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Rumours have been flying around about the million Naira buried in a silent cemetery located in a remote area.

No one really believed the rumour though probably because no one posses the courage to go and ransack the cemetery in search of money or because it’s looks so impossible to bury over million Naira in a cemetery.

What people don’t know is that many has gone in search of the money but never returned while those that returned were physically rendered incapable, mostly derived of their ability to talk or lose their sight.

This mysterious event thus made the news unreal and also exterminate people’s interest to find the money.

A million naira is not a small amount. The news that was even propagated made me more curious about the money.

To me, going to cemetery to dung out a million Naira is not different from receiving a free money. And in this country, everyone needs money including Dangote.

I decided to come up with a plan to extract the money successfully from the cemetery without experiencing any repercussions.

To be on a safer side, I thoroughly investigated the authenticity of the news and arrived with more than four facts that confirmed that the money planted there is real.

I decided to storm the Cemetery at night when no one will notice me.

I planned to carry out all my holy activity in less than an hour. Start by 11:30pm and end by 12:30 am was the time I planned.

I ensured that everything I needed were ready. Jigger to dig the ground, shovel to pack the sand and lastly bag to pack the money.

I should have taken Bible and Quran too but my body is not really different to that of bouncers. So if anything negative happens, the body will sure protect me.

I stayed in my house the appointedday I planned to visit the cemetery. I set off on Quadri’s bike immediately the time clocked 10:30.

Quadri was very good friend, although he didn’t want to release his bike to me but I’ve promised him a cool cash after my expenditure.

The cemeterywas quite far from my house so I spent over 40 minutes getting there and 20 minutes to enter through the back door of the cemetery.

I jumped over the fence silently to avoid being noticed by people living nearby.

I located the exact place I was told the money was buried. I started digging and packing simultaneously.

After digging for 30 mins, I started sweating profusely without achieving anything.

After digging for another 10 mins, I hit a coffin with Jigger. I brought the coffin out in less than five minutes and opened it eagerly thinking that the money was inside it.

I was shocked to see a fresh body inside the coffin. What, how can this body be fresh, the rumour about the money has been going around for over 3 years now and I’m sure the body would have spent more than that in the grave.

I wanted to run away but the million won’t let me go. I left the body inside the coffin and continued the digging.

I continued digging tirelessly when my Jigger hit a sack. “Thank you goddess of riches, I’m finally rich” I whispered happily to myself.

I started packing the money out immediately and grinned like a drugged cat.

I kept on packing the money out of the torn sack and I kept on dumping them on the n@ked ground. I didn’t want to waste my time with packing it immediately into the bag I brought, I planned on doing that after I was done taking the money out of the grave.

I smiled mischievously to myself after packing out every single note out of that grave and I raised my head up with satisfaction.

I heaved a sigh of relief and I started grinning again at the thought of being a millionaire over night. I stretched my hand to grab the bag I came withbut to my surprise, the money has already been packed neatly into the bag.

“Jesus of Jerusalem. Who packed the money inside bag”, I was still mumbling to myself in fear and confusion when I heard someone coughing beside me.


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