Me And My Supernatural Girlfriend

Episode 1

On a cool Tuesday evening, I was sitting under a magoe tree located at the eastern region of our building. I guess y’all wana ask why I said our building..On the 12th of June (my birthday) I and my brother finally moved out of lagos to a new hood due to his transfer from lagos down to ekiti . It was not that easy to relocate to a new area where one would actually not have access to the kinda things he was patronising before .. As you all know me,am that holy boy who don’t drink, smoke, flex and clubbing. But according to my friend favourite quote “no one dies a virgin,life f–k us all”.

life kick us anywhere he wants. I still remain my humble and loyal self until we moved into our new home, then devil finally worsen it, he come dash me oluzo as best friend. That was when I truly understand what the aged wise men were actually saying “agutan toh bah ba aja rin a jegbe” meaning, sheep whey follow dog make friend go chop s–t.. ..

Oh! Sorry for my inconsistency My name is promise mathias but my niggaz dem call me harno ,am 23 years old, black, skinny and good looking in nature. Ever since I have lost my parents, I have been staying with my brother (nino) and we have been surviving on our own without the help of our so called family..

I was busy chitchatting with my friends on whatsapp about my new environment , then suddenly I saw something beautiful and glittering approaching. Who could this be? I soliloquies, so something whey make brain like this de this dryland.. as I was pondering about what I saw, she walked passed.

Blood of kafaya!! See ukwu..luckily for me something fell from her purse when she was receiving a call, I quickly rushed down to check it out, and its her atm card. I quickly picked it up and run after her,i called her and she paused for a while ,she gave me a quizzical look before she proceed. I called her again but she refused to reply me.

Mehn! Wetin de work this girl nah? Shey person no fit call girl for another matter again ni. Omo bad ppl like ele, klef, tpumpy, frosh, eliboy, stanlex and khola don spoil market for innocent people like me sha. Anyways no lele, I stop following her and I returned to my previous position .

‎ Then I saw a black, infact black is an understatement, dark skinny guy coming out of a yellow face me I plank you building sitting opposite our building..I wasn’t really concerned about where he was actually heading to, not until he stretch forth his palm requesting for a hand shake..

At first i gave him a thorough scrutinising before I responded..

He is a cute looking guy, he has a brown eyes and a sexy lips, he wore a blue crazy gean and a white polo shirt,he is actually not too tall but he is more or less of my size,his hair were beautifully shaved with dreadlock style.

Guy : hey nigga, my name is olu but my friends call me oluzo, and that is my dad’s building “he said pointing to the building he just came out of”

Me : am promise ..but call me harno

Oluzo : hmmm! Harno that’s a nice nick
(He sat right besides me and proceed with his talking )

Oluzo : guy why you like to de dull yourself? I hear say na lagos una take pack come here..

Me : yes! But how I take dull myself? “I throw a Confused look”

Oluzo : everytime whey I de see you, na under this mango tree you de always sit like person whey no get house..

“This guy like story sha!” I said that withing me..

Me : ehn! I just like fresh air ni since I no get anything to do inside..

Oluzo : ok nah, naso e de be sha if person newly enter one hood,him go like form angel..and as I de look you so, you go bad gan!

Me : bad for wetin?… I no bad o
The conversation continues for several hours..within the short period of our conversation I get to know more about the area and the way they behave…

Me : ehen! Bros no vex o, I get something whey I was ask o..

Oluzo : where the Bros de?

Me : hahahaaha! Na you naw

Oluzo : no vex o, I no know when I turn Bros ni..ok I de with you..

I went ahead to narrate everything to him but the way he respond almost made me thought of something strange..

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