Episode 1

The brilliance of the soothing weather, filled the day, the sun directed it’s ray, piercing through the grapevine crop, that have grown to cover my window line like ornamental plants they form a silhoutte in my room, in form of shadow, ray lines were formed on every object obstructing the shine of the sun, right in the room, I was awake, it was 8am a very sunny morning, i was grateful to the creator for letting me see another day. Ok ok… I know you wanna know about me, let’s go this way, My names are Joshua Ehi, i hail from the Edo tribe of nigeria, hence the surname Ehi, which means ‘soul’, so i was told, though i am not conversant with the edo dialect, but at least i know a few things about it.

My father, Dr Ehi works as a medical doctor in a teaching hospital right here in benin, and my mum, she’s a full time house wife. I have friends too who are especially from my secondary school, i be street guy oo but i usually don’t relate with people from my area, i attended McDonalds High School, my days there were hearty, atleast i was made the headboy at ss2 3rd term. Not to bore you with my background, let’s move on to the story proper, but Just don’t forget i have a sister cathy, we will learn more about them later.

After performing every formality i became a bona fide student of the great unversity of benin, things went smoothly, i was the usual me, always topping the class, on a lowkey, we that don’t use to answer question in class, but let the less privileged do so just to show off how smart they were, as a 100L student, things was some how tough, for me, i could capitalize on the fact that i am new, and i am just getting to know the school, so i just have to get use to it, and settle down quickly, but that didn’t stop me from being my best. I go to library after class everyday with my friend Nelson, i haven’t made new friends, not even a buddy, i sat solo, do everything solo, i was that kind of person, but once am into you, the jovial me surface, well things were in shape, until we approached nearly the end of first semester, My problem started, I was in the class one day, no lecturer was around at that time, so i plugged in my ear phone to listen to music, and surf instagram, i was watching a skit from oluwardolarz, one of my favorite instagram comedian,

Dolarz: How can you say
Ayomide is smarter than Tope?
You guys are just being biased,
Oya you know what Just do
a test for them now,

Ife: Ok ok Ayomide what is the difference
between ‘Reality and Assumption’?

Ayomide: Assumption simply means
a statement imagined to be true,
while reality means a state of being actual,

Ife: Oya that’s mah girl, oya you Tope!
You have the floor.

Tope: Aunty ife!, Aunty Precious!!
Both Ife and Precious: Yes

Tope: Will you date dangote’s
first son for 100million naira?

Ife: why not?

Precious: if not, ofcourse!

Tope: In Assumption you guys are
100million naira richer,
but in reality You guys are GOLD DIGGERS.

Ok ok this got me, and i started laughing, i was still laughing while resting my head on the table, when the rowdy class became silent, i mean dead silent, that the silence pierced through and became noticeable to me, i had to remove my ear phone, and look up to see a lecturer was already standing on the podium.

Lecturer: Ehi Joshua? Is he here? He called out with a stern face, he was one of the GST lecturers, and I freezed at the mention of my name, my heart pound away, what crime have i committed that is making this man look for me? He soon call again, and the class stared blankly, and i stood up sluggishly, and everyone in the turned their gaze at me, don’t be surprised nobody knew my name, so the sudden call must have made them imagine who bears such name in the class, well i brace up, the expression on the man’s face was unreadable,

Lecturer: Please come up the podium he said with a little glint of warmth, that gave my beating heart a calm. I could feel the thousand eyes piercing their gaze right through my body, but honouring the lecturer’s invite up the podium, was the only thing i could do, I walk up to him, and he accepted me with a handshake, and a warm embrace, WHAT???? that was the exact look on everyone’s face, he soon held up the mic to clarify us including me, the reason behind his actions, because my guy ehn! me too am surprised.

Lecturer: You see, you guys have to emulate people like this young man standing right here with me he said, placing a hand on my shoulder, and tapping it with his fingers like he was patting me for a Job well done Me, I was still trying to figure why all this drama. ‘He is just the next best thing to a lecturer, he said continuing his speech, and right there i understood what he was talking about, i could still read the confusion on most of the students faces, not until he told them how i have stunned him and all his colleagues, with my performance and academic excellence, that was when they understood what it was all about, he also went further to he say he never noticed me in the class until now, he said he had thought i was one of those numerous students answering questions in his class, before he asked me to go back to my seat, and then started up his lectures for the day, i payed attention.

Now here was it, even though, i was shy at the approach, but i must confess it gladdens my heart, soon my name spread through the departments, and people started coming to make friends, i tried to be friendly with them, even when i didn’t like some, but hell, they are humans, well, with my new profile, i became even more popular, ‘‘Josh the scholar’’, became conversant on everyone’s lips even though the thing dey gimme joy, i didn’t allow it sink in my head i remained studios, that was how one day Mike one of my friend came to my hostel, and invited me for his party that was to hold the next day, i had wanted to decline at first, but i gave him a yes at an after thought, reason being that i realised i was too hard on myself, and i had to loosen up a bit, partying the next day won’t be a bad idea, so i accepted, and even went as far as to invite Nelson my buddy, and he too agreed to go.

The next day night party time, i put on a savage white shirt, matching with my white snickers, and a dark blue Louis Vuitton Jeans trouser and Jacket, omo i followed up with one rolex goldplated watch, d–n i had to confess i look good, i soon heard a knock, followed by Nelson’s cockroach voice,

Nelson: ode open door for me. I went forward to open the door, d–n, he wasn’t looking bad at all, in fact the only difference between our outfit was that he had a cap on, same white shirt, snickers, jacket and all,

Me: mumu who send you make u gam like me? I asked

Nelson: shey na your papa you dey ask, oya make we dey go, we soon got to the Party, and the turn out was boom students from our department flock the place, drinking and chilling, i soon fish out Mike and wished him happy birthday, I Love the heads i was turning, and the stares i was getting from all the chicks i must confess, because, everyone seem to be looking at me as i passed, i found out Nelson was already missing, and i opted for a seat, as i sat, i saw him in company of other guys, chattering and Laughing heartily, party blood don enter im body.

I sat and watch as people had fun, i was just fine with it, watching them celebrate, was enough fun for me. I remain seated, till i felt a presence right behind me, and i turned back to see an appetizing figure of a girl, she winked a smile at me, i must confess she was cute, her smile was accompanied by a pair of dimple on both sides of her cheeks, her brown coloured body radiated Like gold, as the bright light radiating from the brown coloured bulb, matched with her skin colour, thereby giving her a glow, that made my mouth drop wide open, and also made my heart giggle, I was still dazed and wild in thought, when i heard her spoke,

Girl: do you mind closing you mouth before you start drooling spittle handsome??.
What? I was taken aback by that statement, in fact it made me shy.

Me: oh sorry, am just carried away with fascinating thoughts! I defended,

Girl: oh your mind is already having sex with me abi? Sinner!

Me: what?

Girl: yes na, don’t you know the bible says he who look at a woman lustfully, has already commit adultery with her? Oh see this girl oo me wey never view the full package fininsh you don dey adultery me!

Me: oh sorry about that, i said acting up, I had to admit to whatever she said, just to give the impression that I’m a gentleman, we don’t argue with ladies.

Girl: no pro, mind if i sit with you?

Me: No.

Girl: Thanks, she appreciated, so you are Josh The Scholar? Hmm here we go!

Me: Huh! how did you know that? I asked just for the fun of it, because i know everyone knows me, but i don’t know ever one, ‘‘daz how stars do’’(wink)

Girl: Hmm, are you trying to say you don’t know you are this popular?

Me: well i don’t, i remained static with my claim, but a bit polite. So you are? I asked.

Girl: I am Martha

Me: oh nice name, this girl was turn me i swear down, now we were both seated, i don dey observe her body, i could tell her front package isn’t that bad, but d–n her arse sitting on the stool right close to me was something else, ‘massive’
At that point when there is no more conversation for you to follow up, you become numb, and she isn’t helping matters, she Just keep staring at you and you can’t help it but stare back at her, the whole world seem to be spinning around the both of you, who are locked up maintaining eye contact in your own universe, where only your heart can communicate, then one stupid Nelson from nowhere will Just come to interrupt your euphoric moment, D–n! I might just end up cutting this boy and frying him one day, d–n! I was enjoying the romance

Nelson: Afa Take and drink he said passing me a glass of ciroc, I notice say you never shayo since just ginger up. Hi’ he said noticing Martha’s presence.

Martha: Hey, you are, she asked Nelson, why i used that opportunity to seize him up, if eye dey kill my guy for don die since, I was only mad because he interrupted our foreplay, I took a sip, from the glass, and he wary off, after introducing himself to Martha, which i didn’t care about.

Martha: I like you Josh, i noticed you even before you became popular (hehe looka dis one) i have always nursed my crush, but here we are, come! come!! she stood up not giving me the opportunity to express myself.

Me: where to? I asked surprised at the sudden development.

Martha: Shsss don’t say anything just follow me, she moved me to a secluded area, from the main place where the party was still going on, we weren’t the only couple there, there were other people there too, some were smooching and making out, while some were already engaged, pounding away their soul, others were just smoking weed, and the smell filled the air. I was lost, in fact with what i was seeing, I knew our punishment would be greater than that of Sodom and Gomorrah, the biblical ‘Sin City’.

Me: what are we doi…. I was still saying when she engulfed my mouth with hers, engaging me in a hot kiss i opened my lips and gave in, she savoured in the flavour of a cute boy’s pink lips, she held me to herself, and we continue devouring each other, To be candid, i like her, in fact i love her (love at first sight) we kept on kissing at a high ferocious pace for so long, that i couldn’t tell how long we were there. She soon broke it, and just as foolish as i didn’t know what to say, but i had to say something, i asked

Me: What was that for??

Martha: Just how much I Love u. What??? that one loud oo, in fact e totori my brain, and i engaged her in another round of kiss this time i caressed her back. Chai, ‘‘Joshua, this your first time of meeting her, it rang in my head’’ that’s how trumpet will sound now i will not make heaven, i had to stop

Me: Let’s go i said to her, i looked at my watch, it was 11:35pm, i was done with the party, so looked out for Nelson, we have to start going. Martha asked for my digits, and i gave it to her, all my actions, after the kiss was based on I was shy, ‘I’m a shy guy’ (Dbanj).

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