Episode 1

Christine’s Pov:

I rolled from one side of the bed to another as I rubbed my eyes tiredly.

I quickly made for the alarm clock and switched it off.

I yanked the duvet off my body and sprang up from the bed.

My eyes went straight to the wall clock beside my huge bed.

“5:30Am…..” ?

I walked into the bathroom….

I have to be out of here in the next one hour.

I washed my face thoroughly.

I applied some toothpaste on my toothbrush.

Standing in front of the standing mirror, I brushed my teeth.

As soon as I finished brushing, I walked into the bathtub ?.

I took a warm shower…. It was 6:00am already.

I walked back into my room with a towel tied around my chest with a towel tied on my head.

I gradually massaged my body with the body cream.

My clothes were already hanged on the wardrobe.

I took the dress out of the wardrobe as I put them on in front of the dressing mirror.


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