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{Will you still love me.. when you’ve met my demons}


“Deanna?! Deanna?!” a woman called tapping a young girl who was lying almost lifeless on the be-d “she’s not waking”
“You don’t have to worry yourself Millicent, Deanna will be fine. She has been throu-gh series of attacks but she always survives” Said Adam, Millicent’s husband

“It’s taking too long now.. it’s been two weeks alre-ady” Millicent drawled

Adam crossed his hand over his wife’s shoulder “Deanna will be fine. The doctor said she’s okay and the priest alre-ady prayed for her.. you don’t have to worry”

Millicent let out her breath slowly “Deanna plea-se be fine”

“Let’s go” Adam took Millicent’s hand and led her out of the room.


“Deanna?! Deanna?!” called a de-ep manly voice
“who’s there?” Deanna asked looking around in fear. She was in a dark tunnel that was only little by a ray from the sun coming in from a crack on the wall

“Deanna?! Come to me”
Deanna looked around but saw no one “show yourself” she swallowed ha-rd “what are you and where am I?” terror made her voice shrill

“I am your god” the voice thun-dered and the ground Deanna was stepping on broke and she fell inside. Deanna screamed at the t©p of her voice as she fell into the de-ep bottomless pit. She was still shouting as she sat bolt upright in be-d.

“What happened?” she asked herself and placed her hand on her head. She was sweating profusely “Aunt Millicent?!” she called “Aunt Millicent?!”

Deanna got out from be-d and tried walking but she fell. She was weak and tired like she had been working for days.

Suddenly, the light in the room went out and the room got cold.

Deanna shouted “Aunt Millicent?! Uncle Adam?!”
The sickly sweet smell of rotting garbage rented the air. Out of the darkness, something large and moist closed around her f!ngers. It was a hand.

Deanna screamed.

The h0t, moist hand was dragging her forward. She kicked out, struggling, but it made no difference.

“Deanna?! Are you okay?” Adam asked turning on the light in the room.

“Aunt Millicent?!” Deane called realizing Millicent was the one holding her hand

“what’s wrong with you?” Millicent asked worriedly
“who turned off the light?” Deanna asked

“maybe there’s a problem with the switch cause no one did” Adam replied

“Deanna are you alright?” Millicent asked

Deanna nodded her head repeatedly “yeah”

“you’ve been asleep for the past two weeks and you suddenly wake up screaming” Millicent said

“Two weeks? Was I dead?”
“No.. you were breathing but wasn’t waking up” Millicent replied

Deanna t©uçhed Millicent’s palms and they weren’t h0t and damp like the ones she felt. “what just happened?” she asked herself

“your aunt and I will be in the living room.. freshen up and join us” Adam instructed
“I’ll go prepare something for you to eat” Millicent said and walked out with Adam

Deanna sighed and got up to her feet “what just happened?” she dragged her feet to the bathroom and peeled off her clothes. She walked un-der the shower and turned it on.


Deanna walked out of the bathroom tying a towel around her b©dy. After searching for something to wear, she settled for a turtle n£¢k sweater which she wore over a long flowing dress. She brushed her long wavy hair and put on her glas-ses.

Deanna walked out of her room and headed for the living room. Adam and Millicent were watching the TV when she walked in.

“Aunt Millicent?” Deanna sought her attention
Millicent whirled around “Deanna you’re out” she smiled broadly “I know we should be celebr@ting your waking up but that’s all we can afford”
Deanna smiled “it’s alright” and walked into the dining room. There was just one serving dish on the table and Deanna suspected what it would be. She sat on the dining chair and lifted the lid of the dish.

“Bre-ad and jam” she sighed. Just as she had thought.

Deanna emptied the dish in no time but she wasn’t full. She sighed and drank as much water as she could to fill her stomach. When Deanna had drank to her satisfaction, she carried the dish to the kitchen and washed it then placed it on the drain board. She dried her we-t hands with a dish towel then walked into the living room.

“where’s Uncle Adam?” Deanna asked Millicent when she walked into the living room and found only Millicent

“He’s in the workshop” Millicent replied

Deanna sat on a couch and said “am sorry for slee-ping so long.. There’s no food in the house and it’s all my fault”

“you don’t have to blame yourself Deanna” Millicent said
“if I had been awake all these while then I would’ve gone about with my p@rt time jobs”
Millicent smiled “I think it’s high time we st©pped depending on your p@rt time jobs to provide food for us”

“am not complaining aunt”
“I know.. but you’re not going to resume your work immediately, you have to rest”

Deanna laughed “I’ve been slee-ping for weeks, what other rest do I nee-d?”

“you’re still not going to start work yet”

“Aunt am going to ‘Coffee and Tea’ tonight.. my boss is very grouchy and might not even want to listen to why I’ve been abs£nt”


“I’ve got six p@rt time jobs and I can’t afford to lose anyone.. every penny is important”
“I bless the day I found you. You’re the reason I don’t feel my barrenness. Even though I can’t have children of my own.. you’re more than enough for me”

“you’re not barren aunt, you’re going to have children of your own.. I strongly believe it”
Millicent smiled “Amen but am old to conceive”

“not as old as Sara” Deanna laughed and got up “I’ll be outside” then she walked out
Deanna stepped outside and took in a de-ep breath to feel the smell of the wind.

“Everything is just as I left it” she thought.

A ball c@m£ flying at her direction and before she could duck it, it hit her on her head, s£nding her flying to the ground and her glas-ses went off.

Deanna huffed loudly and glanced at the direction the ball c@m£ from. A guy was standing beside a car and laughing his eyes out. He took one last glance and Deanna and got into his car. That was when Deanna noticed the long convoy of vehicles.

“Rich annoying kids” Deanna cussed picking up her glas-ses and wore it. The cars started moving and she watching them as she counted the number of the cars.

“1, 2,4,3,8,12,6,13,17,24,24,9….”
“That’s not how to count” a voice said from behind
Deanna whirled around and smiled “Stefan?!”

“let me help” he stretched out his hand and she took it then he dragged her up “slee-ping Beauty”

Deanna blu-shed shyly. Stefan had always been her crush in the neighborhood.

“I was worried though” Stefan said “Didn’t your aunt tell you I visited everyday and wouldn’t leave cause I wanted to see your wake up”

Deanna shook her head and her glas-ses fell out again.

Stefan bent and picked it up “it’s old alre-ady” he said
“I don’t have money to replace it” Deanna said

“I’ll get you a new one but.. must you always be a nerd?”
Deanna chuckled “being a nerd feels cool” she glanced at the convoy that was still moving “who’s the figure?”

“my cousin brother.. Damon”
“you have such a rich cousin brother?”

“Yeah.. he’s the president’s third son”

“pre.. pre.. president.. as in.. Patrick Phili-ps?”

“Then what’s the president’s son doing here?”

“Damon was here to visit”
“How come I haven’t met him before?”

“This is his first visit.. he has been here for a week while you were asleep”

Deanna frowned in regrets “why did I have to sleep for so long?

“you don’t want to know Damon. He’s a complete definition of trouble which you can’t handle”

“Like throwing a ball at me?”
“He’s worse than that. It’s good of him to throw just a ball. Damon us totally rebellious”
Deanna chuckled “quite opposite of you”

“I want to take a stroll to ‘A movie at B’s’ ”
“That’s far and you call it a stroll?”

“I don’t have money to take a cab so I chose to stroll”
“Then I’ll drive you there on my bike”

“I’d be grateful”

“wait here.. I’ll go get the bike” Stefan said and I asked. towards his house. Deanna waited patiently till he returned with a motorcycle.

“Shall we?” Stefan threw a helmet to Deanna which she caught. She wore the helmet then got on the motorcycle and Stefan drove off.


“.. am so sorry Deanna but your service is no longer nee-ded here” The manager of Movie at B’s said

Deanna heard her heart shatter. In all her p@rt time jobs, Movie at B’s was the most paid and she couldn’t afford to lose it.

“But it wasn’t…”

“we alre-ady got a replacement” the manager cut in and proffered Deanna with an envelope “here’s your pay”
Deanna collected the envelope teary eyed and the manager walked out.

“It’s alright, you still have five p@rt time jobs” Stefan pacified
“what if I get fired in my other jobs?” Deanna sobbe-d
“let just hope you don’t get fired” Stefan replied “you can always secure another job”
“It’s not easy securing a job around here. I didn’t go to school remember?”

Stefan sighed “I’ll help you” and dragged her out.


Deanna stood fidgeting before her boss at ‘Coffee and Tea’. She had been fired from her other jobs and Coffee and Tea was her last hope.

“you’re fired” Deanna’s boss blurted out

“Ma you have to un-derstand me” Deanna pleaded in tears
“I’ve got works to do” Deanna’s boss stated and walked out
“Game over” Deanna sighed and plodded out

“it isn’t over yet” Stefan said hopefully

Deanna wiped her tears and sat on the pavement “my life is officially over.. I wish I didn’t have to wake up”

“Don’t say that Deanna, there’s hope for the living”

“Really?” Deanna scoffed tearfully “it took me so long to get those jobs now I lost ’em all”

you just have to keep praying– God is going to answer you”
“Where was he all these while I was suffering?” Deanna yelled
“Calm down Deanna. It’s going to be alright and I know it” Stefan pacified and dragged Deanna up “I’ll take you out for a while”


“I want more” Deanna told Stefan, shaking her empty yoghurt carton.

They were in a suspension bridge and watching the sun set.

“you’ve taken six cartons alre-ady, let’s go home” Stefan said
“am scared to fall asleep tonight”

“what if I don’t wake up again?”
“you’re going to wake up”
“I don’t think I want to ever wake up again” Deanna broke down in tears

Stefan pu-ll-ed her into a hvg “it’s going to be alright”

Deanna sniffles “am sorry for crying again.. I just can’t help it” she pu-ll-ed from the hvg and dried her tears

“I un-derstand” Stefan said and added “I’ll go get the bike”


Francis found himself on the bridge and couldn’t un-derstand what he was doing on earth. He felt powerless as he looked up to the sky “was I casted out?”

Francis sighed Stefan beside his motorcycle and walked up to him.

“Hey?!” Francis waved at Stefan but Stefan couldn’t see him “what am I doing here?” he asked himself.

Francis tried tou-ching Stefan but his hand went throu-gh Stefan’s heart. he tried pu-lling out his hand but it was stuck. He felt a f0rç£ pu-ll him into Stefan’s b©dy and he got tra-pped in Stefan’s b©dy. Stefan drove his motorcycle to where Deanna was standing
“Let’s go”

Deanna pu-ll-ed her long hair back and smiled “alright” then she got on the motorcycle.


“mom I’ll be out” Tracey announced heading for the front door

Damon pu-ll-ed her by her hair “where are you going?”
“Get our hands off my hair demon” Tracey shouted
“Tracey I warned you to st©p calling you brother demon. His name is Damon” their mother, Suzanne scolded

“but he acts like a demon” Tracey replied

Damon sm-irked “you always make me wish I had a demon”
Suzanne sh0t him a glare “no child of mine is going to have a demon”

“whatever mom! hanging out with my friends tonight” Tracey said

“call them over Tracey. The mansion is big enough to contain all your friends” Suzanne said

“But I want to go out. Am tired of being ra-punzelled in here” Tracey drawled

“It’s not safe for you to move about at night.. you’re the president’s only daughter” Suzanne said

“I’ll take the security”
“The presidential security moves occasionally.. you can’t just take them cause you’re hanging out with your friends” Suzanne stated

“Then am going to impeach dad.. I nee-d freedom”
“I’ll be going out mom” Damon said and got up

“Take care son”
“what? you’re permitting him?”
“he’s a boy and… ”

“who’s a boy?” Damon cut in
“sorry.. he’s a man” Suzanne corrected “and I have three sons. There’s nothing wrong if I lose one”

“what?” Damon shouted
Tracey chuckled “Thanks mom. you made my night”

“see? you’re my only daughter and I can’t afford to lose you”
“mom for real?” Damon scoffed
“you’re taking it the wrong way Damon” Suzanne said “I just wanted to let Tracey know she’s a kid”

“mom what?” Tracey shouted
“cool mom.. you made my night” Damon chuckled and walked out

“mom am 18– old enough to go to jail and moreover Damon is my twin” Tracey spat out
“I know sweetie.. I just didn’t want Damon to feel bad cause I’ve got three boys.. he’s not as important as you are” Suzanne said

“thanks mom, you made my night” Tracey hvgged Suzanne then asked “can I go out now?”

Damon hit the steering with loud music hitting the speakers. His friends were in the backseat while his best buddy, Ben, was in the pas-s£nger seat.

Damon emptied a bottle of beer and threw it out the window. The bottle hit a car that was parked along the road and smashed the side window. The occu-p@n-ts of the car cursed Damon and went after them. They chased Damon’s car till they got to a dead end and the two cars c@m£ to a halt.

“we’re in trouble” Ben whistled as they all alighted from the car

“not so doomed” Damon said when they realized that their pursuers were girls

“you damaged my car” Courtney shouted and charged towards the guys but her friends st©pped her

“you parked your car recklessly along the road” Damon said
Courtney scoffed and rolled her eyes “am taking you to court”

“let’s just make peace.. Am Damon” Damon said introducing himself “and you’re?”

“Courtney Styles”
“nice name.. so you’ll give me your contact and I’ll give you mine and everything is settled”
“how does that replace my car?”

“you’ll get a handsome guy’s number” Damon said and his friends bur-st into laughter, annoying the girls
“you’re too ugly for me” Courtney yelled

“Oh really?” Damon sm-irked and took few steps towards Courtney. Each step he took forward, she took backward, till she hit the bonnet of her car and couldn’t move again. Damon slid his hand down her p@n-ts pocket and brou-ght out her phone. He imputed his digits in her phone and took hers.

“I’ll give you a call” Damon said replacing the phone in her pocket. He win-ked at her friends and walked back to the guys “let’s go”


Vivienne and Cipher stood at a corner watching the scenario. They were invisible to Damon and the others.

“I’ll take the girl Courtney, she looks rebellious” Vivienne said
“I don’t care about you but Damon is a perfect instrument” Cipher said and they walked to Damon and the others. Vivienne walked to Courtney and held her hand though Courtney couldn’t see her.

“Hi Courtney!” she sm-irked and possessed her.

Damon and the guys got into their car and Damon was about turning on the ignition when Cipher appeared at the window. He turned into a gust of wind and possessed Damon. Damon’s eyes turned red as he muttered


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