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Going to the city was all have ever dreamt of but I never dreamt of schooling there..on my final year of senior secondary school..I just can’t believe my dream of going to the city is actually coming to pass..oops I forgot to introduce my Theresa Johnson and this is my story..I grew up living in the village..with my wonderful,caring and supportive parents…am an igbo girl..all have ever wished for was going to the city..and my dreams came to reality..*

(Otuwake village)

(Morning in the Johnson’s compound)


(Mr and Mrs Johnson with emeka..Mr Johnson’s elder brother..)

Emeka:am so happy to see don’t know how glad I am..

Mr Johnson:am very happy to see you too’s Lagos? fine’s my one and only niece theresa…she’s the main reason why I came here..

Mrs Johnson:she’s still asleep..hope no problem..?

Emeka:not at all my class is theresa now?

Mrs Johnson:S.S.S.3 o..I thank God for my daughter’s life..she’s very serious and intelligent..!

Emeka:I know..I know..that’s why I want her to follow me back to week..since it’s next week school will resume..*

Mr Johnson:but like you said yourself..she has to go to why would she follow you to Lagos?

Emeka:ah ah my brother of course she ll study..I want her to study Lagos..since she’s very intelligent..there’s one of the school I want her to go to’s a very big school and if she attends there and continue to be serious..she might win scholarship to study in abroad..

Mrs Johnson:hmm..but emeka..what of your wife?don’t you think she’ll ve a problem with that?

Emeka:no..nah..and besides its boarding school.. she’ll be everything will be just fine..please let me take her to Lagos..

Mrs Johnson:hmm..well thanks for..trying to help us..but it’s best Theresa stays here with her mother..(stood up as she exited)

Mr Johnson:women.. women and their wahala..don’t worry brother.. she’ll later accept the offer..

Emeka: okay nah..

Just while I was returning from the stream with my village bossom friend onome..I sighted uncle emeka from far..entering our compound..I immediately dropped my pot and ran to greet him..since he’s back from village..I know he’ll bring some goodies for me.. and also buy me some city novels..that are very romantic..

Theresa:(fair..skinned.. average girl..with curvy shape..dark lips..and blue eyes..dressed in a very long flowery gown..yelling out loud) back..!

Emeka:(smiling)look at my wonderful niece..

Theresa:good morning uncle’s Lagos?

Emeka:Lagos is fine my dear..

Theresa:uncle..emeka you promised to take me to Lagos someday but you haven’t still fufilled your promises o..

Emeka:I will..I will..what if I take you to week..

Theresa:chai..are you joking?

Emeka:no,am not joking…

Mr Johnson:my daughter..he’s not joking..he promises to take you to the city so you can continue with your education there..


Emeka:yes of course my dearest..

Theresa:(excited)e..wo..thank you very much uncle emeka..thanks so much..I promise you won’t regret it..

Emeka:go in..I bought some chocolates for you..and your favourite novels..of course..

Theresa:oh..uncle ve done so much..thank you so much..thanks..*

I jumped out of joy as I rushed to my room to see the novel which was titled love from behindand some chocolates..I sat on my bed… happily..unwrapping the chocolate..

Theresa:so am actually going to the so last a whole me..will be going to the city..(licking the chocolate as just then Mrs Johnson barged in)mama..mama..

Mrs Johnson:you are back from the stream so early..what is it?this one that your face is brighten up like this..if it’s those boys..stay away from them and marry your book..o..marry your book..’s not about that just so happy because uncle emeka has finally accepted to take me to the don’t know how glad I am..I can’t wait to arrange my clothes.. everything (smiling)

Mrs Johnson:(silent)

Theresa:mama..mama what’s wrong?aren’t you happy for me?

Mrs Johnson:I did not agree with his plans in taking you to the city but the way you are so excited..I’ll agree for you to go to the city..only that am very scared theresa..

Theresa:ah..ah..mama scared of what?don’t you trust your daughter..?you know I won’t do anything stupid na..

Mrs Johnson:I know my only fear is that he’ll be taking you to boarding school.. there..what if all those city girls get you corrupted..

Theresa:mama..nothing like that will happen..I’ll follow the right friends.. like have always done..*

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