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Lee’s Mansion
Harry sat by the pool with his eyes closed.. he was clad in his shorts and suglasses, with about eight maids beside him. Two were busy massaging his legs, another was holding a silver tray with his phones on it, another was holding a golden tray with a glass of wine on it, another was giving a head massage, another was holding a towel.. while the other two applied sun lotion on him.
“Mr Harry” Mr Cha his assistant called rushing towards him
“Yeah?” Harry asked with his eyes closed.

“Mr Lee has agreed to your conditions sir” he said excitedly..

Harry opened his eyes and sat up,
“What?” He asked surprised.. he wasn’t expecting his father to accept his conditions yet.
“He accepted your conditions” Mr Cha repeated..

“What exactly did you tell him?” Harry asked unable to believe what his assistant was saying. If truly his father accepted the conditions then he would have no choice but to return to Korea, and start working as a surgeon in his father’s hospital. Urrhh this can’t be happening..
“I told him you said you would only go back to Korea, if he let’s you drive without guards to the mansion, allow you to leave alone with just me and no other staffs or guards, and lastly, travel in the second class alone without me or any guards.” Mr Cha stated.

“And you’re saying he agreed?” Harry asked hoping for a negative answer.
“Yes sir” Cha replied.
“Ahh!.. dang it!!, Why the hell did he agree?” He asked himself, he felt really bad to know he would be going back to Korea, the country where he lost his mom, although he missed his sisters, the little twins, who were the exact replica of their mother. He knew this day would come, but not this sudden. He turned twenty five just few days ago, and had spent ten years studying and managing his father’s hospital here in France.
“Okay, so when are we living?” He asked quietly
“Tommorow, although your flight will leave before mine, since you insisted on traveling alone” Mr Cha replied.
“Okay” Harry mumbled. He laid his head on the chair and the maid continued massaging him..

His phone started ringing, and the maid holding the silver tray leaned down, Harry reached for the iPhone and choked on his saliva when he saw the caller ID. “Nina”, his ex best friend in Korea, they haven’t talked for years why was she calling now?.

He snapped his fingers signalling the maids to leave, the ones holding the trays gently placed them on the glass table beside Harry and they all walked out leaving Harry and Mr Cha alone. He answered and placed the phone on his ear.
“Speak” he said simply
“Oppa!!” She yelled causing Harry to move the phone from his ears.

“Hey Nina, how are you?” He asked rubbing his temple with his free hand.
“I’m fine oppa!.. how are you?” She asked
“I’m okay?..” he mumbled
“What do you want?” He asked already tired of her voice
“Oppa, you don’t have to be mean, I heard you are coming to Korea, that’s why I called” she replied
“You heard or dad told you?” He asked

“Uhm.. maybe” she replied and Harry rolled his eyes..
“I can’t wait to see you oppa, love you.. bye” she said excitedly
“Whatever.. bye” he mumbled and hung up.
Did she say Love?..He scoffed, in her dreams, he said mentally and dived into the pool.


7: 40am

Hannah rolled and turned on her bed, snoring soundly, the cold was just so amazing..she could sleep for hours if she wanted, she turned again and landed on the floor with a thud, she laid comfortably on the floor and covered her body with the duvet, with her legs still on the bed.. her phone started ringing, she sat up and reached for it, she answered it sleepily and placed it on her ear.

“Hannah, where are you?” Sofia asked
“In my room” she replied yawning.
“By this time?” Sofia asked
“Relax Sofie, it’s just some minutes past six, I guess” Hannah replied with eyes closed
“It’s to 8, dummy”
“What?” She asked unbelievably, she opened her eyes and looked at the wall clock..

“Ahh!” She screamed
“Why didn’t you call sooner?” She asked rushing towards the bathroom.
“Don’t blame me Hannah, I’m not your alarm, doctor lan will be here soon, you have a surgery together don’t forget” Sofia said and hung up.
She threw the phone on the bed and hurriedly brushed her teeth, she washed her face and rushed out of the bathroom, she wasn’t going to take her bath, the water was way too cold for her. She slipped into her nurse uniform and packed her hair in a bun, she looked at her face in the mirror and scoffed, she opened her makeup kit and frowned at the only pink lipstick she saw.. she had sold all her make up last week, she applied it on her lips and hurriedly picked her phone and bag. She rushed down the stairs and saw her family having dinner, her younger brother Jeremy was sitting beside Sona her sister, with their backpacks on the floor.
“Morning Mom, morning Dad” she greeted and headed for the door..

“Hannah, won’t you have breakfast?” Her mother asked
“No mom” she replied
“Sona, there’s a pink lipstick on my bed, take it” she yelled
“Thanks Hannah” Sona yelled back
Hannah was about to dash out of the house when a voice stopped her.

“Unnie?” He called, dang it!, Why did he have to wake up now?.. she turned to see her youngest brother Nick sitting on his wheel chair smiling..

Sona was behind him, holding the handle, she rushed over and kissed his cheek
“How are you Nicky?” She asked squatting in front of him
“I’m fine Hannah, although a little sad” he said.
“Why?” She asked looking at his cute face
“I didn’t see you last night, it was mom who read me a story” he replied sadly..
She smiled and held his hands, if only he knew she was out selling her clothes for his surgery..

“I’m sorry Nicky, I was busy at the hospital, I promise to read and sing for you today. Okay?”
“Okay” he said happily.
“I have to go now, finish your meal okay?”
“Okay” he said still smiling..
She opened her bag and handed him some money.
“Sona and Jeremy will take you to the mall, use it to buy whatever you want.” She said smiling

“Thanks unnie” he said and kissed her cheek
“What about us?” Jeremy asked munching his bread..
“Who are you?” Hannah asked standing up
“Your kid brother” Jeremy said smiling
“So now you’re a kid?” Dad asked smiling
“What about me unnie, I’m your only sister” Sona asked
“That’s your problem.. Nicky, Don’t give your money to any of them okay? Including mom” Hannah said and rushed out of the house..
“What!” Her mother yelled after her.

She checked her Time and frowned deeply.. just seven minutes more..
She walked out of the house and saw Ethan smiling at her she smiled back and ran off, before he could say anything.. he’s the only male friend she have and he could talk for hours none stop..

She stopped by the major road and looked at her watch again.. she had no choice but to waste 20 bucks today.. with a frown she started halting the cabs, none seemed interested to carry her.. it was as if the universe was against her today.

Well, she was going to show the universe how crazy she can get.. without thinking, she rushed into the road and stood there.. a cab halted in front of her causing the other vehicles to halt as well.. she smiled and rushed into the cab
“H.R” she said ignoring the driver’s surprise expression..
“You could have killed yourself miss?” The driver finally muttered

“But I didn’t” she mumbled.

She stepped out of the cab and hurried into the hospital after paying the driver..
The first person she saw was mathron Linda, she would certainly be angry at Hannah..
Hannah summoned all the acting skills she had.and with one quick move roughed her hair and sluggishly walked towards the mathron..
“Hannah, why are you just coming?” She asked staring at Hannah..

“I.. I’m a little..” she staggered and held her head groaning weakly. She looked at the mathron to see if her plan was working.
“Oh my.. are you ill?” The woman asked worriedly.
Hannah smiled mentally
“A little” she said hoarsely.
“Hannah!.. thank goodness you’re here, the surgery is about to start” Sofia said rushing towards her
“She’s ill Sofia, I don’t think she can work today” Linda said holding Hannah
“I’ll be fine, a little aspirin will do the trick” Hannah said holding Sofia weakly.
“Are you sure?” The woman asked worriedly
“Yes.. she’ll be fine, it’s a hereditary sickness, that stops after a dose of aspirin” Sofia said smiling
“Is it true?” Linda asked looking at Hannah.
“Yes.. in her family though, I contacted it from her yesterday” Hannah replied..
“We have to go now, so you won’t contact it” Sofia muttered
“Yes.. please, you can go” Linda mumbled and the girls both turned to leave.. they were already close to the elevator when she stopped them.
“What’s the name of the sickness?” She asked from afar.
“Uhm.. it’s. Uhh” Sofia started
“Heri-aspirin” Hannah replied and they both rushed into the elevator laughing.

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