Episode 1

(Dear David)
Oh we are resuming again oh no. I hate school and I don’t know why hmm mtcheww. Well I always get to see my handsome Dave every morning lol. Hi my name is nikky I have a crush on this my ice cube neighbor who happen to be my classmate since JSS1 but he wont notice me now we are in ss1. Oh god let David notice me this term.

After breakfast and some words of advice from my parents I finally wave goodbye to them. There I met David outside ready for school looking so handsome in his white shirt and blue trouser accompnied with the little bow tie. Wow as usual david you are always gorgeous and I’m not looking bad either in my
short blue skirt and white short sleeve shirt. Lovely dream high school here i come. “ good morning dave” i greet him but he just wave at me. “ happy resumption day” I said but he just nodded. “ how was your holiday?” i asked and he finally open his mouth.

Can you just keep quiet for a while?” he said and he walk faster. That’s the problem about him even though we are neighbors but he always walk faster. Too fast hmm. What should I do to make Dave love me? Confess? Oh yes maybe I will but not now. Oh i miss LDHS so much oh especially my partner in crime. My best friend Janelle, that talkative girl I miss her so much.

After assembly there is no much work so we just use the time to clean the surrounding like sweeping and parking some leaves that fell from the peach tree. partner in crime I miss you o, the senior school uniform really good on you” I said and janelle smiled. “ and you are not looking bad either oh I miss you I hope we work hard now that we are in senior school now” janelle replied and we both laughed.

Actually I’m not so good with my studies so I’m always low in my math but other subject I think I I’m trying while Janelle is an average student but my Dave? I think janelle and Dave will be in science department while me? I’m stuck in arts forever. I promise myself that i will work hard to impress my david maybe he can give me a chance.

I just don’t know why I hate reading I don’t know ehn. If I hate reading then how can I cope with school work. Any girl that come close to david will face my wrath no matter what. david how cool we are in the sane class again” i said to him when we were sweeping the leaves but he just shake his head. When will david learn how to reply people when they talk its unfair o. He is so weird now that I think about it I’m more weird. I have a crush on him for three years now I’m still longing for more or is it because we live close to each other?

“Nikky!” I heard Eric yell behind me. Eric is one of my classmates he always stick around me calling me his boss. That guy is from rich home so he is a celeb. I ignore him and I face david. “ I like you” I said but to my horror he replied I don’t like you. Oh god david! Nobody should hold me o I must faint today issa must. David reject me again.

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