Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

“What is wrong with this boy?” i wondered unhappily,

“Doesn’t he seem attracted to me the way i feel for him?, i began asking myself questions i can’t give answers to.

That fateful day truly was the third time i was spending my afternoon with him, yet he failed to notice my moves, he only acted like he has never developed any iota of feelings for any lady before.

Samuel was an attractive wealthy male, who caught my fancy right from the first day i packed into the new lodge (hostel). Unlike most guys, he kept to himself and behaved like a saint, winning my heart with his godly behaviour. But getting him to reciprocate my good gestures towards him was a very hard task.

His intense behaviour soon began irritating me, forcing me to make up my mind not to visit him again after that fateful Tuesday evening. Because I had my pride to protect, which really was more important than my likeness for him.

He was in his 300 level, while i was in my 2nd year in the university. My feelings for him were really strong and divine, but i couldn’t display my emotions the way i wanted, without appearing cheap and disgusting.

Finally by 8pm, the movie ended. I sighed and got up from his chair,

“Good night” i said to him unhappily, but surprisingly, he held my hand strongly and looked up at me with fire in his eyes,

“Please don’t go yet, there is something i wish to tell you” he pleaded. I gazed into his eyes and smiled,

“Finally he is living up to expectation” i reasoned,

“Please sit down” he begged humbly. I rolled my eyes and sat beside him,

“I know you do trust me a lot, that’s why i’m the only guy you always visit, but i can’t help it anymore, i have tried holding back my feelings but i can’t any longer, because it’s killing me silently.

I have been dreaming and praying to have someone like you. Please will you grant my request and be my special friend??”, “I have been in love with you from the very first day i saw you” he pleaded nervously with shaking lips. I stared at him coldly even though i was very happy inside.

“I don’t think it will be possible, let’s just be friends” i replied and stood up. He tried to draw my hand, but i snatched it from his grasp,

“Goodnight we will see tomorrow” i murmured, gave him one last look and left for my room.

I rushed to my room, hugged my teddy bear happily, and heaved a sigh of relief.

I was very much delighted.

“At last, hmmmm” I murmured happily, falling asleep and dreaming of good times…

By 6am the following morning, i heard a gentle knock on my door and when i got to the door, there stood Samuel, hands in his trouser pocket, smiling at me.

“Good morning” i greeted and yawned,

“I’m so sorry for disturbing you this early, it’s just that i was unable to sleep all through last night” he explained nervously.

I let him into my room, he settled on my chair and kept me company, while i brushed and freshened up…

“Seriously, i still find it hard to chat with you” he confessed, making me giggle and laugh,

“But i don’t think it is a good thing to be shy before a girl, moreover we do like guys who are manly” i advised jokingly. He smiled and stared at me.

“Hope i didn’t put you off with my behavior yesterday?” he asked curiously,

“I’m so sorry about it” he apologized with a drawn face. I breathed deeply, summoned courage, advanced towards him and planted a kiss on his cheek which left him totally surprised.

“Let’s forget about last night” i murmured. He stared at me with a coloured face filled up with surprise..

I really forced myself to plant the kiss on his cheek in order for him to feel free with me.

Seriously i have never met a complete introvert like Samuel before, “perhaps he might have no relationship experience before” I reasoned.

I sat on my bed that beautiful morning with a calm smile, looking up at him our eyes met..

He opened his mouth to say something, but no voice came out. He swallowed hard in embarrassment and got up,

“Are you going back to your room” i asked anxiously, he nodded,

“Yea i didn’t warm my soup last night, let me go and check if it has spoilt” he managed to mutter before leaving. I looked away unhappily, even though i didn’t make it look so obvious that i was unhappy.

Samuel really was the kind of guy most lady do dream of having, not only because he is good looking and wealthy, he also was the quiet type. I knew he felt something for me, but the problem was just his manner of approach. He was scared of making the first move, which was then left in my hands to encourage him decently, because i had fallen for him already.

By 12noon, I went over to my best friend’s room, where i collected three local movies, while she teased me,

“Woman you prefer watching movies alone with that your hostel boyfriend who dosen’t talk to anyone abi?” she joked, I laughed,

“Does it concern you?” i asked and rolled my eyes. she sighed playfully..

Mariam was my very good friend, and the only girl who really knew much about my lifestyle, but however, she had one problem. “she was a guy freak, who easily fall for guys and engage in ungodly activities”.

Though she already had suffered alot in their hands, she still kept on giving herself away so easily. She was living with her guy Timi, who equally was the person who helped me secure my hostel accommodation.

Notwithstanding she was a very nice girl with a soft nature, who sacrificed her happiness for others.

With three “C.D Plates” in my hand, i walked straight to Samuel’s room. He happily let me in, devouring me with his eyes as i settled down.

I sat on the floor and watched the movies, hoping he would make advances once again. I knew, my behaviour appeared desperate, but i did what i did because i had to.

I just sat and waited with a pounding heart.

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