into men’s style and put on a crazy jean and a T shirt

“Alright, I look like a guy now ” She said and smiled

“I don’t really get why I’m doing this ” she said to herself as she carried her bag and took a cab to Gys entertainment industry

She walked inside and saw so some celebrities she have never seen in reality chatting with themselves

“I can’t believe this ” she gasped

She looked at the television screen and saw Skyes performing on stage

“They are so hot, especially my chris, hang in there Chris, I’m going to win this audition and become closer to you ” she said with confidence

“Excuse me ” she heard Rose voice but she didn’t look at her

“Excuse me ” Rose said again and turned her to herself

When she saw ivy, her eyes widened with shock

“Are you crazy?! ” She yelled and ivy Shrugged

“What are you trying to do right now, don’t tell me it’s what I’m thinking ” Rose half yelled

“it is. I’m planning to become a member of skyes ” She said and Rose mouth opened with shock

“Have you really lost your mind, if anyone finds out you are a girl, you will be good as dead ” Rose scolded and she smirked

“Don’t worry, I won’t ever get caught, never ” she smiled and checked her wriswatch

“My name is Jason Aldean not Ivy okay?? ” She said and Rose stared with shock again

“You are even changing your name? ”

“Of course, don’t worry about me, the audition will soon begin ” she said and left Rose in a shocked state


Skyes members walked to their dorm after their stage performance as they all collapsed on the couch

“I heard someone has been chosen to be the fifth member ” Audrey said and Chris scoffed

“Mr director really meant it? ”

“Of course, I heard he is very handsome ” Hayden said

“I don’t like the idea ” Kai said busy playing games on his phone

“Neither do I, but we have no option since that’s what our producer want ” Chris said

“But who is the guy? ” Hayden asked and the door opened

Ivy entered with her hands both inside her pocket

She moved closer to them and sighed

“Hi, I’m Jason Aldean, I’m a guy ” she said and they all looked at themselves

“Of course, we know you are a guy ” Audrey replied

“I passed the audition so I will be the fifth member of skyes, i hope we get along well” she said and smiled to herself looking at Chris

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