Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

(Pretty POV)

I sat on the couch at the sitting room close to my step mom..

She was talking to an handsome strange guy who I guess is at his 30’s….the guy doesn’t look bad either….

Stepmom and the man was so engrossed in their discussion though I didn’t know what they were talking about, so I decided to eavesdrop on their conversation..

“How much will she cost” , I heard the guy ask,

“Hmmmm, hope it’s not what I’m thinking because stepmom has threatened to do it so many times, I just hope she isn’t fulfilling her threat” , I thought in my head..

“Just give me 3 million dollars” , step mom said..

“What 3 million dollars, is so much money” , I thought in my head..

“Hope she’s still intact” , the guy asked.

‘yes she is , you can even check it yourself right here ” , step mom said..

“Stand up, step mom said looking at me with me looking at her like a ghost something else’.

‘i said stand up she said again, I hesitated a while before I did’.

‘raise up your gown before I help you with it, she said making suprise, what???, I screamed in my head giving her a questioning looks…I dare not question her because the last time I did she thought me the lesson of my life by burning me with hot oil…

When she saw I didn’t make any attempt to raise my clothes up, she stood up herself and raised it..

“You can check”, she told the guy..

The guy stood up and came close to me, he used his fingers to shift my pants making me shiver..

Hot tears were already streaming down my cheeks, but what can I do, I’m helpless..

He used his fingers to tease my ct before putting it into my v**a..

Ahhh I cried out in pain , trying to remove his hands from me but all was in vain…he then doubled his finger and started finger fucking me in the present of my step mom…I couldn’t even do anything, all I could do that moment was cry, cry ,and cry..

Mr alfred enough, you haven’t paid yet, so pay before service,, step mom said holding his hands.

Yeah, I know the guy said removing his fingers from my v****a and licked it..

She’s sweet and tight, I like her already..

I hope she makes a good s£x slav£ to me the guy said..

Yes , she will, step mom said..

What?????, I’m going to be a s£x slav£, why is my life in so much mess I thought in my head crying..

“I will pay five million dollars” , Mr alfred said..

‘ what?????’ , five million dollars ‘ , stepmom screamed in joy..

‘ yes, I already transferred the money to your account’ , he said

‘ yes, have seen the alert ‘ , step mom said running inside to bring my bag of clothes..

‘ take your clothes’ , aunt said throwing my bag of clothes at me and make sure you be a good girl there and also make sure you satisfy him well and don’t try to prove any stubbornness there, she said looking at me..

‘ is this a woman like me, she wants me to be someone else s£x slave for her own selfish reasons’ , I thought in my head crying..

‘ she won’t be needing those clothes , let’s go ‘ , Mr alfred said…

‘hmmmm I can see you can’t wait to put your c**k in her’ step mom said..

And Mr alfred shot her a deadly glare..

‘ take it easy Mr alfred, I was just kidding, okay okay pretty stand up and go with your new owner’ , step mom said

‘ I stood up and managed to walk, though couldn’t walk properly because he has used his fingers to damage a piece of my v****a..

‘ get in the car’ , he said immediately we got to his car..

I hesitated for a while, and took one last glance at our house, my father’s house , my family’s house before entering the car and we zoomed offf…

I have seen how they treat s£x slav£ in movies and have read it in different stories and now I’m going to face the same fate..

I know this is the beginning of my suffering, I thought in my head as hot tears keep flowing down my cheeks..

My name is pretty knight , I’m 22 years old and an orphan…I lost my parents when I was 17 in a ghastly motor accident.. when my parents died , my step mom took me in because she wanted all my parents property…Now that she has sold all the properties she has nothing left , she decided to sell me off to be a s£x machine and use the money to travel out of the country..

I’m going to someone S£X SLAV£, if only God has told me this is what I was going to become in this world, I wouldn’t have come to this wicked world….this world is full of wickedness and wicked people..and just imagine if men were God..

” We’re here” , Mr Alfred announced jotting me out of my thought..

I know this is the beginning of my suffering..

I guess this is fate for me….I said cleaning my tears coming out from his car..




‘this is your room’ , he said

‘ thanks sir ‘ I said bowing my head..

‘ not sir, address me as master Alfred ‘ he said coming close to me..

I took a step back when I saw he was getting closer to me……….I took another step backwards till my back hurts the wall behind..

Calm down pretty, he said when he was finally close to me leaving no space between us…

You know you’re really beautiful but too bad you will have to suffer for what you don’t know about, he said..

P….p.. please , I said in tears..

‘ shhhhhhhh I hate it when someone tells me please ‘, he said..

‘P…… please sir, I’m sorry ‘, I said..

I said address me as master he said and landed a dirty slap on my cheeks making me spit out blood..

‘ I’m sorry master ‘ , I said sniffing

‘ Now you got it’ , he said sliding his hand into my shirt, squeezing my br£ast..

‘ s….sir please’ I cried out in pain,

‘ i said address me as master ‘ , he said in anger and raised up his tightened fist to hit me but too bad he hitted my br£ast…

‘ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , I screamed in ‘ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , I screamed in pain…

‘ What have I done to deserve this ‘ , I cried out asking him.

‘ you’re paying for your father’s mistake ‘ , he said tearing my clothes..

After tearing my clothes he pushed me to the bed and came on top me…




‘Freshen up, the maid will bring your food and be prepared I will be coming back here before the end of today’ he said wearing his trouser..

What have I done to deserve this?

He said I’m paying for my father’s mistake…….what did my father ever did to make me suffer like this……I cried out in pain….

‘ Now I have lost the most important thing in my life, the only thing that made me proud, I have lost my pride, my dignity to monster like him ‘ , I said raising up the duvet I used to cover my body..

I saw blood, blood, blood all over

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo I screamed shivering..

This isn’t real, it’s a dream , I want to wake up, I screamed crying…

‘ Ma’am ma’am ‘, a maid called running inside my room holding a tray of food..

Ma’am she called in a teary tone, after dropping the tray on the bed..

She came and sat close to me….she embraced me trying to comfort me….she told me it’s going to be alright…..she told me everything it’s going to be okay….

‘ I lost my virginity to him ‘ , I said disengaging from the hug

‘Shhhhh I understand your pain, I’m a woman like you, I understand what you’re going through ‘, she said.

‘ everything is going to be alright , you need to clean your your self and eat your food okay’ , she said patting my back.

And I replied nodding..






‘ here, take your food ‘ , she said putting the tray of food on my legs..

‘ I’m not hungry ‘, I said trying to hold the tears threatening to fall off..

‘ please , eat something else master Alfred is going to kill me ” , she said in a pleading tone..

‘ I’m not hungry ‘ , I said..

Please ma’am , if you don’t master Alfred will kill me, please please..

Hmmm, I sighed in frustration..

‘ Okay fine, I will eat but first tell me your name ‘ , I said..

‘ My name is Mia ‘, she said

Mia, how long have you been working for mr Alfred, I asked..

20 years..

What?????, 20 years….then you must know something’s concerning his life please tell me, I said holding her hands..

I’m sorry, I can’t tell you anything..

But why

We were given orders by master Alfred not to tell you anything..

“But he’s not here, please tell me what happened to his parents, his family, tell me what happened in his life please , he told me I’m paying for my father’s mistake, please I’m a poor girl suffering for what I don’t know about, please tell me,” , I said crying

Ma’am please stop crying, I will tell you but please don’t tell master Alfred I told you..

I swear to my father’s grave I won’t tell him anything..

Ok ma’am , actually ma’am ummmm,” , oh God she said scratching her head…

“Please” , I said

Ma’am, master knight father was killed and her mother was raped to death by your f…., She couldn’t even complete her statement when the door burst open reaveling master Alfred..

Oh no, I’m in big trouble Mia muttered to herself…

What are you doing here Mia, Mr alfred asked coming close to the bed..

I….I….I… to give … ma’am f….ood

Mia said stammering,,

Get out, he said

Yes master she said and run away..

What were you both talking about, he asked removing his shoes…

N…. nothing I said shivering in fear.

Hmmmmm, he hummed..

‘Stand up’ , he said…

Yes master, I said standing up from the bed..

I can’t afford to disobey him , else he’s going to beat the hell outta me..

‘ Strip ‘ , he said


I said strip , he screamed at me…

Yes master,…

Oh no , I haven’t recovered from the previous one and now again….

Next day..

After taking my bath , i sat on the bed waiting for mia to bring my food so she can finish everything she was talking about yesterday….

5 hours now, mia hasn’t come….. Maybe she’s busy, I should go down stairs to look for her I said standing up from the bed..

Ahhhhhhh, I screamed in pain trying to walk, gosh it’s really painful…….I finally climbed down the stairs and went straight to the kitchen to look for Mia..

When I got to the kitchen, I met some maids whispering something between themselves….hi, I said and they all looked at me..

Good morning ma’am, they all said in chorus….. where’s Mia, I asked…..

‘ Ma’am Mia, is not here , they said looking away..

‘ where’s she’ , I asked

‘ Ma’am I’m sorry, we can’t tell you where she is right now else master Alfred is going to kill us ‘, they said

‘ please, I said’ ,

‘ Ma’am, she was locked up in the dungeon because master Alfred found her talking to you…… please ma’am we don’t want master Alfred to see us talking to you else we’re dead’, they said…

‘ No prob, anyway thanks ‘ , I said and bite my lower lips trying to hold the tears threatening to fall off my eyes.





Dear lord, are you still up there in heaven , why are you watching me go through all this challenges in life, what have I done wrong that master Alfred is punishing me for my father’s mistake…

Am I Mr knight, am I my father that I’m suffering for his sins, I cried out holding my pillows to myself…..why are they wicked people in this world, why are men this wicked..

I’m tired of this life, I just want to die….I want to die, I want to die, I cried out in pain..

All I did all day was…

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