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Pregnancy in Ward 10, Episode One

“My wife is pregnant.” Duke said to the doctor as soon as he entered the tastefully furnished office in the hospital. Doctor Mark was busy scribbling something on a white piece of paper on the large table before him. He lifted up his head as soon as he heard the statement made by Duke.

“Congratulations Duke! This is good news. Wow! Isn’t this what you have always wanted? I’m so happy for you. Congratulations once again. This calls for a huge celebration.” Doctor Mark said with a broad smile on his face. But he noticed that Duke was not excited about the fact that his wife was pregnant. Duke was not even smiling, indicating that something was wrong somewhere. It is strange that a man’s wife just took in her first child and the man was not excited about the news.

“You don’t seem happy that your wife is pregnant. What is the problem? Why are you sad? Why are you frowning your face as if you just drank a cup of bitter leaf juice? You should be happy! In fact, you should throw a party and pop champagne.” Doctor Mark said, trying to get more information from Duke.

“Look, this is not time to laugh or to pop champagne. As a matter of fact, the situation at hand does not call for any form of celebration. So far as I’m concerned, it calls for an investigation instead of a celebration. I’m confused and shattered by what just happened. I need an urgent explanation to this pregnancy.” Duke said angrily. He was visibly disturbed and Doctor Mark could see the seriousness on his face. He quickly realized that Duke was not joking, but he was also confused because he was beating about the bush.

“You still haven’t landed. Please, speak in clear terms so that I can understand you. What do you mean when you said you need an explanation to the pregnancy? Is your wife having complications already? Is she under any form of medical emergency? Does she need help? Please, where is she so that I can attend to her if there is anything threatening the life of the baby in her womb.” Dr Mark said with a sense of urgency. He stood up from his seat and tried to walk out of the office to check if Duke’ wife was outside, but he saw no one.

“My wife is not under any form of emergency or anything needing medical intervention. However, like I said before, I need an urgent explanation as to how my wife got pregnant. I didn’t expect her to be pregnant now. There has to be an explanation because personally, I don’t know how she got pregnant.” Duke lamented. As he was talking, he was banging on the table to express how pained he was.

“What do you mean you don’t know how your wife got pregnant? You are active in the bedroom and you have been living with your wife. I’m sure the two of you have been active in the bedroom. Biologically speaking, your bedroom activity has resulted to your wife getting pregnant. That is the pure explanation. What else do you want to hear? You are the one who got your wife pregnant. The baby did not enter her womb spiritually. You should be happy instead of asking too many questions which you already know the answers.” Dr Mark said. He was becoming impatient with the questions Duke was asking, but he tried to answer him out of respect.

“But the truth is that I’m not the one who got my wife pregnant. I know this for sure. There is no way I could have gotten my wife pregnant. I’m so certain that the baby in her womb does not belong to me. This is why I’m asking for a thorough investigation and proper explanation because as it stands right now, I cannot claim ownership of that baby.” Duke said as he stood up from his seat. He was so angry that his eyes were becoming bloodshot.

“Why are you talking like a child? What do you mean when you say the child does not belong to you? Are you not living with your wife?” Dr Mark asked.

“Of course, I live with her.” Duke responded.

“Then why are you saying the baby is not yours? Or, have you not been doing something with your wife?” Dr Mark asked again.

“Of course, I have been active in the bedroom, but I still maintain my stand. That baby is not mine. I’m so sure of this fact and I can prove it.” Duke said, banging the table again.

“Alright, prove it! What explanation do you have to prove that the baby in your wife’s womb is not your baby?” Dr Mark asked.

“Do you remember that my wife was sick and she was in coma for three six months because of the road accident she had?” Duke asked. He had calmed down and sat down to explain to Dr Mark, trying to prove the fact that he could not have impregnated his wife.

“Yes of course, I remember. Your wife was not even talking for so many months. I cared for her myself.” The doctor replied.

“Good! During those six months, I did not touch

my wife because she was in this hospital. I was

even instructed by you not to touch her because

she was under strict treatment and monitoring. I

obeyed every rules set by the hospital

management. Sometimes, I was asked not enter

ward 10, the hospital ward where my wife was

being cared for. In fact, I remember there was a

time I could not enter ward 10 for two weeks.

The bottom line is that, for six months, I did not

touch my wife. She recovered and she was

discharged two weeks ago. This morning, she

informed me she is pregnant with a baby. This

was after she had spent only fourteen days in

my house. My conclusion is that she returned

from the hospital with the pregnancy.” Duke

declared. He was totally convinced that there

was no way his wife would have been pregnant

within two weeks under his roof.

“But it does not take long for a woman to get pregnant. It is something that happens within a few minutes or even seconds. It only takes one night of successful shot properly fired for a woman to get pregnant. So, you cannot say you are not responsible for the pregnancy.” The doctor said.

“I have said what I said. I’m not responsible for her pregnancy and the baby cannot be mine. I have brought her to the hospital and she is being examined by the nurses. I have asked them to check how long she has been pregnant for. I’m waiting for the result of the scan. Everyone in this hospital who participated in treating my wife has a serious question to answer.” Duke said as he stood up and left the office in anger.

Watch out for episode 2.

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