Episode 1

“Please don’t leave me..please am begging you…please don’t do this to me …Elio…please…”a young pregnant woman dressed in a typical Mexican dress holding on to the helm of her husband trousers as he turned back ..and yelled out loud at her…
“You are good for nothing ..all you can give me is two female children and now you are tellin me you are pregnant. .. just let go…let me leave ..”

Just then two girls joined their mother in begging ..one was just 10yrs old…while the other was 6yrs old…Alma who was the eldest is 10yrs while Amira the second born was jst 6yrs old…I cried out loud in pain as
“Daddy..please don’t leave us…daddy!”Amira the younger one cried out as alma stared at her father with disgust. ..she never liked her father one bit and didn’t even care if he was leaving them…Elio kept on packing his luggages as Martha his wife knelt down still begging him…

“They are still your children..where will they start from…how am I going to take care of them all by myself…please ,..you can’t do this to me “..

“That’s enough!”Elio shouted at the top of his voice as he walked straight to the door…Martha follows him as alma dragged back her mother…

“Mom..let him go ..!alma said staring at her father with so much hate in her eyes…”alma..don’t say that he’s your father “..”mom ….don’t lie to me…this man isn’t my father…a real father wouldn’t leave his own family ..”
Just then Elio landed a thunderous slap on alma…as Martha stood up weakingly …still pleading…

“Alma…go to your room…take Amira along..”Martha said calmly. .
“But m…o….”

Alma didn’t finish her statement before Martha cuts in …

“Do as I say …now !!!”
And just then ..alma took amira who couldn’t stop shedding tears inside the room. ..Martha thought that was a chance to beg her husband before she could turn back again ..He already left!!!

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