Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Malcolm wines and Taste company is one of the multimillionaire companies in the country and my husband never fails to tell anyone who cares to listen that he works there.

He was just not a mere staff, but the senior sales manager of this company. He was earning a good fortune there.

The day of the Dinner came and my husband was dressed most elegantly, while I on the other hand tried to look superb to compliment his looks.

Mr. Johnson Ogene my husband is a proud man, he has high taste and class. He gives his best to his work because he gets to receive awards and some bonuses also his face gets to appear in the company’s magazine.

He took care of me and our three children, he gave us the best to keep his ego…but he is a tough man to live with.

“Hey woman, will you hurry up? I don’t want to get there late” he called out from downstairs.

“I am sorry please” I hurried down holding my high heals in hand.

” What is this, why are your shoes in your hands. Are you mad…” He cursed

I shivered and gave him a pleading look, wore my shoes and led the way to the car. The driver was waiting already.

“Good evening ma, Good evening Sir” Geoffery greeted.

” Evening ” I muttered

My husband nodded his head as he entered the car.

We got to the venue quite on time. The crowd seems to be more than in the previous years. Everyone was beautifully dressed and looking classic, my stomach rumbled at the sight of them.

This is not my first time of attending one of this rich men dinners, but i never seem to get used to them. I feel inferior amidst them.

The car door was opened and we stepped down, my husband and I walked hand in hand to the hall.

He went further to exchange plesantries with his colleagues and some dignitaries, while i walk beside him doing the role of a first lady..” Just smiles”

Soon we were all seated and the program kicked off, a lot of presentations and performance was made, alot to drink and eat.

My husband kept giving me a glance to see if i was being cordinated. Any mistake I make will lead to beating when we get home.

I quite understood the look and like a child I was being careful not to wrong him.

The event was coming to an end, when the host announced it was time for awards. Applauds filled the hall as names of people were called and they walk up proudly to receive their awards.

The award got to the end without Mr. Johnson Ogene name mentioned. I could see the anger on my husbands face, he was embarrassed but tried to keep it cool.

He turned to look at me and caught me smiling at one of the awarded. I could swear he would have pound on me if not for the crowd there.

He stood up and ordered me to follow him home. My nightmare was about to happen again…

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