Episode 1

Shade: it’s easy to cheat the big problem is to
prevent your girlfriend from catching you

I met shade thru a mutual friend, she is black, has hot temper which is sxy* and of cos is blessed with yansh! We started dating 2 weeks after we met! But for me to the chop the plucked fruit eh! Fire! she is very smart, so we mostly spent time 2geda outdoors! And because i had other girlfriends I had to act like a cia agent when planning our meetings! I never invited her to my house, because I wanted her to ask me, after awhile I decided to travel so she will miss me!
Guess the distance made the fruit ripe cause when I came back I was allowed to eat! After eating the love and affection died I don’t know what’s it about eating that makes a man change like this, I turned to face her and I was like shade before I could say anything she was crying.

I was like shade

What’s the problem why are you crying?

She was like her friends warned her not to allow me eat the fruit! That I always go about plucking fruits and all

I had to convince her that am a mango guy strictly, I now asked which of her friends
She said tomi

I waited till she went to the bathroom and took tomi number from her phone! After dropping her off I called tomi with my other line that shade doesn’t know of, gave her a fake name (simon) lied that I work at mtn customer care and that’s how I got her number (I don give una line now oooo) well she was blushing, asking me if it was right cooked up a fake story and continued the plucking, now tomi butt0ckz is not bigger than shade but her hips eh lets call her pear! So I continued this rubbish game for weeks even shade was gisting me of tomi new catch lol, I acted amazed, I told her that I was at lagos and will travel to see her at abuja, gradually tomi fell fully in love with me! Around that time I was tired of shade mango tree!

So one day shade went to see tomi and I called and shade over heard my voice, after the call tomi pinged my other phone and was like shade said that my voice sounds like Davids voice! She called me back to prove shade wrong but I didn’t pick, cause I was at work and also because I didn’t want shade to find out! Tomi didn’t notice anything she was in love, according to her then, Man of her dreams (after spoiling my name) well 2 weeks latter after fully plucking the fruit I invited tomi over! She told me to meet her at a saloon not to far from my area, I drove there sharply! Called her said that she was in a cab coming! I sat in the car chilling, saw the cab, came down she saw that it was me, she was shocked I hugged her, went to pay him the cab guy and that’s when shade too came down……

Before i could say anything shade was calling me bastard, that i wanted to come between friends tomi was just quiet, too weak to talk , i was like poo men poo covering my face and the women in the saloon started coming out , men i was so ashamed ,

i wanted to walk back to the car, they held me and started insulting me, then tomi started asking me why, i had to deny dating shade right there, shade got so mad, they had to hold her……

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