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Never ever, I repeat never ever disobey your parents because even the bible condemns it, how I wish I knew this before I did what I did.

“Joanne!” I heard my name from behind. I looked backwards and saw Deborah smiling as she ran towards me.
“Hey girl, what’s up? I’ve been looking every f*@king place for you” I smiled back.
“Joanne, when are you going to st©p using the ‘F’ word.” She replied with a faint smile.

“You mean f@k? Till my motherf@king as-s gets tired of it” I replied holding her hands and dragging her along.
I’ve always had the nas-ty mouth, my friends all tried to correct me but they are kind of use to it now. I’m Joanne H. Quay, a 100 level student at the prestigious Yogan University studying Medicine and Surgery.

I’m 17 years old. All my life, I’ve fought so ha-rd to get to where I was not because my parents wasn’t financially buoyant enough as a matter of fact my father is a well known pastor in this country. Peter H. Quay; my father is the foun-der of Christ our Saviour ministries (COSM), but just because my father is never satisfied with anything I do, either he thinks I do too much or I do less which freaks me out all the time but what can I do about that? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! School was on holidays but I decided to still be on campus because I didn’t want to go back home to see my father’s face and hear his constant nagging about my behaviour.
“Ain’t you going home for the holidays?” Deborah asked.
“F@k home Debbie! I don’t wanna see that sily excuse for a parent” I waved my hands in the air but Deborah dragged my ears and I winced in pain. “What the f@k what’s that all about?” I asked her.
“plea-se make one s£ntence without using the ‘F’ word” she corrected but I just rolled my eyes and walked ahead of her. Deborah Johnson has been my best friend since birth, her parents are very close to my parents and they are ministers at my father’s church. She is a 100 level student student studying pharmacy just like my brother. Debbie has always been the holy type, Jesus this; Jesus that but me on the other hand I don’t give a f@k about all those holy stuffs, all I ever wanted was a crazy life and I dreamt one day I’ll marry the man of my dreams and we will f@k each other forever. I was moving really fast so that Debbie wouldn’t catch up with me, I don’t have time for her sermon this h0t afternoon, I really nee-d to rest.

“Joanne! plea-se wait” she screamed but I just ignored her and hasten my pace but I later st©pped when something popped into my mind.
“By the way Debbie, what are you still doing in school?” I questioned placing my hands on my w@!st.
“I c@m£ because the JHD had a little seminar” she replied.
“JHD, as in?” I asked.
“Jesus heart domination” she replied.
“Oh! Yea, you and your spiritual freaks, anyways when are you going home?” I asked.
“Soon, I just nee-d to bade Ken good bye” she replied.
“Hmmm, so Ken is still in school and his roommate all went home, that means you guys have the room all to yourself” I win-ked at her.
“Jesus Christ! Joanne, you are so n@ûghty, you are a pastor’s child for that matter, you should advise me against immorality instead of pushing me towards it” Deborah replied with disgust in her voice.
“Holier than the holiest, and yet you have a b©yfri£nd, why don’t you just die a vir-gin” I hissed and walked out on her.
“He is not my b©yfri£nd, he is just a friend” she called out but I was no longer in sight.
Later that day, I packed my things and decided to go home for the holidays since my parents almost blew up my phone with texts and calls. I decided to call my mother to ask the driver to come pick me up from school. Few hours later, George; our driver was alre-ady at the front of my ap@rtment that I shared with 2 other girls who alre-ady went home on holidays. I swiftly entered the car as I watch George put all my things into the car and we zoomed off. I remained silent all throu-gh as I plunged in my earpiece and increa-sed the volume enjoying the latest jam and all I could think about was how I am going to miss clubbing and night p@rties as I knew my parents would never let me out the moment I get home.

“F*@k you bit-ches” I sang along as George was watching me throu-gh the mirror but I didn’t give a d–n. I just kept twisting my bu-tts on the chair like I was ri-ding a… You know what? Never mind.
We got home about 3 hours later, I c@m£ down majestically as Kira our house maid ran forward to pack out my bags.
“Good evening ma’am” she greeted but I ignored her and kept looking around.
“Is mom inside?”
“Yes ma, but your father isn’t around, he went for some church counselling” she replied.
I walked inside and met my younger sister; Jessica watching TV as she saw me and glanced at me but continued watching her soap opera.
“Jess!” I yelled but she paid deaf ears. We kind of have bad blood between us, we ha-rd ly get along, I was about calling her again when my elder brother walked out with my mom by his side.
“Mom” I hvgged her. She returned the hvg and asked me why I didn’t come home sooner that Jaden c@m£ home five days ago. Jaden is my elder brother and he is a 300 level student at Yogan university studying Pharmacy while Jessica is still in secondary school, she is planning on writing her WAEC next year. I sat down on the couch still holding my mom.

“You look so pale, hope you are feeling well?” She asked tou-ching my forehead with the back of her hands.

“Yes mom, it’s because it’s my first year” I replied.

“Your dad would soon be back so we can have dinner. I prepared your favourite” she smiled.

“Thanks mom” I k!$$£d her cheeks and held her ti-ghter coolval stories .

My dad c@m£ home later and same old same old he complained about my dressing, this and that but I didn’t care I just went to have a shower and joined them at the dinning table. We were eating our food when my mom broke the awkward silence.
“Joanne dear, how’s school?”
“School is fine mom, just still struggling with some stuff” I replied.
“I know you are one of the head at the JHD” she smiled.
“JHD?” I asked confused. The tone of my voice drew the attention of my dad and he gave me a stern look. I quic-kly remembered that Debbie told me about it earlier and I pla-yed along.
“JHD… Of course, I’m very active and so occu-pied with the things of The Lord, we even had a seminar today that’s why I didn’t come home early” I lied.
“I’m proud of you my dear” my mom smiled as Jaden almost chocked on his jui-ce.
“Lies lies lies” Jessica rolled her eyes.
“Shut up Jess!” I replied.
“Enough!” My dad yelled and we all got back to eating.
After dinner, we retired to our room, I was about slee-ping when a text c@m£ in.
I took my phone and re-ad the text, it was from Fred; my b©yfri£nd. I texted him back. We S-x chatted for hours till I fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up really tired because I sle-pt late the previous day, it was on a Saturday, I took my bath, wore a pair of r!pp£djeans that Fred bought for me on my birthday and wore a crop t©p to match revea-ling my flat tummy, I looked into the mirror.
“F*@k I’m h0t” I smiled and positioned my as-s right and went downstairs to have breakfast. Immediately I tried sitting down, my dad yelled and ordered me to go change but I just stood there looking at him saying nothing, he kept talking but I paid deaf ears and pretended I didn’t hear him.
“Would you run upstairs and change!” My mother added.
“Mom!” I pouted.

“Are you okay? Now go re-move those rags you call clothes, what message are you pas-sing to your sister?” My mom added. I ran upstairs crying as I felt embarras-sed because all this things happened right in the front of the maid.

“I promise, I’m going to deal with them” I mouthed and fell back on my be-d. I picked up my phone and got a ‘you up’ text from Fred. I replied him and narrated my ordeal to him. He then invited me to a night p@rty not too far from my house and I agreed to be there. I changed into a flowing go-wn and wore my sli-ppers before heading downstairs.
“That’s more like it” my mom said. I scanned the room but couldn’t find my dad. “maybe he is off to those dumb church stuff” I thought.

Later in the day, I was laying on my be-d chatting with Gina and some other of my friends, it was a group chat, Jaden c@m£ into my room unannounced and I flared up.
“Can’t you knock? Don’t you know this is a girl’s room and I nee-d my privacy” I barked.
“Sorry if I interrupted anything, were you masturbating or something?” He asked curving his eyebrow.

“F*@k you!” I exclaimed and threw a pillow at him. He giggled as he caught the pillow and placed it on the be-d.
“Anyways I c@m£ here for something important” he sat down beside me.

“And what can that be?”
“It’s about your friend Debbie” he replied. Jaden has been crushing on Debbie for a while now, he has asked her out several times but she always turned him down.

“And what about her” I asked confused because I didn’t see that one coming, I thought he should have gotten over her by now.

“I like her and I want you to help me talk to her” he replied.
“J, you know I’ve tried doing that before and she still said no and perhaps I think she likes someone else so move on” I answered and that last p@rt infuriated him.

“Who could that be?” He asked.
“Ken” I replied. Ken Adekunle is also a 300 level pharmacy student at Yogan and his parents are f*@king rich, his father is an oil magnet and Deborah has a crush on him, she hasn’t told me but I guess she does like why is she always around him if she doesn’t have feelings for him? And I think he likes her too.

“And she told you that?” He ti-ght£ñed his fist and I could see the rage in his eyes.

“No but I’m a lady and I’m not blind so bro move on” I said going back to my phone.
“So that stupid boy wanna mess with my girl” he gave a devious smile and left my room. I watched him as he exit my room and I hissed and went back to my phone planning how the p@rty is going to turn out tonight. Maybe I might have lots of S-x, who knows? But the billion-dollar question how the f*@k am I going get out of this prison called a house tonight?

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