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My life is ruined, the moment I had been hoping would never come is now here.

School is resuming back today and my aunt had made it compulsory for me to go, If it were left to my choice, I will never step my foot on that school again.

If only I can find the man that rãped me and impregenated me, I will destroy him with my last breathe.


“Have you dressed already?” My aunt shouted from inside the room that she was.

I hurriedly starts to dress, I can’t imagine the shame I would go through today amidst my colleagues.

God! This is the greatest shame of my life. I cried as I dressed in my uniform.

I looked at my dress and saw my big belly, I’m just three months pregnant and my belly is already big.

I feel like entering the ground right now.

“If I come over there and you are not done dressing, I will beat the hell out of you..” My aunt shouted and I hurriedly ran out to meet her.

“I’m done.” I said as I appeared before her.

She saw how the uniform lost fitting in my body as a result of how big my belly was.

She scoffed at me and said; “I can’t laugh.”

“Frank will drive you to school!” She said and I walked out to meet uncle Frank.

He is a good friend and brother ever since my dad had died.

“Good morning uncle Frank.” I greeted as I appeared beside the car.

“How are you?” He said and walked inside the car.

I got inside and sat at the seat beside him.

“I’m sorry for what you are going through?” Frank said and I nodded.

I looked away as tears fell heavily from my face.

I had been crushing on Arthur all this years, he started noticing me last semester and I was glad.

I didn’t know how to make the first move of speaking to him then but I knew that in one way or the other, we will surely exchange words this semester.

But that will never happen, he will now see me as a slut and as a useless nonentity.

“Stop thinking, Mary. It has happened already, I need you to be courageous and learn to live with it.” He tried to encourage me.

“Thank you, uncle Frank.” I answered.

We arrived at the school and as he parked at the school garage, I saw many students playing and communicating.

It would have been fun for me seeing that it’s my first day at school but…my belly.

Uncle Frank looked at me pathetically as we both sat silently inside the car.

“Bye!” I said to Frank and sniffed in my tears.

I opened the door and walked out, as if I was some father christmas, everyone around started to set their attentions on me.

I wasn’t expecting anything less, I walked amidst the crowds of students who were stunned at my big belly

Cause I was conscious of my every move, my leg slipped and I almost fell but someone held me.

Who holds a pregnant woman?

Thought everyone is hating on me.

I turned and saw Arthur, the guy I had been crushing on.

He’s the son of the owner of the school and is stinkingly rich.

He’s a model and extremely powerful, he walks with his female bodyguard that looks like tomboy.

Some people believed they might be dating but everyone knows that Arthur could not have been in a relationship with his bodyguard cause it is forbidden for him to be in a relationship in his record label.

And yeah! He sings too.

His most popular song is my ring tone, his pictures were all over my room cause of how pretty he is

I looked at him and then at my belly.

I felt ashamed before him but even when I was not pregnant, he doesn’t seem to care about anyone.

Why could he have saved me from falling?

“Safe delivery!” He said softly to me and walk away with his bodyguard.

It was the first time he was speaking to me and see what he says!

It hurts badly and I felt like dying, he could have said something better if I was in a better condition.

He would not even think of loving me cause he would think I had been bethroded to an husband or something.

I hate my life.

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