Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

I woke up to five missed calls and three texts, I didn’t even bother to check them because I was so sure they were all from Camilla.

‘I will call her later.’ I told myself as I walked to the bathroom to pee

I stood still and allowed the liquid to go down the drain as I hammed to Eminem’s walk on water, it was the only track that touched a muscle in his new revival album.

I flushed the toilet and went straight to the shower to take a cold relaxing bath, I had had a very long night the previous evening and I knew I needed the energy if I was going to face the day ahead. After what seemed like forever, I walked out of there butt na.ked; by this time the girl I had picked up from the club was already dressed but her seeing me na.ked made her smile mischievously.

‘You can use the bathroom in the other room.’ I told her just trying to make it clear that between us there was nothing.

‘I was hoping to spend the day with you.’ She said making a puppy face

I almost laughed in her face but I refrained from doing so, I had manners and I wouldn’t lose them over some cheap hooker from Addis Ababa drive.

‘You need to hurry because I am heading out.’ I said walking past her

I watched her face change into a frown but that was the least of my worries, there was nothing between us and even though she was good in bed she had to leave and never return.

I settled for a pair of black shorts with a burgundy t-shirt then finished off the look with some converse on my feet.

Walking into the kitchen, my live in maid aunty Naomi had already made my breakfast; she knew exactly what I liked after a wild Saturday night and she always made sure to do the honors.

You see I kept her with me for three years because she never once asked questions, she is one lady that did her job well and stayed clear of my business. She had met Camilla on different occasions and she was aware that I was cheating on her and had done so many times but not once did she open her mouth to speak.

‘Something smells nice.’ The lady I had decided to call 27 said

I had not even bothered to ask for her name but because I had picked her up on the 27th, I decided to call her that.

‘I am done here, it’s time to go.’ I said rudely

She looked at me shock registered on her face but when I opened the door she knew I wasn’t lying.

We got outside and my taxi driver Mark was already waiting.

‘Take her wherever she wants to go, will send the money to your account.’ I said going back inside

I grabbed my phone from the bedroom and drove towards great east road, Camilla was a student at the University of Zambia studying law and in her third year.

I got to the hostel and tried calling her line but she was not responding. I sighed before getting out of the vehicle, I hated coming here. I hated the eyes that most of the ladies gave me, they were like vultures ready to tear my body apart.

I climbed the stairs with less effort as I was into working out, she was on the third floor.

Knocking twice, I finally heard the door knob unlock and there she stood; as innocent as the first time I saw her.

‘Babe.’ I said when she moved away allowing me to enter

‘Good morning.’ She said with no emotion at all

‘About the missed calls and unresponded texts’ I began

‘It is all good, you were probably busy.’

‘Please take a seat let me just finish what I am doing will be with you in a minute.’ She added

Now I was looking at her like she was crazy, I couldn’t believe that she was letting this go without a fight. After about twenty minutes, she closed her laptop and came to join me on the bed.

‘So how was your week?’ she asked

I had promised to see her during the week but somehow got carried away with the boys that I had kept her waiting on three occasions.

‘It was tiresome I guess, and yours?’

‘Nothing I can’t handle, I am just glad the term has come to an end. Can’t wait to go home.’ She said stretching her hands

There was an awkward silence between us, one could easily tell that things were not okay but none of us was willing to bring it up.

‘I thought we agreed that once schools close you will come and stay with me’ I said seriously

‘I know I did but I kind of miss my sisters.’ She responded before swallowing

‘Camy what are you not telling me? Your sisters visit you almost every weekend so I don’t see why you have to go home.’

‘I am glad you mentioned that it is home, even though they come here home is still home.’ She responded standing up

I looked at her well curved behind and wondered just why I was cheating on her, she was intelligent and independent. At twenty five not only was she in school but also running her own business which allowed her to build a block of flats which were on rent. She was the eldest with two young sisters, one doing her first year at the University of Lusaka studying public administration and the youngest doing her eleventh grade at Kabulonga girls. They were all they had and she was the parent that they had ever known.

‘Are you okay?’ she asked after drinking from the cup she was holding

‘I am.’ I responded my heart aching a little

‘I need to go, just came to give you this.’ I said putting the envelop on the bed

I knew she could take care of herself but I felt her being my girlfriend she was my responsibility too.

‘Thank you.’ She said stashing it amongst the many books that were neatly put on the drawer

I walked out of her room with so many thoughts in my head, this was not the Camy that I had met two years back. She was acting strange and I had to find out why,

the Camy I knew would have either thrown a tantrum or cried her eyes out in my presence.

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