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“Alright girls this is our new house…what do you think, awesome right?” Mrs Antony asked smiling at the girls.

“Well it’s manageable” Abby replied looking around.

“Mrs Antony do we get to own our rooms individually?” Angela asked.

“Of course…everyone with her room” Mrs Antony answered and Angela’s face lit in smiles.

“Yay! Finally I don’t have to share a room with this grumpy las-sanymore” she grins referring to Abby.

“Duh! Who wanna share a room with a clumsy bo-obysocker like you? I’m sooo elated I’ve got my own room hmph!” Abby huffed folding her arms.

“You guys don’t start again just unpack” Mrs Antony cut in.

“Your rooms are upstairs you can choose anyone you want” she added.

“Really really…wow!” Angela giggles running upstairs.

“Be careful not to fall!” Mrs Antony shouted after her.

“Always acting like a kid…how childish” Abby scoffs.

“That’s just her personality…carefree just like her father” Mrs Antony smiles.

“Then I must take after you” Abby grinned.

“Oh come on…I’m not always moody like you”

“Psst!” Abby rolled her eyes just then Angela wheeled downstairs.

“Wow…that room I swear Mrs Antony I love it thank you so much” she hugs her.

“Stop acting like a baby and just unpack there are so many to do and you have to start school tomorrow”

“So soon!” Both Abby and Angela said at the same time.

“Yeah that soon now get on it…go”

Angela squee-zed her face.

“I don’t like going to school” Angela mutters to herself.

“I’ll take my things upstairs” she said carrying her luggage.

“Let Abby help you with that dear”

“No I can manage” she replied proceeding upstairs.

“Just leave her the worst that can happen is her rolling down the stairs with her so called things”

“fu-ck you!” Angela said in a whisper to Abby.

She tries to take her luggage upstairs.

“just let her help you!”

“Don’t worry…I’ll be fi_ ahh! Ahh! Ouch! Ouchy! Oww!” Her butt landed on the floor with her clothes scattered on the stairs.

Mrs Antony face palmed.

“My butt hurts…” She pouted.

“What a fool…” Abby kicked her and goes upstairs.

“You should have just let her helped’re too unnecessary stubborn” Mrs Antony chided while Angela just squealed in pain.

“Knock knock! I’m coming in” Angela said in a sing song before going inside Abby’s room.

“Wow…your room is fab Ab” she wowed.

“What do you want?” Abby asked nonchalantly.

“Oh I came to borrow your scissors”

“Over there!” She pointed the desk and Angela head to the desk.

“Wow…you still have this picture” she took a photo frame looking at it.

“Don’t touch anything” Abby warned.

“We were so young back then…and father was with us…time really flies doesn’t it?”

“If you have seen the scissors can you take it and leave?”

“Hum…you’re too peevish” she dropped the picture.

“People like you are not accommodating and that’s bad becau_oww!” She gasped lightly when her hand mistakenly push off the dancing Ballerina music box on the desk.

Abby sprang up gasping.

“What the hell did you just do!” She yelled at her.

“Oh sorry I didn’t mean to” Angela bend down picking the broken ballerina music box whilst Abby pushes her away.

“Oh no! How…how could you do this!”

“I didn’t mean to-”

“You never mean to…that’s your problem…you’re always like this I warned you not to touch my things, didn’t I? What the hell did you just do!”

“I’m sorry I’ll get you another one”

“Another one?” Abby scoffs. “How could you get me the same one again!” Abby blurted out in annoyance.

“Hey why are you so furious…it’s just a music box and I promised to get you a new one”

“Just a music box…well to you..but this…this was father’s last gift to me before he pa-ssed away!” She said on the verge of tears now.

“I’m..I’m sorry I didn’t know that”

“Even if you knew would it have made a difference? This is how you always are…you’re always making troubles not caring about the outcomes. I’ve been putting up with you but I just can’t do it anymore. I really hope you could stop Pertubing me and act like an elder sister you are for once instead of acting childishly because of your so called Clumsiness please I beg you to stay out of my sight you annoy me so please stop being a nuisance okay!” She lashed at Angela who retaliated with a slap.

Abby gasped whilst Mrs Antony rushed in.

“What’s happening here? I’ve been hearing your voices downstairs are you two fighting again?” She looks at Angela to Abby who held her cheek.

“Yes! I’m a clumsy person I’m so clumsy I admit to that. But you don’t have to diss me just because I made a mistake. Do you think I wanted it to happen? You’re so hot blooded and unforgiving. You know what I’m tired of you also you’re so cranky tht I can’t take it any longer. Now I see why you were chased out from the academy…you deserved that I’m sure they couldn’t put up with your cranky behavior…you’re such an annoying fussy daft I can’t put up with you any longer. You’re so ill tempered!!” Angela retorted walking out angrily.

“And you’re an uncultured Palooka swine I hate you!” Abby shouted after her also walking out angrily.

“Abby!” Mrs Antony called before sighing.

“These two won’t send me to an early grave”

Angela got out of the compound angrily walking to God knows where.

“That ungrateful brat…how dare she talk to her elder sister like that?! She’s so tetchy I don’t think we’re of the same DNA…

how can she be so different!” She continue lamenting not seeing an upcoming bicycle which she bumped into.

“Ouch!” She gro-ans.

“Hey! Can’t you watch where you are_ woah…” She woahed looking at the guy she bumped into.

“Are you an angel?” She blurted out and the guy looks at her.

“What..?” He furrows his eyebrow.

“How can you be so…extraordinary…this must be my lucky day. I met an angel as soon as I went out” she enthuse and the guy stood up dusting his body.

“Can I get your digits Angel?” She smile sheeplessly and the guy scoffs.

“Freak” he got on his bicycle and rode off.

“Ahh Angela you’re still in this world right? I tell you you’re damn lucky…ohhh I love this place…my Angel…” She made to stand but then her face caught something sparkling. She picked up the necklace.

“This must be his so beautiful and unique…this must be our token of love…Angel…” She hugs it to her chest chuckling.

“Where are you coming from?” Mr Trump said on sighting Mike his son coming in.

“Why do you care?” Mike replied indifferently going to his room.

“Coming back from meeting them? Your boyfriends?” He quipped and Mike stopped.

“I just went to get some air”

“Air my foot! I told you to stop this disgraceful act of yours didn’t I?”

“Did you see me with any guy? I told you it’s not like that” Mike retort and Mr Trump stood walking towards him.

“You’re my son and I know you well…my little advice to you. Don’t let me catch you in the act. I won’t let someone like you put stain on my image I’ve took so long to build. I won’t let you be the black sheep of this family…if you wanna be then…I’ll have to root you out before you do…just like your mother” Mr Trump warned whilst Mike clenched his fist.

“Got that son?” He punch his chest a little before excusing him.

Mike went to his room and sat on his bed looking at his mother’s picture.

“I’m sorry mother…?” He touched his neck but couldn’t find the necklace. He started looking for it then his mind flashed back to when he bumped into Angela.

“That freak…” He mutters before rushing out.

“What if he’s looking for his necklace right now?” Angela thought within picking at her food.

“Angela why are you not eating is something wrong?” Mrs Antony asked concerned.

“Her conscience must be eating her up” Abby said eating.

“Abby won’t you two make up now?” Mrs Antony asked while Abby rolled her eyes.

“Why should I when she started it?”

“Abby…?” Mrs Antony card in a warning tone.

“Sorry for slapping you earlier…that was my bad” Angela apologized but Abby kept mute.

“I’m sorry for ruining your music box also and…for talking like that I know it’s not your fault”

“As long as you know…I’m sorry too…whatever” Abby replied.

“Are you two okay now?”

“Yep…we’re back to being grumpy and clumsy sisters” Angela giggles.

“But it’s indeed true that your clumsiness gets on my nerves and that’s really annoying” Abby said and Angela rolled her eyes.

“Yeah sure… whatever…”

“You two just eat… that’s enough”


Mike Sat by the window looking outside with his head phone over his ear.

“Mike this is for you” Anita one of his cla-ssmates dropped a gift on his desk.

“Mike I just made this cake I want you to taste it and give me feedback” Brinkley another cla-ssmate of his said also dropping a cake on his desk. Virtually all his cla-ssmates who are girls came dropping one gift or the other.

Mike removed his head phone, put it over his neck and packed the gifts putting them on the teacher’s table.

“Guys here are some gifts for you…do whatever you want with it” he wear his head phone back and went back to his sit.

The boys in the clas-sall rushed to the teacher’s table taking one gift or the other.

“Woah…this is a limited watch”

“Give that back! It’s for Mike”

“And this is a sneaker…just my type” another guy said.

“And guess what I got guys…a headphone and my favorite strawberry cake…hmmm yummy” Edward said li-cking his li-ps.

“Give that back…I made that cake for Mike” Brinkley said chasing Edward around the cla-ss.

“How tasty…I love this Diane”

“It ain’t for you and my name isn’t Diane! Give that back I spent so much effort on that..give it back loser!” Brinkley shouted still chasing him around.

“This is so good why don’t you transfer that live you have for Mike to me I promise to do you good uh!” He li-cked the cake on his finger.

“Hey!” Brinkley took off her shoe and threw it at him but he was quick to dodge it however the shoe hit Angela who was coming in with the teacher on the face.

“EDWARD!!” The teacher growls.

“It isn’t me teacher… I swear…”


“Settle down…okay guys you have a new friend with you today this beautiful las-sstanding next to me is gonna be your new cla-ssmate” she faces Angela.

“Introduce yourself young lady”

“Hi everyone my name is_” she saw Mike and stops.

“Angel?” She blurted out.

“Angel? You didn’t told me you were Angel?” The teacher looks at her confused whilst the clas-saroused in laughter. Angela was engrossed looking at Mike that she didn’t notice the teacher talking to her.

“New student!…new student!”


“Your name?”

“Oh…my name is Angela Antony and I’ll be your new cla-ssmate I hope we get along well” she said almost in a rush not taking her eyes off Mike.

“That’s all…no hobby you would like to share?”

“Uh…I don’t have a particular hobby but there’s one thing I believe in….fate”

“Aren’t you too young to think of such…go find an empty seat”

Angeka grins and went to sit on the empty seat beside Mike.

“Hey Mike doesn’t like people sitting next to him” Natalia a girl in the clas-ssaid.

“Did he say that?” Angela faced Mike.

“Can’t believe I met you again…this must really be fate” she beamed.

“New student why don’t you lay attention to lesson first” the teacher said

“Oh sorry ma’am…” She chuckles.

“In our last topic we talked about romances in literature. Who can say something about that?” The teacher asked and few students raises up their hands. The teacher noticed Angela isn’t paying attention and decided to call her.

“New student how about you give it a try?”


“Yes…you what are romances in literature?”

“Romance?” She smile broadly.

“Isn’t that love?”

“What…you are not being serious right now?”

“Why? Am I wrong? Isn’t it when you’re in love you experience romance? Haven’t you been in love teacher?” She asked and the clas-sar-ose in laughter.

“Angela Antony out of my clas-swith your desk right now!”

“But…but why?!”

“Out!” The teacher ordered and she Grumpliy dragged her desk outside the cla-ss.

“Anybody to tell me? Mike you!”

“A romance is a narrative genre in literature that involves a mysterious, adventurous, or spiritual story line where the focus is on a quest that involves bravery and strong values, not always a love interest” Mike answered and the clas-sarouse in wows.

“I could say that too you know” Edward said

“If you has raised up your hands I would have called you”

“I did…teacher didn’t just saw it”

“Shut up Edward”

Angela stayed outside the clas-speeping at Mike throu-ghout the time. The clas-sended and the teacher went out.

“Angela Antony…you better be careful next time” the teacher said before leaving.

“What did I do?” She mumble and drag her desk back into the cla-ss.

“Hey there…do you remember me?” She asked Mike on getting to the clas-sbut he ignored her..

“Can’t he hear me because of the headphone?” She asked herself.

“Hey! It’s me the bicycle girl!” She said more loudly and Mike looks at her.

“Oh I think he hears now” she grins.

Mike stood up saying nothing.

“Ohhh where are you going?” She asked but Mike continue ignoring her and Angela held his hand.

“We’re cla-ssmates now even sitting together…don’t you think this is fate?” She beamed whilst Mike fli-cked her hand away.

“fu-ck off freak!” He glares before leaving.

“Ohhh…here comes another Abby…must I have a devil at home and meet another at school? And to think I’m crushing on him… Angela this isn’t gonna be an easy journey…you better brace up” she said to herself slumping on the chair.

“Hi there”

“Oh hi I’m Angela”

“I’m Andrea…do you know him?”

“Who? Oh him? Yh…sort of”

“Are you guys close?”

“Not really…why do you ask?”

“Just asking”

“I wanna make friends with him”

“Half of this school feels like you..but that guy is always aloof…he doesn’t interact with others”


“Nobody knows…he’s just always off”

“Really…well that makes him like him more”

“You like him?”


“That isn’t surprising…virtually all the girls does but he doesn’t give them face”

“That makes him charming” Angela grins.

“Angela my Angel!” Edward called sitting in front of her.

“Who are you and why are you calling me that?” Angela frowns while Edward cupped her face.

“Hey what are you doing!”

“Gosh…you’re so beautiful…” Edward beamed whilst Angela slapped his hand away Edward grab both her hands.

“Believe me or not you’re one lucky girl you managed to capture the heart of the king of this school”

“What is he saying?”

“What rubbish are you ranting Edward?” Andrea slap his back.

“I feel for you at first sight” he paused and placed Angela’s hand on his chest.

“Can you feel my heart beating?”

“That’s probably because you’re still breathing”

“No! It’s because of you…Angela you’re my Angel”

“Edward you’re too late…someone already have her heart” Andrea said to him.

“What? Who stole my Angel’s heart?”

“Mike did” Andrea replied.

“That oddball?”

“Is that his name? Mike…” Angela grins.

“That bastard…always snatching what’s mine…but don’t worry we can just share my heart my love is enough for we both”

“You mean for us both” Andrea corrected.


“But who are you?” Angela asked.

“Ah right! I’m Edward the king of this school. The most handsome cutest charming brilliant and intelligent guy in this school not that I’m bragging but it’s just the fact”

“Hey I don’t know about brilliance and intelligence but isn’t Mike the most cutest and charming guy?”

“Well our Edward here was all that before Mike came ”

“See let me tell you a those girls chasing after Mike will soon come back to their senses and come back me by it’ll be told late cause I already have you. From now on you’ll be my queen and we will rule this school together” Edward a-ssured while Angela scoffs.

“Queen my foot…?” She mutters to herself.

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