Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

“Hey stand up!” One of them barked, his deep, raspy voice echoed loudly.

“Pls don’t kill me pls!!!!!!” Mayowa screamed repeatedly in between tears,

“Quiet!” came the loud command that sent a chill down my spine.

I trembled violently on the floor as Mayowa whimpered loudly.

“We only came here to take what we need. We don’t intend to leave here without it! Hey boy, you are coming with us!”

“No pls no!!, Not him!!”

I screamed impulsively. I realized that I didn’t just scream in my head like I thought, but I had screamed out loud and in fact raised my head and was facing one of the masked robbers. There was silence for a split second, my sudden outburst must have shocked the robbers, I was equally shocked at such boldness. It was short lived as I felt fear creeping in again.

“Pls sir, don’t do this to me, my only son, I beg you. Take me and spare him pls” Aunty BB screamed, in tears

In a swift motion the masked robber holding Mayowa pointed the gun on Mayowa’s head. The dark metal glistened,

My heart stopped and then started pounding so hard.


“One more word from anyone again, and I would waste this boy here right now! Understand?!!!” He barked

I nodded, my eyes on Mayowa, his own eyes tightly shut, as he whimpered loudly and visibly shaking. A sight that broke my heart.

“Hey boy, you want to die?”

Mayowa shook his head vigorously

“Then shut up!”

The gun was still pointed to the side of his head, and I watched helplessly as they led him out, I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off him

“Jesus pls, Father, do something, don’t let them take him away!!, He is a young boy that loves you, don’t let them!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I screamed in my head, as I watched them go

I caught glimpses of the deadly weapons the men carried. The possibilities of what he would go through in the custody of such heartless men, filled my heart with intense fear and anxiety, so much it was paralyzing.

Drowning in the overwhelming emotions, I slipped into unconsciousness.

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