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Seven years down the line we had three beautiful daughters, mama was not pleased .

” Aremu I told you not to marry this Ijebu woman, seven years and three children all girls who would carry your father’s name ? Is your father’s name going to end in your generation ? Aremu you’re my only son , you have to get a second wife !!”

I never expected that from mum , it was surprising to me .

” Mami I cannot marry another wife , Mami Kemi is a good woman , mama she’s respectful,mama Kemi workshops the ground you walk on , mami mi what do you want from my wife?

I shouted in frustration

“Aremu I want a grandson one who would bear your name , this girls are groomed for marriage they’ll go away and leave your father’s house empty.”

“Mami Kemi isn’t the giver of children, God gives the children, male and female , I’m not complaining we’re both still young , God will give us a baby boy.”

Mama allowed the matter rest for two years

Then Kemi took in again , for nine months we prayed for the baby to be a boy, but low and behold it was a girl again , a beautiful child who was laughing loud instead of crying like other children at birth. We named her Adesua, she was special amongst all my daughters she started walking at eight months, she started talking at one year two month she was a comedian making people laugh with her tricks .

Mama had had enough , she called my elder sisters to come for a meeting at my father’s house .

” Modupe, Taiye and Keyinde come and talk to your brother, Aremu wants to kill me , he’s been giving me sleepless nights, my blood pressure has risen to 140 because of your stubborn brother! I told him Kemi doesn’t have a girl in her womb , that he should get a second wife to give him male children. But he said over his dead body . I will not forgive Aremu if I died without holding my grandson “.

She was crying with her loud voice .

My sisters begged me to no avail, I reminded them how mama had issues conceiving and when she did she was giving birth to girls , she gave birth to four girls before she had ,all my sisters where mad at me , they said if mama dies from blood pressure they’ll put the blame on me .

That might my wife woke me up in the middle of night

” Oko mi wake up! I know how you have been fighting for me in the past ten years, I thought Adesua would be a baby boy to take away my tears but she turned out to be a beautiful girl , please do what your family said so they’ll be peace, your sisters have turned me to their enemy.”

I felt like crying , I refused for about a year , of my sisters coming to constantly insult my wife and make trouble asking her to leave their father’s house , to go back to Ijebu Ode, that she charmed me , Kemi was getting lean and sickly , she was always depressed.

One cursed evening my sisters and mother brought a woman to the house ,a fair woman from Ibadan , they said she was my wife. Kemisola accepted her into our family and showed her around . I ignored her for three months , I didn’t have her time. Three months later I was yet to touch her , my family had to do another meeting when she threatened to return to her father’s house , I asked her to go, that she’s not my wife , that she’s my mother’s wife . Kemisola again came there knelt before me and begged me to take he woman as my wife.

That night I slept with the divorcee, she was sweeter than any woman I had ever been with, I started loving her . And she was very fruitful in a month she was already pregnant. After a nine months she gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy .

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