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Hmmm! God, please have mercy on my marriage. This is too much for me to handle.

I said wiping off my tears, you chose George for me to marry, I didn’t choose him based on my own feelings and decision, but I waited on you for him.

The reason why he’s behaving like this, is exactly what I don’t know.

I have been married to George for the past 2 years, but could you believe George has never touched me?

The least he does is to hug me and kiss my forehead. I guessed you are surprised by that, please don’t be for he never did, not even for once.

I wonder how we gonna produce a baby!

During my courtship with George, I noticed he was never a touchy person. I wasn’t bothered since initially I don’t believe in intimacy before marriage and also we have both agreed on Virginity Till Marriage.

Every moment with George was a good and interesting one back then, even when I tried to instigate what’s not, he will be like, babe the Bible says this and that.

I was very excited at that and I thought I was very lucky to have someone like him.

But I was totally wrong, for reality dawned on me really hard when we got married.

We had an elaborate wedding then, and guess what? it was heaven on earth.

We left the reception even before it ended, for we were very tired and exhausted.

We headed straight to one of the godly hotels around, on getting there the room given to us was already decorated with candles and roses.

I guessed George had booked the hotel without letting me know about it.

I was standing right at the door, lost in my thoughts, guess what I was thinking?

Yes! That’s exactly what I was thinking o, it’s not easy to stay pure till marriage oo!

I was still fantasizing on how George will make me scream and sing the song of Zion, when his sweet tiny voice jilted me out of my thought, for he said:

George: My love! What are you thinking about? Please come inside, he said coming towards me.

Me: Hmmmm! Sweetie! nothing oooo, I can’t just imagine it, I said smiling.

George: The Lord is in control of everything my love. He said and sat at the edge of the bed to off his shoes.

Me: Yes oooo! He has been in control since the start of our relationship oo, so why will he want to back off now?

He’s not an author of confusion and He will never start what He can’t finish sweetie. I said still smiling.

After I had put off my wedding gown, I told George, let go and have our bath in the bathroom and he said, don’t worry love, I will use the other one over there

I was shocked, how can an hotel be having two bathrooms

I murmured silently under my breath.

Oh! I forgot its a godly hotel, and so what? That thing inside of me answered.

No oooo! That can’t happen sweetie, let share the same bathroom together nah. After all, we have been pronounced husband and wife, I said trying to convince him.

My love be anxious for nothing, he said. I guessed he was trying to quote a Bible verse, then I chipped in, is that what you want? And he said yes my love.

I have always promise God to be respectful and obedient to my man in any situation.

So I can’t allow a bathroom issue to raise the sleeping dog of violence in George.

Are you surprised I said that? Yes! George was a violent man, but through the help of God and some of our pastors, he was able to put a stop to it.

I had entered the bathroom quietly to take my bath. I left the door wide open, in my mind I was trying to use women’s wisdom, but it failed!

Immediately George noticed I left the bathroom door opened, he picked up his towel and headed over to the other bathroom.

3 minutes later, I was out of the bathroom, but George was still in his bathroom. I guessed I was faster than I should.

So I laid quietly on the bed, with my towel tied around my chest.

20 minutes gone, George was still in the bathroom. Then I called out, sweetie what are you still doing?

Do you want to turn yourself to a fish? I said smiling to myself. If you spend one more minute in that bathroom, I will break the door and enter oooo.

I’m coming my love, be calming down. He said and finally came out of the bathroom.

What I saw when my sweetie came out of the bathroom was shocking!

What was shocking about what I saw?.

Find out in the next episode.

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