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Celine is a very beautiful girl aged 20. Though her family can be regarded as the poorest of the poor she still lives her life to the fullest. She has a very nice height and beautiful body stature with an amazing face.but her trouble surpasses her looks as she is very troublesome and care less.
Her father is a carpenter and her mom is jobless their family is the poorest in the village . That was more reason why she moved about with her poor sight since there was no money for treatment or medicated glasses.

After a long time she got used to her poor sight. After all she saw well it’s just that sometimes her sight got more blurry..
She had a little brother junior.

who was still in 4th grade.

he was 11 years old.

Celine has no time for men or even girls .she had only one friend dana who was in college.
The only boy who appeared to her mind was her dream boyfriend .

Danny hoffman, though he wasn’t from her city .she loved everything about him.she was happy whenever people talked about him.her crush she could never meet, he’s handsome looks melted her heart .he’s long hair seduced her every day. Hes killer smiles ,hes killer stature. He was God in his own way.
Pictures of him filled her room. even torn out magazines. she’s crazy in love with him. she already consoled herself. she knew they can’t meet ever.

She sat quietly on her bed that morning as her mum already left for her grand mothers house.she looked at his picture quietly smiling to herself.
“Danny Hoffman ,there is a commoner who wants to meet you so badly “, she always said to herself.

If wishes were horses Danny Hoffman will Be in her bed every night, even her diary was filled with him….

A knock on the door jolted Celine out of her fantasy .she ran to to the door.wearing her gown she had only 4 cloths that’s just how poor they were.
She opened the door to her best friend Dana .Dana sat comfortably on the outdated chair and celine hugged her.
“miss ,i really missed you , welcome “, Celine said
” i kept missing you i couldnt even stay in school”, dana said grining.

” how is college ?.
” it’s great , i wish you can finally get into college too celine , its been long we left Senior high”,

Dana said with a teary face
” you know there is no money , i can’t kill my parents “,Celine said .

” it’s ok Celine , one day you will surely smile , for now I completed your payment for that medicated glasses , your sight is pitiable “, dana said and handed Celine an eyeglass case . Celine smiled .
Celine got teary she wiped her tears .

” thank you , am really glad “, Celine said and hugged her
Dana tried closing her bag when Celine slipped out a particular magazine.
It was her Danny Hoffman , Celine smimed widely as she read out the cover.
” new York’s sweeth heart , and city’s toppest male model ,” Danny Hoffman , covers high school magazine.
Celine smiled as she looked through his pictures .
” he likes earrings , he’s so cute “,celine said .

” I heard only his ear ring is enough to buy this entire village “, dana added.
” he is really rich “, Celine said.
” and handsome too , he’s eye pure blue, he’s hair is as long as it is thick and black , attractive pink lips , flat tummy , he’s very tall and sexy I see him every night in my dream .he has to many fans and he’s dress sense awesome.
” so who is he’s girlfriend ?” Celine asked .

” I dunno but I heard its Jennifer Williams , ex miss world , she’s so pretty “, dana said.
” am jealous of her “, Celine said and dana smiled .
” Celine when will you stop this crazy crush on Danny Hoffman ?.
” I dunno bestie but I wish to meet him “, Celine Said.
” that’s impossible , dana added.

” I know “, celine said.

I.e) hoffman family mansion .

The Hoffman’s family had been recorded as the second richest in the whole country. Sir Carl hoffman being the founder of hoffman groups .which is a group of companies joined together with the main motive of providing the city’s necessity.allmost all wealthy individual are part of hoffman groups.

They group has like 80 universities a cross the globe.
100 malls.

They’re construction company has built like 300 major roads and bridges
80 high schools only for the rich , one of which is prestigious high where Danny’s little sister gretel attends .

like 80 streets belonged to the Hoffman’s .

300 hotels and suites
The group had done many more but the sole heir of every investment was Danny Hoffman.

The Hoffman’s lived in a street owned by them ” Hoffman’s street.

They live in an estate which had 18 empty mansions in it. A pool surrounded the whole estate.and another pool came through the back.

The 1st building was where the Hoffman’s family stayed. The 5th building was where they maids lived.They had like 50 maids and counting in the 5th building. But only 4 maids stayed inside the main mansion.

Danny’s room was above gretel room , next door to his room was he’s dressing room where all his cloths sat. Some maids stayed around there to help him dress up.

Hes room backed the pool , he’s wall was very transparent giving him an amazing sight.
They house was worth writting about .

Danny rushed into the compound from the living room he walked he packed his hair up. He wore a white track suite with a diamond stonned slippers and a diamond earing. He held his white phone in his hands where he wore a silver ring..he had a tatoo on his wrist and another tatoo by his neck . More like a signature..

He was really attractive. A maid rushed out after him with his bag.she looked very clean. Once he got into the compound all the maids outside bowed.

The guard opened his door and he walked in , he’s catwalk proves he was really a model.
He sat in the car and the driver took off.

4 guards entered the next car and rushed out after him.
All the maids who where bowing lifted their face up and went out.

Danny hoffman has it all , the looks , money , he’s the perfect boyfriend and he has the perfect girlfriend or so he thought.

The driver took off.
Danny placed call to Jennifer
” my love “,.
” Danny its been a week “,.
” I am sorry and I love you “.
” I love you too “,.
” am going to spend the night at my suite , come before 8.
” ok I will be there “.
” are you home ?.
“No I mean yes ,yes “.
” ok love , bye .
” bye my love “. Jenny ended .
Danny dropped the call.

Just minutes after Danny left Gretel rushed into the compound with her car key.She headed for her pink car.
She wore school.uniform with a gold stonned canvass.her hair fell below her back.She was 18 and in senior high.She had an attractive body stature ..her school skirt was very short.

The maids bowed to her while one of them took her bag.
She walked into her car and increased the music volume then she drove off. She looked amazing.

Jennifer lay naked on her bed with a white bed sheet which covered her body .her thick black hair fell freely .

A man lay beside her .he rose up and feathered his lips on her neck but her facial expression was not exciting.

He gently kissed her lips .

” what wrong “.
” Kelvin you need to go , i need to go see Danny “. She said and stood from the bed .
” I thought u were gonna break up with danny ?.

” I love him so much , i won’t break up with danny instead we need to stop this “.she said and rushed into the shower.Kelvin fell back to the pillow.

Kelvin was suppose to be her friend untill their affair started She was cheating on Danny with Kelvin each day she says she would stop but it gets more difficult..

She walked out of the shower and wrapped the towel jacket round her body.her figure amazing.her hair was indeed very long and her skin colour was just as great.

She sat down and applied her face cream Kelvin slowly kissed her neck from behind.

” I really want to be alone now , pls “,She said .
” ok , i will check on you.”, he said and picked his shirt.
Jennifer dropped the cream , this one night game had spinned into something else, it spinned out of her control it’s now a continuous affair.her biggest fear was Danny finding out.

Kelvin on his part was quite rich and handsome too.and he realy desired jennifer but jennifer hadn’t defined her feelings yet.

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