Brought From The Village

Episode 1

Samson I told you, you won’t hear “Chelsea na confirm .o boy “you better go change your club to Chelsea ” rotimi pick his phone laughing
‘Abeg let me hear word Biko ” Samson look annoyed and switch off the TV ”
he done vex oooooooo “chai! You won’t salute for your master ” rotimi kept laughing “4.0”

I feel so excited baje” he hit him with pillow “omo Yoruba. come dey go “my wife go soon come ”

ehn! Ehn “so you sending me away ” no whala ” rotimi stood up dusting his shirt ”
you see Mr man .sit first, make we discussed maturely “when are you going to marry “Samson look serious.

Abeg,abeg” you yourself can’t say you happy with the woman you got married to “abi. Is it not because of her you chasing me home “rotimi stood up picking his car key ”

you Better go and Marry womanizer “until shalom start calling you uncle abi .
Let her call me oooooooo “I never ready Mr man ” he opened the door to leave ”
rotimi, rotimi ” Samson spoke after him and watch him started the car ” wait self Samson” what about your cook sola “I like that lady ass” he described smiling
you would never change “Samson turn to leave inside “Mr man am serious Biko “Wetin dey do this one self ” he whined up and watch the gate man open hurriedly ………………………

he pick Sandra in front of the hotel and drove her to his house” he kept smiling halling her “Sandra, Sandra “the bone breaker ”
stop now “you making me feel shy “Sandra covered her face laughing
I can’t wait to see you off those clothes you putting on”he touch her breast gently laughing ”

Sandra kept chewing gum ” he stop in front of his gate and kept horning ‘audu rush to open the gate greeting him ”
rotimi ignored him and grabbed Sandra waist to the house ” Kai, Kai ” oga go die for woman “orobo, Lepa “both white, pink even witch “oga done f–k am “Kai ” audu nodd his head and entered his apartment closing the door “……. …….

rotimi got to the house and started kissing Sandra ” oga take am easy now. No be food ”

na food oo ” he loose his button and watch her lead the way to the room hissing and blowing balloon with the chew gum in her mouth ”

rotimi rush to drink at the bar and almost got drunk before joining Sandra in the room “she was nude ”
she hand him protection “chewing gum
hey I prefer skin to skin now “rotimi look dissapointed ”
go try am with your mama “Sandra hiss sitting on the bed
hey watch your word “rotimi almost fell ” oga come make we start ” she push him to the bed and position herself on him ” she gave him a ride half naked and noticed the ring on his phone ”

d–n! Who is this ” he check the caller squeezing his face ” mum ” he was surprised and sit up picking it “He stop Sandra and watch her excuse to the bathroom ”

rotimi :maami (my mother)
mum ” rotimi I want you at the village tomorrow morning “your father is very Ill

rotimi :what! Mum.can’t I send money ”

mum : it far worst than that ” she hung up without another word ”
rotimi fling his phone looking upset “d–n! am not prepared” he noticed Sandra out of the bathroom smoking ” she continued with her ride and got him out his mood with kiss

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