Episode 1

Love they say happens and sometimes can be baffling. Some people spend their whole life looking for love in the wrong place.

She ooze self confidence. The perfect definition of beauty and class. Under all the facade is the real deal. Her best weapon is her smile it can melt the hardest ice. Meet Stella George the Daughter of Senator George. A graduate of Business Administration from Harvard university, little wonder about her smartness.
After Graduation she went to fashion school and now has one of the biggest fashion house in Nigeria, all thanks to her father and proper connection. At 22 she is ranked the youngest and most successful fashionista in the country.

She seems to have everything and a loving man the envy of most ladies.

Preparing for her vacation in Paris with her boyfriend she decided to surprise him. He has been in Paris since Monday and she promised to join him on Wednesday so as to have time to wrap things up in the shop.

“Hello dear I am sorry I will not be able to make today got a bridal dress I must deliver”

“Can’t you let your PA handle it”

“No dear the mother is an acquaintance of my dad”

“But we planned this out I have been here alone since Monday it is boring without you”

“I know and I will make it up to you dear”

“I pray, so when are you coming”
“First thing tomorrow morning”
“I guess I have no choice then”
“Thanks for your understanding, you are one in a million, Love you big.

” Love you too”

Now for the killer move Stella board the plane smiling.

It was noon when she got to Paris. She left the airport and board a cab to the hotel.

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