Episode 1


An alarm clock clarked in the dark and silent room. A woman’s voice was heard speaking loudly as she walked into a room :”Jessie shut that thing off and get ready for the interview or you’ll be late “.

She walked out but realized Jessie made no move in getting out of bed so she returned to her room and being more stern she turned the lights on and said :”The interview is by 9am and this is 8am. If you don’t hurry you’ll be late and one more thing,your dad and I will be travelling to Abuja to see if we can get a better job and relocate there .we might drop by aunt Becky’s too and will be back tomorrow so get ready and get that job “.

Bye mom she said. I love you and dad and don’t forget to extend my greetings to aunt. She waved to them as they drove out in their old Peugeot car.

Jessie was a graduate of a university in kaduna where she based with her parents and had been looking for a job until she saw a vacant post which she was going for.
She was a very pretty girl with hazel eyes,an oval face and long blonde hair. She was just 21.

As she got home she sat down wondering if she’ll really be called back as the manager told her when she heard a knock on the door.
“who could that be ” she thought aloud.
She stepped into her flip flops and went to check who it was .

It was her best friend Tiffany. They hadn’t seen each other for long. It was a very big surprise to her.

They hugged and exchanged pleasantries.

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