Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

🌺🍇 Tiana’s pov 🎀💐

“How about this Sam?” I asked showing the go-wn I took from the displ@yto Samantha….
I and Samantha had gone shopping for the p@rty and we are still trying to pick the perfect dress so we could look the best like we always do in hvge p@rties like the upcoming one tonight

“Ewww, T, you look like a fish, how will you walk in that?, It’s crazily ti-ght” she replied

” Jeez!!” I exclaimed trying to walk to her but in the process I tr!pp£dand fell flat down and Samantha wasted no time in bur-sting into a mocking laughter

“I told ya, you should put pick something better, probably an off shoulder go-wn with a slit, it’s gonna fit perfectly, common babe, you got the money and you’ve got the b©dy” she pressured me
” Correction Sam, dad’s money, not mine, I shouldn’t waste it” I replied

” Gross, whatever belongs to your parents belongs to you” she said and I rolled my eyes at her trying to take off this extremely ti-ght go-wn
“Hey Tiana, come check this out” she said displa-ying an emerald with sparkles on it, it caught my attention with a single glance..

“Wow Sam, you got the taste” I said quic-kly collecting the go-wn running to the dressing room to try it on
I c@m£ out catwalking to Sam and she immediately rolled her eyeball at me

“Jeez!!, Why didn’t I pick this for myself” she pouted

” Because it was meant to be mine” I replied sm-irking and she rolled her eyes at me again
” I told ya, you’re gonna be the queen of that p@rty, never look down on my advice baby” she said and I chuckled

” Alright, let’s pick some pair of shoes, then we pay and leave” I said

” Hell yeah” Sam replied and we both bur-sted into a round of laughter

We’re done shopping alre-ady and we’re now in my dad’s SUV , I actually took this car without my dad’s permission…..jeez!!, I’ll be a dead fish if dad finds out
“🎶 Oh- i-oh-i-oh-i-oh-i, am in love with ur b©dy🎶” Samantha kept singing along and waving her hands to the music from the CD pla-yer……

We were ma-king a hell outta noise, it was like we owned the road, I guess if it wasn’t for my dad reputation they would had arrested us for noise pollution..

Am Tiana Davidson, the daughter of the popular Davidson’s family, am 23 and a graduate of business administration from Havard college. Pheww!!! , Am sure you might be tracing my age to my lousy and loud life style like others do anytime they come across me, well!!, That doesn’t matter

People call me wayward or sometimes sluty due to the fact that I never fail to attend any popular p@rty in the city… But there’s one crazy thing they don’t know about, that despite my loud, wayward life style, ‘I don’t joke with my b©dy’ weird to believe right?

You might be wondering why am not at work or something at the age of 23, well, becoming a business administration wasn’t actually my dream since I was little, I had always dreamt of becoming a model of this great city Los Angeles and also the country and world at large, but my dad was never In support… He only considered Edward’s wish, sometimes I do think am not p@rt of that family

Edward is my elder brother with a difference of 3 years. He is currently the CEO of the Davidson’s limited, dad handed it over to him when he was 25. Now am currently managing dad’s second company against my will, and that’s why I live literally all my duties to my personal as-sistant (PA) .
Oops!, I almost forgot one important aspect of my life, my mum….. I have the best and most adorable mum ever, she owns the biggest cosmetic sto-re here in Los Angeles and due to that, people envy her really good.. ewww!! I hate envy
Am single and I love my life that way, guys are just distractions and woupd end up breaking ones heart

“Hey Dad” I conversed, taking the incoming call from my dad
“Tiana, you better get your tiny self here right now” he yelled
“Dad?, What’s going on?” I asked

” Where the hell do you take my car?” he asked and my heart skipped a beat

” Uhmm Dad I …..I didn’t take your car” I said and Samantha almost bur-sted into laughter but she held it, am glad she did
“You should be wise to know I have a tracker on that car , and I actually know you’re coming from the mall, and who the hell who go to the mall at this Time of the day if not you? Am not a kid Tiana, Edward or your mum can’t do that” he said, jeez!!, I’ve been caught, my mind totally left the tracker
” Common Tiana, you’re no longer a baby, you have your own car” he said angrily
” Am sorry Dad, it was an accident”
I said

” Whatever, I just wanted to know if my car was safe” he said

” KK dad” I said and he hanged up Immediately
I and Samantha turned up the music volume, jeez!! We are gonna rock that p@rty

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